30 June 2008

Lovely Casting News of the Week

One of the best things about the season finale of The Office was Amy Ryan. She's always so great dramatically, and I had no idea she could do comedy as well. The awkwardness between her character and Michael Scott was priceless. Actually, Michael's awkward with anyone. Anyway, she'll be back! I will miss Toby though - is he really gone for good?
The Wire star Amy Ryan will get a chance to flex her comedic muscles a bit more next season as she joins The Office for multiple episodes.

Ryan is set to appear in at least five segs in the fall, reprising her role as human resources rep Holly Flax. Ryan's character first showed up in The Office's season finale as a potential love interest for Michael Scott (Steve Carell).

In the season-four ender, "Goodbye, Toby," Ryan's character replaced long-suffering HR staffer Toby Flenderson, played by Paul Lieberstein.


28 June 2008

Is It Just Me?

It's hard to tell from this picture, but her hair is the same. No disrespect.

You Want to See Wanted

Angelina Jolie. Guns.

Are those reasons enough to see Wanted? Well, they were for me. But you also get a whole lot of stylistic violence and humor. It was awesome! I really loved it. The kind of crazy, over-the-top movie that just makes me smile. The action scenes made me giddy. I'm sitting there giggling like, OMFG, I did not just see that!

I definitely had more fun watching Wanted than watching The Incredible Hulk. The closest thing I can compare it to is Shoot 'Em Up in terms of tone and overall insanity.

Also? That James McAvoy kid? Going places. He's hysterical. I've been seeing him in a lot of interviews and I really like him, and he's great in this too. But, you know, with me it comes down to Angelina. And she kicks MAJOR ASS. Loved it!

27 June 2008

My Favorite Show Has Been Canceled

NBC has “amicably resolved” a lawsuit filed by the sister of the late Louis Conradt, who committed suicide when confronted by the To Catch A Predator TV show.

According to Bruce Baron, attorney for Patricia Conradt, the suit has been resolved, with no further comment regarding the terms of the settlement.

NBC dropped the controversial series after a spate of negative publicity, and the loss of several key advertisers.

Funniest Thing in the World

Just had to share this great bit of office humor on my last day of work in an office.

I have never heard of The Whitest Kids You Know, but they are my new Favorite Thing in the World. I'm saving the rest of their videos for next week when I can spend a whole day watching.

Oh yeah - it's crude and maybe vulgar. Of course.

26 June 2008

SYTYCD Results

Bottom 3 was as it should be.

Chelsea and Thayne and Thayne's forehead.
Comfort and Chris and Chris's pale self.
Kourtni and Matt. Not that they were bad, but there has to be a bottom three, so it should have been them.

The guest performers tonight were my favorite kind. A crew of mostly Asians, plus there was Hok and Dominic! Excellent!

When Comfort was doing her solo I was (once again) screaming, "Get on the ground!" Why was she doing no ground work? Does her shoulder still bother her? Am I remembering her wrong? Maybe she's not so much of a B-girl. Chris's solo was the worst ever.

Bye bye:

Chelsea. That was a bit of a surprise, I figured they'd go with Comfort. I had thought Chelsea was so good at the beginning of the series, but she just never hit it in her performances. Maybe I just liked her body and her energy.

Chris. No surprise his howdy-doody ass is gone.

Now we have a new partnership for next week: Comfort and Thayne. Still a mis-match with those two. That's not gonna be pretty. Then again, sometimes those new partnerships surprise you. Let's hope!

25 June 2008

SYTYCD Performances

1. Oh sh!t son, we're starting out the night with some hip hop. With Twitch (oh yeah, and Kherington, whatever)! And a Tabitha & Napoleon routine! With a Busta Rhymes song! Hells yes! Pretty awesome. I thought she was making some crazy faces, but of course I mostly just watched Twitch.

2. Rumba with Courtney and Gev. Lots of sexiness, and the routine looked really tough. And - hello - her dress on one side consisted of like a few strands of rhinestones or something. Holy crap, I was waiting for it to snap. Alas, no.

3. Jazz with Comfort and Chris. Set to classic Marilyn Manson. Excellent. Very, very cool routine and I thought they did well. No praise from the judges though. They're screwed.

4. Disco with Jessica and Will. Goddamn! Will has such an easy way about him, he is just a joy to watch. This time Jessica was good too, but mostly she's skating by based on Will being her partner.

5. Contemporary with Kourtni and Matt, and it's "their style" for both of them. It was a very cool, quirky routine - much more energy and speed than we usually see in Contemporary pieces. They're usually so slow and angst-ridden. Not this one!

6. The Quick-Step with Chelsea and Thayne. Thayne is so hard to look at, face-wise. He's an ugly Guy Pearce with that smile and that forehead. Ugh. Odd choice of song that seemed too slow for the choreography. It was dull for me. Boring. They're screwed too.

7. More Tabitha & Napoleon Hip Hop! Yay! This time with Chelsie and Mark. Pretty cool routine, not really typical hip hop. "Lyrical hip hop" I guess. Chelsie looks like a 12-year-old, she's so adorable. They were awesome.

8. Samba with Katee and Joshua. They were amazing. Mostly because Joshua is so freaking amazing!!!

I heart Twitch, Will, and Joshua SO MUCH!

24 June 2008

Inappropriate Candy of the Week

First person to send me this candy gets my undying love and affection. It's all about the apostrophe placement, people.
Eight-year NASCAR NEXTEL Cup driver and former winner of the Daytona 500 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. introduced his new candy bar, Big Mo'.

The name Big Mo' is a play off of Earnhardt Jr.'s hometown of Mooresville, N.C., and the longtime moniker used for he and his closest friends, the Dirty Mo' Posse.

The milk chocolate candy bar will come in two flavors, creamy caramel and peanut butter. It is scheduled to hit stores nationwide in January 2008.
I fully support a Dirty Mo Posse.

23 June 2008

You Have No Idea How Upset This Makes Me

Baby Harlow is adorable. Like, really really adorable. Which is nothing short of a miracle considering how trifling her PG County double-chinned dad is.

21 June 2008

Marriage Is About Compromise

I went to see Get Smart for love. And because I was bored. And because it was raining. And because the reviews weren't nearly as devastating as the reviews for The Love Guru.

The movie wasn't a waste of time. That's a compliment, right? I laughed a couple times, the action was pretty good. Masi Oka is funny and adorable. Wait for the rental, people.

20 June 2008

Gun Pr0n of the Day

The only good part of The Incredible Hulk.

Some 24 Info

I hate when they make huge time jumps on 24. Like this article says, it puts the next season in 2014. Shouldn't there be flying cars or something?
Day 7 of 24 will take place four years after season 6. The significance of this probably won't be too huge, and will only make itself known in a couple of ways. Chloe's baby, which was in her belly at the end of season 6, will be three or four years old now, instead of a newborn. Also, the new president won't be as new as previously thought.

The accelerated timeline means that season 7 will take place a whopping thirteen years after the first season, meaning the date will be 2014 for season 7.

It will be two years into the new president's reign, but more importantly, it means that Jack Bauer is turning into an old man right before our eyes. If we are to assume that Bauer was roughly Kiefer Sutherland's age in season 1, the first time we saw Jack Bauer he was around 35 years old. In season 7, Bauer would then be 47 or 48 years old.

In addition to season 7, which will premiere in January of 2009, a two-hour season 7 prequel, set and shot primarily in South Africa, will air on November 23.


19 June 2008

SYTYCD Results

You know what I realized as I reflected on last night's show? (Yes, I reflect on the show from the previous night.) I didn't rewind one performance. Didn't re-watch anything. So that means last night was pretty mediocre, because I always re-watch one or two performances. While some were great, I guess none of them thrilled me.

I was totally fine with the Bottom Three Couples. Pretty damn accurate. And all I could think was SUSIE NEEDS TO GO SUSIE DOESN'T BELONG!!!! And that I was fine with any of those white dudes going home (yes, I include Marquis and his Spock ears), they are all pretty lame.

Oy Susie's solo was everything I thought it would be. Awful. Just a lot of hip shaking. Damn one-trick pony. I would have voted out Susie and Chris. At least the judges got it half right.

GET OUT OF MY LIFE SUSIE!!!!!!! YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Marquis got the boot too. I'm cool with that. Best part is, they were a couple so the couples stay the same next week.

Another Fat Bitch Gives Birth

May God have mercy on their souls.
Jamie Lynn Spears and her fiancé Casey Aldridge welcomed a baby girl Thursday morning. PEOPLE confirms exclusively that the baby was named Maddie Briann.

"Just the family was there," says a source about the birth around 9:30 a.m. at a hospital in Mississippi, near her Louisiana hometown. "Everyone is healthy and happy."

Over the last few months, Spears has kept busy by passing her GED exam, preparing the nursery and attending multiple baby showers.

Wait, they forgot to add "riding around on ATVs" because that's the only time I saw pictures of her.

18 June 2008

SYTYCD Performances

1. Jazz. I Did. Not. Get. I didn't like the choreography. I kept waiting for it to pick up and kick my ass, but it didn't. The outfits were horrible, it was boring. Ugh.

2. Argentine Tango. Some pretty kickass footwork, and I don't know jack about footwork. I really like Chelsie, I don't like Mark.

3. Hip Hop. I love Will. He's like a perfect dancer technically. Like for reals.

4. Foxtrot. I just snored through it, it bored me. It was fine, just boring. Kourtni is this year's Fat Dancer.

5. Contemporary. It was gorgeous! I guess Courtney "jazzed it up too much," but I liked it that way.

6. Broadway. Very high-energy and entertaining. Joshua is SO good. Katee I can live without.

7. Salsa. I have never liked Susie, never thought she deserved to be there. I thought she looked sloppy, and this was supposed to be right up her alley. To me, she's just a stripper who shakes her ass constantly.

8. Viennese Waltz. Oh lord, Twitch doing the Viennese Waltz. I was scared. I was sure someone would cry over it, since it was dedicated to a handicapped kid, and Mia Michaels came close. Mary lost it a bit though! Win! I thought it was really pretty, and Twitch was great. He had to lift her a LOT.

9. Krump. I EFFING LOVE KRUMPING!!!!! But I hate when skinny-ass white boys do it. I just watched Comfort the whole time since it was more her thing.

Note to producers: When did you start moving the camera around so much during the performances? QUIT IT!

People Magazine is Blind, Retarded

People Magazine has named their Hottest Bachelors, and oh my God, I don't know where to begin with this list.

Gross gross gross.

#1 is Mario Lopez, which just - EEEEWWWWWWW! Then we have such "hotness" as some lame-asses from The Hills and Gossip Girl, David Cook and his sexy comb-forward, Britney Spears's brother, and Bret Michaels. Excuse me while I go puke my guts out.

I'll give you Gerard Butler, and Scarlett Johansson's brother's pretty fine. But DAMN!

Click here for the unbridled sexiness and a frightening look at Mario Lopez in his underwear. *shiver*

17 June 2008

Reason 454 Why I Love Zachary Quinto

He shows up to a movie premiere dressed like this. Those are practically slippers. Love!

14 June 2008

When Bad Movies Happen to Good People

Note to self: when a movie has a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, DO NOT SEE IT. Even if you really really want to.

Now, I like M. Night Shyamalan. Love him. I have enjoyed every single movie he put out, even though most people have been hating on him for years. I loved Lady in the Water, probably his most-hated film. Well, at least until The Happening. And now I can finally join in the hating.

This movie was beyond pointless. Completely bereft of point. "Shocking", "weird" things were complete non-sequiturs, just there to be "spooky". It wasn't even scary!!! It was nonsensical and poorly acted. Like really poorly acted. Mark Wahlberg is a good actor, right? He was freaking awesome in The Departed. In this? OMG, his delivery is so off.

There is no twist. There is no purpose. Nothing happens in The Happening. Boo. Color me disappointed.

13 June 2008

Last Battlestar of 2008

*sigh* Another great season (mid-season, whatever) finale for Battlestar Galactica.

The Cylons hold Roslin and everyone else hostage but send Adama back to Galactica. The Cylons want the four undercover Cylons in exchange so they can get to Earth. Tory takes the bait and accompanies Xena back to the Cylon baseship. And becomes an uber-bitch as she enjoys being a big deal among the Cylons.

Adama plans a rescue mission, and if it fails, they are going to just destroy the baseship, and everyone on it. Tigh tries to convince Adama not to do the mission - and tells him he's a Cylon. Oh Lord that was a good scene. Adama just did not want to believe it. Poor guy. Girlfriend held hostage by the Cylons and now his BFF is one. He totally breaks down.

But Tigh is all, Look, threaten to kill me and maybe the Cylons will give in. Tigh also gives up Chief and Anders as the other Cylons still on the Galactica. So Adama threatens to throw them all out an airlock if they don't get the hostages.

Starbuck's Viper of Mystery is suddenly picking up a signal that she thinks is from Earth. They share this information with the Cylons and make a nice little truce. The Four are granted amnesty, and they all go to Earth together.

The fleet jumps to Earth. This is terribly exciting and there is much celebrating at its discovery. But things can't end happily right? Well, Earth is all frakked up and destroyed and desolate, and has probably been through a nuclear holocaust.

Sad horns.

Hulk Suck

So I gotta be honest here. I did NOT like The Incredible Hulk. I mean I sat through it, and it wasn't torture, but it wasn't money. And it was certainly no Iron Man.

I guess when it comes to superheroes, I prefer mine more realistic and human. I like the Tony Starks and the Bruce Waynes - the human guys who rely on technology. Not the Bruce Banners that turn into large animated characters. And in the end the Hulk is really just a cartoon.

I'm disappointed because I was hoping it would be good. It has Tim Roth, people! Tim Roth! Do you have any idea how long it's been since I saw him on the big screen? And, believe me, he's awesome, but he alone cannot save this film. And I love Ed Norton to death, but he seemed really uninterested. He's just becoming this mumbler of an actor. What's that, Ed? Speak up!

The film was also poorly edited. It seemed like scenes were either cut short or pieced together weird, or I was all, how the eff did we get there? Boo.

The two positive things: an appearance by said Tony Stark (too brief, but still there) and the sad Hulk music. The classic Sad Hulk music from the show. Excellent!

Unexpected Death of the Week

Tim Russert, NBC News’ Washington bureau chief and the moderator of Meet the Press, died Friday, NBC News said. He was 58.

No further details were immediately available.

Nooooo! Not Tim Russert!!!! What about Big Russ!!!!!! Noooooo!!!! My Sundays won't be the same without him in the background while I don't pay attention!

24: Just One Step Removed from Angelina

In his first series role in 40 years, Jon Voight has signed on for the upcoming seventh season of 24. Voight will play Jack Bauer's uber-nemesis who is pulling the strings behind next season's terrorist threat. The character will be introduced during 24's two-hour Season 7 prequel and will be featured heavily in the latter half of the season.

The prequel, now shooting on location in South Africa, is slated to air Nov. 23, with Season 7 of the Imagine TV/20th TV-produced series kicking off in January.

12 June 2008

SYTYCD Results

I was fine with the Bottom Three couples. Except for Will and his chick, it probably should have been the Disco couple instead.

Will's solo was amazing. All the others left me unimpressed.

Voted off: Rayven and Jamie. Is as it should be, bitch. It's a shame because she seems really talented, but Rayven's solo wasn't very strong. Their hip hop last night wasn't great. And Jamie's solo stunk.

McCain For President

Baloney & Cereal has announced their endorsement of John McCain for President. Solely due to this excerpt, from The Real McCain. Bonus points for the picture on the cover too. He just lurves Bush so much.
Three reporters from Arizona, on the condition of anonymity, also let me in on another incident involving McCain's intemperateness. In his 1992 Senate bid, McCain was joined on the campaign trail by his wife, Cindy, as well as campaign aide Doug Cole and consultant Wes Gullett. At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain's hair and said, "You're getting a little thin up there." McCain's face reddened, and he responded, "At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c*nt."

I love you, John McCain. You're right - that bitch wears too much makeup.

11 June 2008

The Top Chef Finale

This was a pretty dull finale. Except for two things... Hey Padma - nice nipples!! Jesus, this chick and her outfits never cease to amaze me. She brought it all out for the finale.

Going in, I knew Stephanie was going to win because they want a woman to win. And our other options were Richard and Lisa.

Lisa was pissing me right off with her freaking laid-back confidence. Loved Richard's use of liquid nitrogen to make Tabasco ice cream and bacon ice cream. LOL, Richard! And then he rambled about how he choked and wasn't proud of his performance. Why can't these people just keep their mouths shut?! Rule No. 1 of Competition Shows: Never Admit Defeat.

Everybody's food seemed pretty underwhelming; nobody really wowed or dominated. Stephanie deserved to win I suppose. She was consistently good during the season, and her final meal was the best. First Female! Woo hoo! Oh who am I kidding? I hate chicks.

Daddy Tom's Compliment of the Night: "It was good. It was almost really good."

So You Think You Wear Pants

Two hours of the Most Entertaining Show on Television! Yay!

Why did it take me until this year to realize that Cat Deeley is cross-eyed? Her eyes are all kinds of wonky.

I already know I dislike Susie. I don't think she deserves to be there - I feel like she's a stripper and that's it. And Mark's too weird for me.

But I know I love Comfort and Twitch and Gev. And Chelsea, she has the sickest body. Her cha-cha routine was amazing. And Joshua. He's built like Ray Lewis. He got to do a hip-hop routine, which of course was sick since he's a hip hop dancer. That was the routine I rewound and watched again; even though Katee couldn't keep up with him and I don't like her whiny ass.

09 June 2008

Alba Baby Born, Has Bad Name

I was just wondering this weekend when the baby was coming. Now I know why they got married... so the baby could be born with Honor. Sorry, couldn't think of a better pun. Me no likey that name.
Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren have welcomed a baby girl.

Honor Marie Warren was born June 7 in Los Angeles, her rep, Brad Cafarelli, confirms. This is the couple's first child.

Alba, 27, and Warren, 31, quietly wed on May 19 at the Beverly Hills courthouse.

The Hulk Lactates

WTF, Lou Ferrigno? Was it the steroids?

08 June 2008

Top Chef is Rigoddamndiculous

Oy. Lisa is in the Final Three. Life as we know it is over. Antonia was sent home.

But yay for Dale and Stephanie's teamwork. And Richard is awesome. It's gotta be either Stephanie or Richard to win it.

Boo to Lisa for still breathing. I think the producers kept her around just for the drama. She doesn't belong there.

Battlestar Galactica Without the Battlestar Galactica

We stayed on the Cylon ship this episode, except for some cool vision/dream sequences that Roslin was having. She saw herself dying, and Adama was at her bedside. I think that made her realize she loved him. Also it helped her realize she didn't want to kill Baltar. Baltar was injured, bleeding badly, and confessed that he was the one to give the Cylons the codes that led to humanity's destruction. Roslin got a little bitter over that and decided to let him bleed out. But one of the visions changed her mind and she ended up saving his life.

They pulled the Xena model off of the Resurrection ship and then destroyed the ship. So equal footing now - Cylons can die just like humans.

In the end, the Cylon ship jumps back and finds Adama in his ship, waiting for them. And Roslin and Adama tell each other they lurve each other. YAY for old love! They rule.

Next week, it looks like Tigh tells Adams he's a Cylon, and people might know about the other ones too. We shall see!

06 June 2008

Movie of the Summer

It came to my attention that I never posted the Tropic Thunder red band trailer.


This is going to be the funniest movie of the year, I guarantee it! Robert Downey, Jr. is god's gift to mankind, enjoy him while you can.

The Only Car Britney Should Drive

Somehow, this is actually the dumbest she's ever looked.

04 June 2008

New Favorite Couple Alert

Move over Justin and Drew. My new favorite couple? Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. I S you not. They are adorable... and politically active!

03 June 2008

I Hope Wanted Is Good


I don't know if this will be good or not. But it has Angelina and tattoos and guns and action and those things are good enough for me to sit my ass in the theater!!
Wanted in HD

02 June 2008

RDJ Pwns All

Robert Downey, Jr. can do no wrong, am I right? I love everything that man does!