30 April 2008


Something about the new trailer is getting me back on board the Hulk train. Maybe it's the abundance of Tim Roth. Damn I love Tim Roth. It actually looks good now. Yay!

Keep Thinking Golfers Are Athletes!

John Daly is the Greatest Golfer of All Time. Seriously. Click here.

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

Two of my favorite things to unite!! YESPLZ!
Jonah Hill is in talks to co-star with Shia LaBeouf in Transformers 2 according to Entertainment Weekly. Hill would play Chuck, Sam Witwicky's Princeton roommate. Chuck runs a conspiracy theory website and as Sam is drawn back into the world of the Transformers, Chuck is shocked to learn that some of his conspiracies are true. Hill is the first new addition to the cast that has leaked out.

28 April 2008


My Favorite Couple Ever is going to have a baby! Funniest Baby Ever! (But this pic is creeping me out a bit because Amy really looks like Natalie from Big Brother in it.
Baby Mama star Amy Poehler is about to be one herself. The Saturday Night Live regular, 36, and her husband, Will Arnett, are to become first-time parents, their rep Lewis Kay confirms to PEOPLE.

The baby is due in late fall. The couple have been married since 2003.

27 April 2008

Big Brother: That's an Anti-Climactic Wrap

Adam wins. Not a surprise I guess considering he was a dumb nice guy and was going to give a lot of his money to charity. The Mikes back a winner!

I was amazed that CBS showed restraint and kept it to a one-hour finale. Bravo.

Blah blah blah too much jury deliberation. The awkward, harsh inquisition was great though. And I got another laugh out of the clip of Joshuah fake-crying to Adam.

James won America's Favorite Juror. If it couldn't be Sharon, I'm glad it was him. He was entertaining and played hard. And it's nice to know America didn't hold the gay stuff against him.

Farewell, Big Brother. I really really don't want to watch in July, but you know how that'll end up....

Oh, She is SO the Next Britney

Except that I can't stand Miley Cyrus! Fifteen, people! FIFTEEN!

24 April 2008

Lost: Smokey Returns, or: Badass Ben

Well that time flew by. Lost is back already. And it's on hella late now. Dagger. Good thing this was a really good episode!

The Beach: The doctor from the freighter washes ashore and his throat is slit. Jeremy Davies contacts his people on the boat and asks what happened to him and they're all, what? the doctor's here and he's fine. K. Also, Jack is coming down with a mystery illness (the preview for next week said appendicitis).

Ben's Compound: Dudes in military outfits with guns take Ben's daughter hostage and demand to speak with Ben. There's an unintentionally funny shootout sequence. Sawyer is running to get Claire from her house, all the military guys are shooting a million bullets at him and they don't ever hit him. But they do kill 3 miscellaneous people. And Sawyer uses a picnic table as cover. And then a rocket launcher totally destroys Claire's house but somehow she survives. K, that was lame.

Anywho, these military guys work for Widmore. Ben lets them kill his daughter instead of surrendering himself cuz, you know, she's not really his daughter anyway. But he does seem shocked that they did it ("they changed the rules") and he gets salty and unleashes the smoke monster on their asses.

Flash-forward: Ben wakes up in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Literally. Like on the ground, in a parka and everything. He's hella badass as he takes out 2 Natives and steals their horse. He sees Sayid on the news and goes to Iraq to see him.

Sayid has married Nadia (yay) but she was murdered (boo). Ben tells him who murdered her and Sayid kills him. And that's how Ben gets Sayid as his trained killer. Then Ben travels to London, sneaks into Widmore's penthouse and is all, I'm going to kill your daughter because you killed mine.

Good episode, mostly because Ben is so freaking cool.

23 April 2008

Big Brother: Big Fat Rigged Contest

Hot Tip: They only showed part of the story tonight. A little birdie told me the real reason Ryan and Adam decided to evict Sharon.

Last night's Power of Veto ceremony was live, as was the Head of Household competition. Because of this, the producers filled the Houseguests in on the rules of the HoH comp ahead of time. When Adam saw that it was a physical competition, he told Ryan their best bet was to go against Sheila. He knew Sheila would lose, then he would throw it and let Ryan win the first round. This S is rigged!!! If it weren't for the producers showing them the competition ahead of time, they would have kept Sharon.

First round: It happened just as Adam said it would. Sheila, in fear due to the time she almost "drown-ded", drops off first. Then Adam throws it for Ryan.

Second round: There's no way Sheila's gonna win that ball-in-the-maze thing. She doesn't.

Third round: Matching Jurors' videotaped answers. Again, easily rigged because the producers can pre-record both answers and throw up the one they want. At any rate, Ryan wins this and evicts Sheila.

I was so happy to see her crying-ass go. The fact that she was thisclose to the money and lost it makes me giddy. She sucked off Adam like a leech the whole time and didn't deserve to win because of it. Biggest. Baby. Ever.

A look inside the Sequester House: Matt still treats Natalie like crap and appears to get along with everyone but her.

I think I'd vote for Ryan, but then again I don't want to waste my time thinking about it or caring.

This is for My Gays

You know who you are, and you know you love Petrellicest! It's even better in a suit.

I Take Joy In Others' Sorrows

Well, Star Jones's sorrows anyway. Sorry, sweetie, when you are on TV every second talking about your wedding and how fabulous your man is, when it doesn't work out people revel in it. Come on, you gave us all the details on who provided the free stuff for your wedding. How about some divorce details? Me hate Star Jones.
Former View co-host Star Jones has filed for divorce from husband Al Reynolds after three-and-a-half years together.

A statement was released on Star’s behalf: “Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone’s life that requires privacy with one’s thoughts. I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman.”

22 April 2008

Worst. Night. Ever.

First off, to the Washington Capitals let me say thank you for 7 great hockey games. Nice try, guys, I thought you had it. Tragically, they lost in overtime tonight. DAGGER!

Secondly, to my Pennsylvania peeps let me say WTF? Clinton? Really?

Lastly, to Big Brother let me say ugh. Naturally, I'm bitter that Sharon was evicted. Ryan won the Power of Veto and seemed to want to keep Sharon with him. But he didn't change the nominations, and it was up to Adam to vote. Adam evicted Sharon.

I need to know the back story on this! It can be one of two things:
1. Ryan considered Sharon a threat and decided not to change the nominations because he wanted Adam to vote her out.
2. Ryan STUPIDLY trusted Adam to vote Sheila out.

If it was 1. I'd actually respect him more than if he really did trust Adam.


20 April 2008

Big Brother: Just Hang On, It's Almost Over

Ryan gets Line of the Day: "Team Christ has died and will never be resurrected." LOLZ.

There was lots of paranoia as the Houseguests tried to figure out that B.S. pre-existing relationship question. Ryan and Sheila thought maybe they were related and didn't know about it.

Ryan nominated Sharon and Sheila, but really it means nothing - it's all about the Power of Veto at this point. Ryan or Sharon must win so Sharon can hang in there a little longer.

I'm about 99% sure that Sharon said "frak" tonight. So I heart her now more than ever.

Only 3 episodes left!

Battlestar Galactica: One Less Human

So again with the set-up episode. Everything feels like set-up, but you don't get anywhere. Til the end at least.

I'm more interested in what's going on with Starbuck's crew. She's got all the cool kids there (Gaeta, hello!) and I want more of what's happening with all of them. She's frustrating everyone with her course corrections on the way to Earth.

Of course we get a great Adama/Roslin scene. No show would be complete without one. He reads her a story while she undergoes chemo and I just love them to DEATH!

Speaking of death (nice segue!), bye-bye Cally! Cally's paranoid because she sees Chief out with Tory. She follows them and overhears them meeting with Tigh, you know, just talkin' 'bout being Cylons. She flips the hell out and I thought she was going to kill herself in front of her baby.

But she doesn't. Instead, she walks WITH the baby to the airlock and is about to suck them both into space when Tory interrupts her. Tory's acting a little crazy, but trying to convince Cally not to do it. Then she takes the baby and smacks Cally down. And throws her out the damn airlock. Those Cylons are really crazy for their hybrid babies.

And they like to start civil wars, because that's pretty much what's happening with the other Cylons. The Dean Stockwells are attacking the Sixes and the Sharons and keeping them away from the Resurrection Ship. So they will be dead forevah!

I Fangirl Stand-up Comedy

We saw Brian Posehn (you know, that guy) at the Improv last night. He was great. But the big surprise was that his opening act was really funny. His name is Anthony Jeselnik and he was the king of the quick, dry one-liners. Like Mitch Hedberg but less stoned.

He had me at dead baby jokes. Watch for this dude.

Yeah, I Am All Over This

Here's the teaser for The Spirit. (If the MTV site stops malfunctioning and accepts the damn embed code.)

It's going to be that awesome Sin City style I loved so much in, well, Sin City.

Fun fact: The dude playing The Spirit is married to Jacinda Barrett, who will always be Jacinda from Real World: London to me.

18 April 2008

The Spirit?

I sense a trip to a comic book store coming on. Anybody know anything about The Spirit? Because for some reason, this poster for the movie gets me interested!
From Rotten Tomatoes: After the success of SIN CITY, Frank Miller directs another graphic novel adaptation with WILL EISNER'S THE SPIRIT. Gabriel Macht (THE GOOD SHEPHERD) is the Spirit, a man who resurrects from the dead to battle crime in Central City. Among his foes is the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson), a man who wants to live forever and is willing to destroy the Spirit's beloved town. Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson costar.

K, I'm definitely in!

16 April 2008

Big Brother: Her Tears Taste So Good

Oh, Natalie, let me taste your tears!


Natalie was really annoying, begging the boys to stay. They decided to go on their power trip and call a house meeting. They called Natalie out for playing both sides and she didn't really deny it (the "I lied to them, I never lied to you" defense) and said that her true loyalty lies with the boys. Smart, since they're the ones responsible for your fate this week. Then she let loose the waterworks and I was like, Oh no - that's Adam's Kryptonite!

I held my breath until Ryan gave his vote, and when he voted to evict Natalie I had a freaking joygasm! I screamed and jumped around. Adam followed the strategy I laid out for the boys - split the vote and make Sheila evict Natalie. When Julie announced a tie, Natalie already looked shocked, and turned to Sheila with the begging face.

Beautifully, Natalie had already made it clear that she was aligned with the boys and would evict Sheila. So Sheila had no choice but to vote her ass out. And lo, it was beautiful.

"Why did you guys do this?" she kept asking. L.O.Freaking.L.

Ryan wins Head of Household and I'm hoping his alliance with Sharon stands. I call shenanigans on one of the answers, which said there is one pre-existing relationship in the house. It's the guinea pigs. That's the dumbest answer ever, I think Sharon would have won otherwise. And now all the Houseguests are freaked out thinking there's another couple left.

I don't care which of the four wins, honestly. Sure, I can't stand Sheila, but I don't care, as long as Natalie has to go crying back to Matt to drive him nuts.


In Sequester House news, James came in and blamed Chelsia for his eviction, making her cry. LOLZ. I need to see more of that Sequester House.

Support the McLovin Fund!

B&C Cougar of the Week

Susan Sarandon like WOAH!

Big Brother: God Answers to Me Now, Natalie

K, so we have Part One of the plan out of the way. Adam won the Power of Veto competition (thank god Natalie really sucked at that one) and removed himself from the block. Natalie is put up. Now for Part Two - what I like to call Operation: Vote the Skank Out.

It's up to Adam and Ryan to vote her out. It worries me because these boys could go rogue. They seem to be riding a high of "running the house" and being the deciding vote. Actually, here's what I think would be the best thing for them (but I think my Big Brother strategy skillz are lacking): Ryan and Adam split the vote, resulting in a tie. Then the blood has to go on Sheila's hands as tie-breaker and she'll look like the bad guy to Natalie, Matty, and whoever else Nat wants to get on her side if Sheila makes it to the Final Two.

Either way, I just want Natalie GONE. Really I want to see the look on her face when Julie tells her she's gone, and I hope that up until that point she's confident that she's safe.

14 April 2008

The Incredible Hulk Poster

Opinions? I actually think this poster is pretty cool. Does the Hulk have a mullet?

I can't wait to see this movie just so I can see what a trainwreck it really is. And hopefully it will surprise me.

But it's no IRON MAN!!! Me need Iron Man!

What Do I Do?

CBS announced today that Big Brother 10 will premiere on Sunday, July 13 at 8pm. The series will keep the same weekly broadcast schedule, with episodes every Sunday (at 8pm), Tuesday (at 9pm) and Wednesday (at 8pm). Casting is underway as we speak for the tenth edition of the reality series, and CBS promises all new twists and turns for the upcoming season.

First off, someone in the Baloney & Cereal family needs to apply for the show... Mehaf.

And B) I really don't want to watch it. I say that every time and then I get sucked it. I hate the show more than life itself, yet I can't live without it.

It is my curse.

Condom Shortage Hits Hollywood

Ashlee Simpson is pregnant, a source confirmed to Usmagazine.com.

The singer, 23, is expecting her first child with fiancé Pete Wentz, 28.

Simpson and the Fall Out Boy bassist announced their engagement Wednesday.

"We are thrilled to confirm their engagement and congratulate this happy couple," a spokesperson for the couple told Us. "Beyond that there is nothing to say."

Simpson's rep had no comment.

I still don't know why, but I like them as a couple. Damn them and their wannabe punk baby!!

13 April 2008

Big Brother Blah Blah Blah

I knew the Head of Household results ahead of time so this episode wasn't nerve-wracking. But it did grate on my nerves. Numerology, Team Christ, I want pictures of my son, I'm old, crucifixion comparisons. Ugh.

Sheila wins HoH by swearing she'll nominate Adam and Sharon. Well, that takes the suspense out of the rest of the show, doesn't it?

The best part of the show came when they were all sitting around talking about their turn-ons. Sharon says eyes and teeth and they cut to Adam. O. M. G. Big Brother is so cruel. LOLZ!

The cringiest part of the show is either: 1) Natalie comparing the endurance competition to Christ's crucifixion; 2) Sheila making Ryan read her son's letter out loud to her; or 3) Sheila using "confiscated" instead of "complicated."

The nominations were as expected, but the plan as of now is to try to Veto someone and put up Natalie for eviction. It's 4 vs. 1 in the Power of Veto competition. Those odds are good, but anything can happen so that will be nerve-wracking for me. If Natalie wins, it's over.

Join Me In Hell, Won't You?

Ruby Maguire has the Biggest Forehead Ever! Bigger than mine!

12 April 2008

I'm Such a Bandwagon Jumper

I am sooo into hockey. That was a frakkin' awesome game last night.


Battlestar Galactica is a Downer

This episode reminded me how dark and angsty this show can be. The President shoots Starbuck, but misses. Starbuck does lots of screaming about finding Earth. Finally, Adama gives her a ship to take to try to find it.

I live for scenes between Roslin and Adama and there was a great one tonight. They just rip each other apart and then he hits her with "You're just afraid your death will be as meaningless as everyone else's." Dagger.

Back on their ship, the Cylons are splitting into 2 factions. The Six takes control by giving the Centurion models some free will, which they use to shoot up the models not on her side.

The 4 Secret Cylons keep having their little coffee klatches. Tigh decides to send Tory to bang Baltar and get information from him. Because, well, it's easy to bang Baltar and get information from him. He notices her crying during sex and she says, "It's just something I do during sex." L!O!L!

How many different ways to they have to say goodbye to Lee? They had 8 separate parties and goodbye scenes, then they all turned out on deck to see him off to his new job in the Quorum. We get it - Lee's awesome and he's leaving the military.

11 April 2008

New Member of the B&C Community

I'd like to welcome Charlotte to the Baloney & Cereal family. I'm taking it upon myself to give her a nickname - Charlie. She's gonna be the Best Niece Ever!

No pictures yet, other than this one. Charlie, this is what your mom did mere days before you were born. She was just smelling the Yuengling. Yeah, that's right.

Updated with actual photos of the cutest little girl ever!

10 April 2008

Big Brother: I Hate Cliffhangers

Despite James's decent effort to try to convince others that if he stayed he'd take down Natalie, James was evicted. No surprise there. I do take pleasure in the thought that he, Chelsia, and Joshuah are going to be torturing Matt in the Sequester House.

Natalie -- who is God's vessel, you'll recall -- bold-faced lied to Adam, saying that Sharon wants him gone when really Natalie is the one saying she's going to take out the guys. UGH!

We got a hotbox endurance challenge for Head of Household. Endurance = Natalie winning = me hella pissed. Fat Ryan and Old Sheila can't last long. It's gotta be either Natalie or Sharon. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go find out because I don't feel like waiting til Sunday.

Here's a good synopsis of what went down, complete with all the religious nuttiness you'd expect from this year's Big Brother.

09 April 2008

I'm Distraught

I'm kind of bitter that Project Runway is moving from Bravo to Lifetime. Hello! Bravo is the Unofficial Home of the Gays. Project Runway is the Gayest Show on Television. Perfect fit. Lifetime is the Official Home of Old Ladies. So I guess we can expect more contestants like that hag from the first season on the new and "improved" Lifetime version.

Some interesting (for me, the only person I care about) behind-the-scenes stuff from The New York Post below. Spoiler alert: the Weinsteins are trouble!
The Weinstein Co.'s decision to take Project Runway away from NBC Universal comes down to the same two factors that conspire to destroy every successful entertainment-industry relationship: money and ego.

According to more than a half-dozen sources inside or close to both The Weinstein Co., which owns the show, and NBC, Harvey Weinstein felt that Bravo, which aired it, had "always underpaid" for the show while "taking all of the credit" for its success.

"Harvey hates us passionately, always did," said one NBC insider. "He despises Bravo because he thinks we didn't pay him enough."

Sources said Bravo paid around $600,000 per episode for the next two seasons of Project Runway but less than that during the first three.

Weinstein not only considered the per episode price to be a low-ball figure, according to sources, but also butted heads with network brass, including NBC chief Jeff Zucker, when he tried to make extra money through product placement deals.

According to sources, Weinstein would independently strike product-placement deals without consulting Bravo, a move that angered network executives since an agreement to include L'Oreal on the show, for instance, would preclude the network from selling ad time to other cosmetic makers.

The situation came to a head after Season 3 when Macy's, which Bravo had lined up, dropped its show sponsorship after Weinstein insisted that a representative from Wal-Mart, where he had a DVD deal, appear on the finale, sources said.

"Bravo made a ton of money off the show while The Weinstein Co. hardly saw any," said another source.

That's why the move to Lifetime - which NBC is challenging in court on breach-of-contract grounds - is being viewed as a pure money play for The Weinstein Co.

Indeed, sources valued the Lifetime deal at upward of $150 million based on the network running a 14-episode season twice a year over the course of five years. On a comparative basis using those figures, Lifetime is paying more than $1 million per episode, or at least $400,000 more than Bravo was paying.

The windfall - provided the deal holds up in court - should be a boon for The Weinstein Co.'s bottom line, given that it has to absorb a lot of the upfront costs to fund film releases at a time when the credit crisis has caused film-financing deals to dry up.

Aside from the financial concerns, sources also said Weinstein was peeved at the lack of respect he got from NBC for initially developing the show.

"He was always considered an afterthought to them," said one source close to Weinstein.

But another source counters that Weinstein just wanted to be coddled.

"It was Bravo that nurtured the show to life," this source said. "The network's producers, who have more expertise in reality programming [than Weinstein does], made it a hit."

The Weinstein Co. has 20 days, or until April 27, to respond to NBC's lawsuit.

Representatives for both companies declined comment for this story.

Yay for Non-Divorces!

See? Hollywood isn't all bad!
Sean Penn and Robin Wright are calling off their divorce. Extra has learned that the couple -- who called it quits in December after 11 years of marriage -- asked to have their divorce proceedings dismissed yesterday - and the dismissal was granted.

News of the reconciliation comes just hours after sources revealed to Extra that the not-so-estranged couple was seen in San Francisco at an Eddie Vedder concert last night -- looking very much back together. Sean dedicated a song to Robin in honor of her birthday.

They have two children: daughter Dylan Frances, 17, and son Hopper Jack, 14.

08 April 2008

Big Brother: Rise of Team Christ

The show starts off with Sheila and Her Awful Neck-Fold Tan Lines pouting, whining, and bitching out Adam. No surprise there. Adam second-guesses himself and apologizes up and down to everyone. Jesus, he really doesn't have a backbone. Begging for forgiveness? EW! You don't owe apologies to these people!

Ryan won the Power of Veto - damn, I was really rooting for Sharon. Sharon did mention their secret alliance, so I'm glad that's still there.

Now here's the part that pissed me off: I think James came up with a great plan with Ryan: don't use the Veto, vote out Sheila, and then it's the 2 of them plus Sharon vs. Natalie and Adam. I thought it was a good-ass plan! Ryan wussed out.

Ryan uses the Veto on Sheila; Adam puts up James. I hope Sharon stays. I need her to win Head of Household!

07 April 2008

Battlestar Galactica For The Win

The fourth season of Battlestar Galactica opens and we’re down at least 600 more humans in a matter of minutes because a ship gets blowed up real good by a Cylon Raider. So we’re down from 50,000 humans at the beginning of the series to probably under 40,000 at this point. They need to be procreating at a faster rate to catch up. The human race is at stake!!

Looks like our Big Questions this season are as follows:

1. Is that Starbuck? Starbuck’s back, she’s in one piece, and her ship is perfectly new, despite having blown up 2 months ago. She thinks it’s only been 6 hours and says she’s been to Earth. Every time the fleet jumps farther away from it (at the direction of the President), she has a harder time remembering where it is. This episode ends with her training a gun on the President. Nice.

2. Who is the Fifth Cylon? I don’t expect that answer til 5 minutes before the series ends, although maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll give it to us a couple episodes before the end. I’ll put my money on Tom Zarek now. No reason. Just will.

3. Can Baltar get crazier? He’s being worshiped as some kind of messiah, he’s getting laid as much as he ever did, and he’s praying and healing kids. Was it a coincidence or divine intervention that the young boy was healed?

So glad to be caught up and watching this show live!

A Long Distance Dedication

This one goes out to Mehaf, who always tells me I eat Doritos like it's my job, and makes me laugh every time he says it.

Big Brother: Cry It Out, Boys

I really have had it with the Team Christ/God talks to Natalie B.S. I can't decide if I hate Natalie or Sheila more. Sheila's a worthless, complaining lump. Natalie's annoying, but at least she plays the game? Maybe? I don't know.

OK, so maybe Adam is a likable dumbass. He was crying when James broke down in his room! It was pretty sweet. James cried because everyone hates him and begged not to be nominated. Adam agreed not to nominate James as long as James doesn't use the Power of Veto if he wins it. James agreed.

So Sharon and Sheila get nominated. If there's no change after the Veto competition (and of course there could be, and James could be backdoored), it's possible Sheila leaves. If Ryan and Sharon were serious about aligning, that's pretty damn smart and Ryan should do it.

Sheila's gonna bitch and moan all week because she's nominated. She started right away. I really can't stand her. Adam was right in his speech - if you don't like it, fight for the Power of Veto! Oh no, I'm starting to jump on the Adam bandwagon.

And I guess Natalie doesn't run the house after all, because she is so bitter that Adam didn't nominate James. GOOD!

03 April 2008

Heroes Returns; Origins Dies

Heroes will return to NBC on September 15 with an expanded third-season opener, but network executives confirmed that the proposed prequel spinoff, Heroes: Origins, is officially dead.

"We consciously chose to rest [Heroes] this spring so that [creator] Tim Kring and his team could get ahead of the creative and build up to a massive event--a three-hour Heroes night," Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios, said during the network's upfront presentation to advertisers in New York on April 2. "On Monday, September 15, we'll kick off with a Heroes clip show to try to bring back the audience and [then air] a massive two-hour Heroes film."

K, so I know where I'll be September 15. That's like a holy day of obligation for me. Also, thanks for killing that other show - now get back to non-monkeys-could-do-this writing, yes?

And please show the 2-hour episode at Comic-Con.

That is all.


It's official, The Don & Mike Show is over. Don can do what he wants, but it's pretty effed up to just decide you're going to leave earlier than they had planned. And to add insult to injury - Mike's restaurant just went under. I'm putting Mike O'Meara on suicide watch.

Beth Ann is returning to produce Mike's show. The woman they've been making fun of for the last few years since she left. Alrighty.

Don will be returning next Friday to do a final show. That is sad.

02 April 2008

Big Brother: Vengeance is MINE!

Joshuah fake-cries to try to get Adam on his side. Like literally sets a stage for himself at the table and gives himself a pep talk before Adam walks in. Josh is the WORST! He's also the worst actor. Only a dummy like Adam would fall for it. It was really horrible. And of course Josh thinks he'd be a great soap actor. Poor, dumb, nice Adam even wiped Josh's nose!!!

OF COURSE Natalie told Sharon all about Josh's stabbing of her back. Thank god - that girl's good for something after all. They all decide that they'll evict Josh but act like they're not to F with him. Yes please! BYE LOSER! You do NOT F with my girl!

Sharon still cried and said she loved him after the eviction. Hopeless. Also - Josh makes his parents cringe. Nice.

Adam's Head of Household again so who knows which way the house is going to swing.

The Don & Mike Show: Not With A Bang But A Whimper?

Oh man. I was worried this would happen. I've been listening to The Don & Mike Show for 14 years. I was pretty much prepared to let it go at the end of May.

The show hasn't been live for over 2 weeks due to vacation. They were supposed to return this week, so I wondered where they were, and now I read this from DCRTV.com:
Here's what we're hearing about the status of legendary "radio God" Don Geronimo at CBS Radio's WJFK-FM. He's pretty much "retired." However, he could still return for one more "knock it out of the ballpark" final show. But that's it. Originally, Geronimo had announced that his last show before retirement would be at the end of May. But rumors surfaced early this week about Geronimo's early departure when his spring "vacation" got mysteriously extended. Also, we're hearing that guy talker JFK may move up the start date on the Don and Mike replacement afternoon show, featuring Geronimo's longtime partner, Mike O'Meara, from its original June start date. We're hearing that CBS's DC suits are huddled in meetings today trying to decide their next move. Look for a new gameplan within the next week or two - while D&M "best ofs" air.

Big Brother: Making Grown Men Cry Since 1888

I am LIVID!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get to that in a second.

James went off on Sheila - in his underwear. His tighty-blackies. Put some pants on and maybe I'd take you seriously.

When James won the Power of Veto I shouted and clapped. I don't love James, but I do love to see someone compete and stick it to people who screwed him over. So that was fun. Really I was just glad to see the competition end, because if I had to hear Adam say "pounds of popcorn" in that horrid accent one more time I was gonna have to choke a bitch.

This brings us to the final segment of the show, the one that made me livid. We all knew Natalie was going to put up Sharon in James's place. Fine. Everyone figured Joshuah would still go home because everyone loves Sharon. Josh has a huge Pity Party for himself and gets Sheila and Sharon to cry with him.

Here is Sharon's one flaw (and her fatal flaw perhaps): she loves Josh too much. She feels like she owes him for bringing her back into the game (who else was he going to pick?), or maybe she really likes him, I have no idea. But she loves him and she trusts him. She's all upset because he'll be leaving. Sheila is consoling her, saying how honest and great Josh is.

Thing is, while she's crying over him, HE'S STABBING HER IN THE BACK!!!! He suddenly stops the tears and makes deals with Natalie, Ryan, and James to have them vote to evict Sharon. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE JOSHUAH!!!!!!

I'm still holding out hope that James is lying and wants to stir things up and won't evict Sharon. The best case scenario is that he tells Sharon about it so she can have it out with Joshuah. I don't want my precious Sharon evicted!!!

P.S.: There's a camera in the toilet room. Ew.