28 August 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a 6-piece Fall collection, working in teams of 6! That never goes well. The teams work out to be kind of Superstars v. Underdogs. I can already tell too many egos are going to make the Superstars explode. The teams work totally differently. Gretchen is, of course, Queen of the Egos.

I love how Christopher calls supporting Michael "nurturing" while Gretchen calls it "coddling." She's a Giant C.

Casanova's English Language Botch of the Week:
"I'm going to still be Casanova, but softener." He almost makes me feel bad for him when he gets discouraged, but then when he get all melodramatically quitty I just want to tell him to STFU and get back to work.

The Underdogs did really well with their military & lace look, and the Superstars' collection was boring and old.

Winner: Underdogs, and Casanova specifically. So glad he finally got back to work, and actually made something really nice.

Meanwhile, backstage, the Superstars are freaking out and Gretchen's trying to decide who to throw under the bus. Amazingly, out on the runway she doesn't immediately call anyone out for being weak, but she does hilariously start crying and saying they worked really hard, you guys! So hard! But then, being Gretchen, she talks a little too long, eventually saying that she had to style a bad collection. Oh really, dumbass, I thought you said you loved it? And then she flat-out said Michael was the one who needed the most help, and says his technical skills were the weakest. Wow - what happened to standing together? What a freaking bitch. Everyone else follows suit and calls out Michael as being weakest. Jesus Christ, what a debacle. Meanwhile, Michael has immunity and the judges liked the stuff he made. Ivy actually called him lazy and ignorant! JESUS CHRIST, PEOPLE!

You could tell Gretchen was the kind of person who would have that kind of snippy, bitchy meltdown. She didn't disappoint.

Bye-bye: AJ, because all he did was make an ugly shirtdress. But Gretchen was almost eliminated, so I'm glad they made her sweat a little.

But the best part was that Tim Gunn chewed them out for their behavior on the runway - even calling Gretchen a bully!!!!! YAY TIM!

Well, it's official, I don't care how much talent that bitch has, I want Gretchen dead.

27 August 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Make a dish based on a food idiom. You know, "hot potato," "big cheese," "bring home the bacon." Lame. Ed and his gnocchi win - that looked amazing.

Elimination Challenge: Serve high-end concession cuisine at a Nationals game. I want Tiffany's Italian Meatball Sub and Kelly's Crabcake BLT with Sweet Potato Fries. And I want them NOW! I'll take Ed's Shrimp and Corn Fritters too. Just wait til I get over this cold and get my sense of smell back. Because as of about 3 hours ago, I can't taste anything.

But even without my sense of taste I'm not going anywhere near Amanda's gray tuna. Douchechill.

Winner: Ed. Yay Ed!

Bye-Bye: Amanda. Duh. You'd go home for gray tuna tartare even if it tasted like gold. And you overstayed your welcome.

26 August 2010

Shocker of the Year

Not that the Blue Ranger was gay. Of that, there was never any doubt.

The shocker is that he's now 41.

I'm old.

David Yost, who played the Blue Ranger on the hugely successful kids series Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, recently admitted that he was discriminated against over his sexuality.

The actor, now 41, says he quit the show because he was harassed. “I was called ‘faggot’ one too many times [by the show’s] creators, producers, writers, directors,” he shared.

David added, “I know that my costars were called in a couple of times to different producers’ offices and questioned about my sexuality, which is kind of a humiliating experience to find that out.”

source Thanks for the gay tip, KP!

22 August 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a look inspired by an ugly-ass hat. Oh, I'm sorry, they are beautifully-crafted masterpieces. I guess I had that wrong. Oy.

Before the challenge, Ivy faints from a near-fatal combination of Diet Coke, cigarettes, coffee, and stress. But she's fine, so let's go back to doing all of those things and not eating.

Quote of the Week: Casanova: "I'm not like a cat, with 7 lives." I only love that man for his continual botching and misunderstanding of the English language.

Christopher's design had the most gorgeous fabric. He's really flying under the radar lately - I felt like he didn't get enough love last week - he's awesome. Tragically, the judges didn't like it. I could see how it was too gray/dark and the leggings sucked. But I really liked the design and the fabric, and so did a lot of the other designers.

April sent a diaper down the runway. It was quilted and everything - it looked like toilet paper. She sucks.

Mondo had the makeup artist draw a moustache on his model. At first I thought he was kidding when he asked for it - nope.

Gretchen's was great again - go figure. I loved AJ's polka dot dress too.

Michael C. I love him - even if he reminds me of one of those little dudes from Entourage. It's funny because the rest of the designers pretty much hated his (and loved Christopher's).

Kristin. Wow, April really dodged that bullet. She won't be around for long though.

The Expendables

In the UK, they say, "It does exactly what it says on the tin." And that's exactly how I can sum up The Expendables. Here's a movie that stars just about every action star of the last 20 years (Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal notwithstanding), and it lives up to what you'd expect.

The first part of the movie is kind of annoying in its cheesiness. It's the cheesy set-up stuff: tough guys who deep down are sensitive, a big job that a big, bad crew has to do to make money. Unfortunately, it also has 5 guys competing for Snarkiest Line instead of just 1, which makes the dialogue bloody awful. Whatever, it's fine. But once you get to the real action at the end, it makes the whole movie worth it. (Also, the movie is hella short - perfect summer popcorn movie.)

This movie has everything you'd expect (and want): 'roided-up guys, guns, knives, really big guns, fighting, the sound of breaking glass, explosions, and the obligatory message that hitting women is bad. It's also the gayest movie ever to not-feature guys with their shirts off. I mean, the homoeroticism is off the charts. It's crazy.

This movie has the craziest, most epic fight scene ever. And EXPLOSIONS for days. If you love to see stuff get blown up, see this movie. Or at least see the last 30 minutes of it.

21 August 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Create a dish with the contents of a Mystery Box, and then another Mystery Box will arrive and you must use it as well, and then another, and then another. It means having to make something from fish, squid, black garlic, and passion fruit, among other things. Tiffany wins. I'll bet she goes pretty far - she's actually snuck up on me as a good contender. I think early on I mixed her up with the other black chick who sucked.

Elimination Challenge: Create a new identity for a classic dish. This is a "CIA secret agent" theme because, you know, the dish is going undercover. Groan.

Amanda's French Onion Soup went disguised as French Onion Soup and Angelo deconstructed Beef Wellington by making Beef Wellington. Not only that, but he used FROZEN PUFF PASTRY!!!! Hahahaha. Loser.

Winner: Tiffany and her Gyro. See? I told you - that chick's going places!

Amanda and Angelo were at the bottom, along with Alex because he sucks in general and his meat was tough. I love that Angelo really shat the bed on this one, because I hate his guts. Seriously, it's like a crappy chef possessed his body.

Tom got all pissy and sanctimonious with the chefs, and kept saying that the loser would be the 7th Best Chef. Alright, dude, Jesus, they get it.

Bye-bye: Alex. Alex sucks, don't get me wrong, but weren't Amanda and Angelo worse? And shouldn't he have gone home way sooner instead of Smooth Brother #1!?

15 August 2010

Top Chef: DC: Restaurant Wars

Quickfire Challenge: Tag Team Cook-off. That's fun, because the chefs have to guess what the chef ahead of them was planning to cook. For one team, it means double-salting the fish. Oopsie.

Elimination Challenge: RESTAURANT WARS! The teams go just as the Quickfire teams were.

Team 1 - Kenny, Kelly, Kevin, and Amanda. (They won the Quickfire.) Their menu sounds better to me - and they work together really easily. That makes me sure something will go horribly wrong.

Team 2 - Ed, Tiffany, Alex, and Angelo. The team hates Alex and doesn't trust him, so they elect him to work Front of House. It's not like he's the most personable though, either. He's a total asshole to the wait staff, and a fumbling host.

Revelation of the Week: That Alex is 33. What!? He looks 50.

Winners: Team 2. Boo. I knew all that "the team's a mess" editing was a psych-out. Though Alex still is a mess. Ed is the overall winner, which is awesome because Ed rules.

Kenny (Smooth Brother #1) was the Executive Chef of Team 1, so I'm afraid he's going to be booted. Judging is pretty harsh, and the team calls BS on Alex contributing a dish. They totally throw the other team under the bus for marginalizing Alex, and insist that Alex should go home. Um, sweeties, you lost, it's gonna be one of you.

Bye-bye: Kenny.

OH HELL NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SMOOTH BROTHER NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's effed up, dude, he was money.

14 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim, a hipster doofus, falls for Ramona Flowers, a crazy-colored-hair hipster goddess. But to be with her, he must first defeat her 7 evil exes -- videogame-style.

This movie was awesome. It's funny and cool and the music is awesome. It's just fun - and totally made for the Nintendo (and maybe even Atari) Generation. Everything is in a cool videogame/comic book style that's very surreal but somehow works. I mean, where else are you going to have Vegan Police show up and it makes sense?

Michael Cera plays the same character he always plays, but it works for him, so we let it happen. Kieran Culkin is awesome as the Gay Best Friend - he's officially my favorite Culkin.

The movie's just cute and fun and makes you feel like you just downed a Red Bull. And it makes me want to play Q*bert. Good times.

Project Runway

Challenge: Design an outfit using party store supplies. Everyone's told to avoid the tablecloths and wrapping paper, since they're similar to fabric and would be deemed too easy.

Casanova gets plush puppies and skins them for their fur. Call PETA!

I'm glad that Tim laughs (dies laughing, really) over wooly balls. That's my kind of sense of humor.

Loved: Christopher, Ivy, the Good Michael, and Andy - they really transformed the materials into something else, really made them look like textiles. I didn't really love Gretchen's overall look, but the paper jacket looked like leather.

Hated: Casanova's was pretty gross - just kind of all over the place, not to mention mostly made with a tablecloth. I love Sarah and AJ, but her dress looked like a crappy cardboard Halloween costume and his looked like Barbie puked in a glittery bucket. It looked like beads were hanging out of the model's vagina -- pretty funny.

Gretchen's personality is bothering everyone, including me. I'm sure it was all in the editing though - they really just showed her blabbing away and forcing her opinion on everyone. They probably all do that.

Winner: Andy. YAY! His transformed-ribbon dress was so edgy and detailed and difficult - and he made a little fingerless glove from balloons. Loved it! It looks metallic and spiky, but it's all hand-woven ribbon.

Bye-bye: Sarah. Sadness, but that dress was horrific. See what I mean by cardboard Halloween costume? Actually, I've seen nicer cardboard Halloween costumes.

12 August 2010

SYTYCD: Finale: Results

The large group number begins and THEY BRING OUT ALEX AND I DIE!!! They brought him out on a rolly chair and he danced with his hands and arms. It was awesome. :)

Cat looks like a pink flower and NPH is in the audience. Mary Murphy's even back (I missed her this season). It's the finale, bitches!!!

Cat seems high all night. But knowing Cat, it's just a sugar high. Pure sugar. We get the "best of" dances and some guests:

  • Neil/Kent's baseball routine (still gay!)

  • Billy/Ade's homeless routine (still awesome!)

  • Hok's dance crew (Asians - hells yes!)

  • Adechike/Comfort's Fallin' routine (yeah, that was amazing!)

  • Anya/Kent's creepy-sexy routine (still creepy!)

  • Robert/Dominick's clown routine (awesome!)

  • a 7-year-old tap dancing boy (OMG! So cute and so good!)

  • 2 brother tap dancers ("brothers" in both senses of the word) who tap danced in perfect unison (it was crazy!)

  • Lauren/Pasha's Argentinian tango (good despite Pasha!)

  • Robert/Allison's Fix You dying mother routine (still beautiful - I almost think Robert should win just for that! Travis rules!)

  • RUSSELL AND LIL C DANCING TOGETHER!! THAT WAS INSANE!!! How awesome it was to see Russell again - I love him so much!

  • Dominick/Jose's B boy routine (Dominick's still better!)

  • The winner from SYTYCD: UK/Neil (she was great!)

We pause for our first elimination: Robert. Sadness. Especially sad because he's wearing a Bollywood costume for a later number when he's ejected. At least he went out sparkly!!! Robert, I will always love you, you handsome devil you. Plus your personality got all normal and really humble (not faux-humble) at the end! You should have pulled that out sooner....

  • Lauren/Twitch's My Chick Bad hip hop routine (Love it! Lauren better win!)

  • Alex/Allison's Hallelujah routine (pre-taped, obvs) (Extreme sadness he didn't last!)

  • Billy/Robert's Bollywood (Oh Robert! Why so sexy? Why so gay?)

  • Kent/Neil's BFF routine (Oh Neil! I love how you throw that boy around!)

  • Now we get our "surprise" routine. Remember that amazing Alex/Twitch hip hop routine? Well imagine it danced by Ellen DeGeneres instead of Alex. What? OK I'll admit it - that was pretty cute. Ellen was pretty good and dammit if she isn't likeable. Dammit, show, I'll admit it - that was a great idea.

OK, now time to choose between Lauren and Kent, the blond wonder twins.

Winner: Lauren.


And I do love how this show has gone girl/boy/girl/boy. So equal opportunity.

11 August 2010

SYTYCD: Finale: Performances

It's the finale, and I wonder if they'll just decide to go with the usual Top 20 thing next season. Cuz this didn't work out so well. Every previous season we've voted in the finale, but this year I don't care enough to. I'm not terribly emotionally-invested in anyone winning or losing, but I'm still looking forward to tomorrow night when we're sure to get best-of routines and appearances by more All Stars. I'm totally hoping Russell or Joshua show up to dance Alex's part of the hip hop routine with Twitch!!

Kent and (All Star) Lauren - Bollywood. OK, now the Bollywood is getting excessive. It's more amazing when it's rare, not every other damn week. It was alright. Kent seemed out of place and he annoyed the crap out of me, per usual. Mike said I should just imagine him dancing without his head. I'm not sure that would help.

Lauren and Twitch - Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon. It was kind of a dull routine, but Lauren was excellent. And Twitch is always fun, not to mention some Kanye West.

Robert and Mark - Jazz by Tyce. They have a similar look, so this will be hot. Seriously, they need to start making out, like dirty, dirty brothers. They were dancing to "Whip It" -- who doesn't love that? It was cool - not mind-blowing or anything, but enjoyable. I thought Robert was just as good as Mark.

Lauren and Robert - Contemporary. Jesus, Lauren can quite literally bend over backwards. She's amazing. They made a really lovely pair and the choreography was light and fluid and lovely. Oh - and Robert was dancing only in pajama pants. Did I not mention that?

Lauren and Kent - Jazz by Mandy Moore. They danced to "Hip To Be Square" dressed like nerds. The whole thing gave me douchechills. Mandy Moore sucks. Boooooooring and certainly not challenging. Ick. The judging was great because they essentially said Mandy Moore sucked but without of course actually saying it. It was cringe-iriffic!!!

Kent and Allison - Contemporary by Stacey. Can Stacey be the new Mandy Moore? It was certainly better choreography. And for once Kent wasn't acting cute. He was "emotional" though, which looks weird on Kent. For a minute there, I thought Kent was going to come out of the closet and I got all excited. The judges creamed themselves over him. And Adam made it All. About. Him. Ugh, Adam. P.S.: Allison has awful skin.

Robert and Kathryn - Broadway by Spencer Liff. It was the first routine I really loved tonight. Maybe because it was danced to the awesome "Cool" from West Side Story, maybe because Robert split his pants early on, maybe because Kathryn is amazing, maybe because Robert looks good in a loosened tie, maybe all of the above.

Lauren and Pasha - Cha Cha by Tony and Melanie. Pasha was Pasha, doing his standard Pasha thing. Gag. Lauren was amazing though, totally sexy and flexible and awesome.

Kent and Robert - Malevos. Well, this is a new style. It's men fighting. I might like this. It was kind of strange for them to be dressed in full suits while dancing like that, but it was cool. Robert tossed Kent's twink ass all over that stage.

So I'm not voting like I have in the past, but I hope either Robert or Lauren win.

10 August 2010

Movie Trailers of the Day

So first I watched the trailer for Skyline, which I know nothing about. And I think, "Hasn't this been done 14 times already?"

Then I see the trailer for Unstoppable, and I know this movie has already been done 14 times, and 6 of them were by Denzel Washington and Tony Scott. But I'm still all in.

The Office Casting: Yes Please

I'll take either one of these - 2 great comedic actors whose styles would fit well on The Office!

The Office
‘s short list of possible replacements for Steve Carell just got a little longer.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that producers of the NBC hitcom have quietly reached out to rising comic-actors Danny McBride (the breakout star of HBO’s hilarious Eastbound & Down) and Rhys Darby (late of HBO’s Flight of the Conchords) to gauge their interest in joining the cast later this season.


08 August 2010

Project Runway

Wow, so every episode is going to be 90 minutes now? That's crazy; it's really just a lot more time wasted on sketching and hair and makeup, with a bit more backstage cattiness during judging. They've got to cut it down once we get fewer designers, right?

Challenge: Design a look for the Marie Claire woman. Talk about vague. In other words: make something pretty. The winner gets to have their look featured on a billboard.

I might like Valerie now. She reminds me of Zooey Deschanel, she just talks a lot, and kind of like a chipmunk.

Poor Mondo feels lonely and unloved. Which is sad, but then he says something like, "This gift and talent is a curse to me sometimes" and wears big orange glasses. Reign it in there, buddy - do you have low or high self-esteem here?

Jason's infinity dress is horrible, and closed with safety pins. Ew.

Tim Gunn Line of the Day: He calls Michael's look "Blanche Devereaux". Which isn't your Marie Claire woman, I guess. The other Michael, on the other hand, barely puts a dress on his model - that thing is SHORT.

I loved Andy's blouse; the pants were good too until she turned around and they had a big purple stripe running down the back. I thought Gretchen and Mondo did a great job too.

Michael Kors Line of the Day: He called Peach's look "an Amish cocktail dress." Nice. It was pretty bad, and Peach wasn't even that committed to it because it was the third thing she made that day.

Winner: Gretchen -- again. Yep, it's official - she rules. I loved this look.

Bye-bye: Jason. Good. And take your bowler hat with you. I hate you.

Bye-Bye Part 2: Nicholas. Dagger - I liked him. The look was too much, but I was warming up to him. Sadness. They should have just stayed with one elimination. I hate to see a grown man cry.

07 August 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire: Make an Ethiopian-inspired dish. Goat leg, lamb tongue. Ew. No thanks. Tiffany won - and I like her - so yay.

Elimination Challenge: Make a dish inspired by an assigned country, and serve it to a party of diplomats. The party is at the Meridian House -- I went to a party there once! It was my old law firm's 20th (?) anniversary party and it was awesome. Yep, totally remember being there. Kickass!

The episode is pretty boring, but the whole thing reminds me of the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Can't wait - October, baby!

Winner: Tiffany, even with immunity. She made some yummy chicken tamales.

Bye-bye: Stephen and his not-Brazilian food. He's definitely been weak all season so that's fine with me.

The Other Guys

The Other Guys is really funny. Yay! I loved the trailer - Mark Wahlberg's shock at Will Ferrell's hot wife (and his delivery of the line, "No really - who is that?") is the Greatest Thing Ever in Comedy. I always like Marky Mark in movies (The Happening aside), and love that he's doing a straight-up comedy. Sure, there's action in it and he's kind of the straight man, but he's also crazy and goes into funny rages. Gotta love that.

I wish this movie had been Rated R because I love me the F word in comedies, but it's still really funny. And absurd. It's absurdly funny. Is it equal to Anchorman? No, and I don't think it will be even after seeing it 50 times. But it's a great way to spend a hot summer day.

06 August 2010

Baby Name FAIL

Wait - I know my religion's a little rusty, but didn't Cain kill Abel? Aren't they setting these brothers up to fail? Or maybe it's a joke? They are funny-ass people, after all.
Baby makes four for Amy Poehler and Will Arnett's growing family.

The Parks and Recreation star, 38, gave birth to the couple's second son Friday morning, her rep tells PEOPLE.

Abel James Arnett weighed 7 lbs., 13 oz., and joins older brother Archie, who was born in October 2008.

05 August 2010

SYTYCD: Results

Wow, Cat looks fantastic tonight. She slays me how she can look a hot mess one day and unbelievable the next. Her hair is shiny and sleek and gorgeous and she's wearing a little white dress. Lovely.

It's Kent's turn to be the retarded one now that Jose is gone. When they were lining up on stage, he somehow didn't realize they were on the air. And I think he let slip the S word, but you could barely tell. But I mean, how do you not know you're on the air? You just danced your solo. Donk.

First safe: Lauren. YAY!

Next safe: Kent. Of course.

Now I start yelling at the TV. I swear to god, Adechike had better go home tonight. I need more Robert in some guyliner and hot clothes next week, dammit!

Bye-bye: Adechike. OK good. I need me some man candy!

04 August 2010

SYTYCD: Performances

So in a normal season, this would be the season finale, right? There's always a Final Four. But this is no ordinary season, so they are insisting on dragging it out until next week. Weird.

Cat's got her hair all teased up into a messy bob. It's atrocious, and so is that sequined dress and her makeup. Bad Kitty Cat tonight. The hair only got worse as the show went on -- it looked like a tornado of humidity hit it. Just AWFUL!

2 hours + 4 dancers = loads of fast-forwarding through trips home and Cat's nonsense. Though I did watch Robert's piece, just because he makes me cringe. I learned that he is roomies with Channing from last season. I can see them living together - what a tall, cute, and athletic household.

1. Group Broadway routine by Tyce. It was innocuous. Lauren had another wardrobe malfunction, only this time it was just the top of the back of her dress. I don't know, I was bored.

2. Lauren and Pasha - Tango. Oh god I hate Pasha, but it was really good. All dramatic and stuff. And Lauren was sexy and strong and controlled - nicely done!

3. Adechike and All Star Lauren - African Jazz. Oh sure, they give that to the black dude. I love African Jazz routines - it was fun and great. The judges totally slayed him again though - they just don't like him.

4. Robert and Anya - Viennese Waltz. Ugh - 2 crappy all stars. Great. It was quite lovely and flowing though and Robert was in full-on HOT mode so it was all good. And hot. It was fabulous.

5. Kent and Courtney - Disco. The cheesy outfit and style do Kent no favors. But it was still fun and there were loads of great lifts and things. Kent has become a damn cartoon character; that personality isn't going away.

6. Lauren and Ade - Jazz. It was a crazy-awesome routine!!! They were so good - Ade is always so strong so there were some crazy-ass lifts. I loved the choreography and thought once again Lauren was sexy AND strong. She rocks!

7. Adechike and Kathryn - Contemporary. I really paid attention this time and I totally see what the judges' main complaint usually is with him. His moves seem unfinished -- he really does seem too contained, or like he's doing the moves too quickly, like he's doing them at half-speed or something, not finishing them. Weird. It didn't impress me.

8. Robert and Dominic - Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon. YAY DOMINIC! OK, so that was pretty cool. Dominic is wicked good, and I thought Robert kept up with him!! He was even better in a couple places!! Fun times. Robert rocks too!

9. Kent and Neil - Contemporary by Travis. YAY NEIL! Everything about this is perfect - except for the Kent part. But even that didn't end up being a total turn-off. Neil is a freaking god, OK? A GOD! And the routine was dripping with homoeroticism. I thought Kent was going to suck Neil's toes for a second there. It was great. Travis is such an amazing choreographer. Loved it.

So clearly Adechike is the one that doesn't belong here. Lauren and Robert were awesome, and Kent is great - I just don't like to admit it because he bothers me.

01 August 2010

Project Runway

First impressions: I love A.J. badly. I like Ivy (I have to, since she's the Asian Girl, but she needs to watch that personality) and Gretchen. I love McKell's name and the fact that she's a hippie from Utah. And I love that she left a 9-month-old baby at home. Can't let that stop you from being on a reality show! Christopher's a hotsie hotsie. I don't like Jason, Casanova, and Valerie.

Challenge: Use an item from a fellow designer's suitcase in your look - and make it in 5 hours.

Tim introduces us to the Brother Sewing Room, so named because it is outfitted with Brother brand sewing machines. Whew. For a second there, I thought he was trying to say only black guys could use the sewing room.

Casanova drapes his model in a barely-there scarf dress and the judges freak out at the vulgarity. LOL of the Show: Michael Kors calls Casanova's model a pole dancer in Dubai. He's right - take a look.

Winner: Gretchen. It was a beautiful dress, and she made cute flutter sleeves out of the beaded top she had to use.

There are 6 people in the bottom, though I'd say only about 3 are god-awful (Jason, Casanova, April).

Bye-bye: McKell (Damn!). That's bull that she left and Casanova didn't. Boo. Oh well, at least I got a new Favorite Girl's Name out of it.