03 June 2012

Snow White & the Huntsman

I enjoyed Snow White & the Huntsman, and was kind of surprised I did.  I've been wanting to see it because the trailers (and Charlize Theron) made it look cool.  But the reviews weren't great, so I was scared.  Meanwhile, I liked it way more than that Men in Black nonsense.

Charlize is awesome.  I love her to death, and this kind of almost-campy evil role is great for her.  She wasn't even as campy as I thought she would be.  She ruled.  Visually, the movie is awesome.  It's gorgeous - and all looks real - and the costumes are amazing. Charlize is all decked out in feathers and scales and blackness and it's fabulous.  Chris Hemsworth is awesome.  Yes, the man is hot as hell, but I finally realized that he's a good actor.  He was great in this, and then I think of how great he was in The Avengers and how funny in Cabin in the Woods.  At the rate this summer's going, I'm not sure if it belongs to Charlize or Hemsworth.  I know who it doesn't belong to -- Liam Hemsworth.  He's fugly as shit.

Anyway, back to this -- and the main reason I was afraid of seeing this movie -- Kristen Stewart.  I actually love KStew in real life -- she's hella awkward, but I think the awkwardness is real, and not from her thinking she's better than everyone.  I think she's legit shy and finds those things that famous people have to do to be ridiculous.  I love her style too.  But her acting is... wooden? Dull? Sleep-inducing?  But she "didn't bother me" in this, which is a pretty high compliment.  She didn't distract me and maybe her style worked for the character, because I thought she quietly kicked ass.

The movie's not mind-bending or earth-shattering -- it's a fairy tale where you pretty much know what's going to happen.  But I didn't feel like I had wasted my time after seeing it, and that's saying something for the movie season thus far.

Bring on Prometheus already so I can continue the Charlize love.  Also, I got to see the trailer for The Bourne Legacy on the big screen -- and lived to tell about it.

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