29 January 2009

The Real World: Brooklyn

Ryan goes to a "nice party" in a fake mustache and like a 70s suit. He thinks he's funny. He doesn't amuse me. Poser.

Sarah's creepy, abusive (if wanting to share a sleeping bag is abusive, I don't know, that confused me) dad calls, and he wants to talk to her and calls her selfish for not talking to him. Ew. Then he calls again - and she answers the phone that second time. How about not answering the phone and screening your calls like you said you were going to?

JD's a mean drunk. Which I can empathize with, but I don't like. Can he just make out with a guy already!?

Other than all that, the big drama is that Devyn gets lost on the way to an audition, is late, and her resume smears. Wow.

Also, Chet is officially the World's Biggest Douchebag, continually talking about how sexually attracted that model is to him. Ugh. And then saying he likes to hang out with her because being with her gives him self-confidence. DOUCHE!

Next week we might get faux military flashback trauma drama? Great.

28 January 2009


Flashback: Penny is having Desmond's baby. Yay Penny and Desmond! I love that no matter what, we get one happy ending on this show. Well, I guess that's subject to change with time travel, who knows. Anyway, she's having his baby - on their boat. With no modern medicine whatsoever. Crazy woman.

Present Day: Desmond tries to track down Jeremy Davies's mother, as JD had instructed him to in one of his time travels. He finds out she's in Los Angeles.

50 Years in the Past: Jeremy Davies, Miles, and Charlotte are captured by people with arrows and guns. The Others think that they are U.S. military sent to conduct hydrogen bomb tests. Jeremy Davies takes a look at the bomb they found. It's leaking and needs to be buried.

Locke, Sawyer, and Juliet find the camp where they're being held. One of the Others turns out to be the young version of Charles Widmore (Penny's father, the evil man behind this whole business, etc.).

They time jump again and then Charlotte starts seizing.

Most Important Bit of Information: DESMOND NAMED HIS SON CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! AFTER HIS FRIEND!!!! It's almost enough to melt my cold heart.

You know what this episode wasn't missing? Jack. And Jack and Kate.

Snuggie Must Die

Thanks to loyal reader Kim for this video. OMG, I hate the Snuggie with a passion and this video sums up everything wrong with it and its commercial!

27 January 2009

Fringe: Computers Kill

Freak of the Week: People watch a video on the internet. Brains liquefy. I'm kind of freaked out to have my laptop on right now.

Long story short, they solve it. But the real deal from tonight: Chris Partlow! Chris Partlow from The Wire! Yay! I love to see those actors get work.

Walter's Quirk of the Week: He buys $2000 worth of baboon seminal fluid, but can't remember why.

And Pacey was extra cute tonight with the bitchiness and the drunken flirting. And of course with his love for Walter. Awwwwww.

26 January 2009

24: Lots of CAPSLOCK Ahead

It's 1:00. Lunch time: over.

LARRY'S EYES ARE TOO CLOSE TOGETHER! I'm sorry, I know I say it every time but GODDAMN!!! I was clawing at my face having to look into those horrid, beady eyes. They drive me nuts and I can't pay attention to anything happening at the FBI now. I want him shot between the eyes, yet something tells me a bullet wouldn't fit between them. *rimshot*

Chloe and Bill show up to dig up Renee. She's not breathing. Yeah, no crap, she was freaking covered in plastic. Jack could have left her a breathing hole. Lame. Bill gives her a shot of adrenaline and all is well. But she has to "stay dead" or else the undercover operation will be outed.

OH MY GOD TONY NEEDS A HUG AND NEEDS ONE NOW AND I AM HERE TO GIVE IT TO HIM!!! Am I the only one who says "Yeah" along with Tony now? You just always know when they're coming. And tonight Jack seemed to want to steal Tony's thunder with his own "yeah"s.

David, the leader of Tony's crew and his new "BFF", takes Jack hostage and Tony's got a gun on them. Who will he choose? WELL HE CHOOSES HIS REAL BFF, JACK, DUH and shoots David in the neck. R.I.P. David. Tony's all conflicted and emo about it. Poor Tony.

Things heat up in the White House Subplot when the Big Bad calls up the President, tells her to look out her window, and collides two airplanes in midair. HOLY CRAP!!! I really like this President. She kicks ass. I don't understand why her advisors want to freaking negotiate with terrorists. THE UNITED STATES DOES NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!!! Stand your ground, Madame President.

The Bad Secret Service guy slices and dices the President's dead son's fiancee right in front of the paralyzed-but-still-alert First Gentleman. Nice. Also nice? The Secret Service guy is wearing those gloves that horse inseminators wear. (I watch a lot of Dirty Jobs.) R.I.P. President's Dead Son's Fiancee.

The First Gentleman gets un-paralyzed enough to kick the Secret Service guy's ass as he's about to hang him, toppling them both over a railing. R.I.P. Bad Secret Service Guy.

Jack's plan is to still hand over the Prime Minister in order to get to the Big Bad. Chloe hooks him up with transmitters. The exchange is made - the PM for diamonds - and Sniper!Jack saves Tony's life when he's about to be killed. Time to move out and follow the target!

Next Terrorist Target: a chemical plant in some dump town in Ohio. You can have it. It's OHIO!

25 January 2009

The Best Movie of 2008

I was feeling all depressed this morning, and bored out of my mind, which doesn't help. I mean, how the hell did Meet the Press end up on my TV? David Gregory =/= Tim Russert.

Luckily, I did some channel searching and came across Step Up 2: The Streets.

I'm a sucker for a dance movie. And this movie has the usual rag-tag group of kids who you wouldn't expect to be dancers but - surprise! - they end up being good. But what really sets this one apart from the others? The final dance sequence takes place at night in the rain. IN THE RAIN!

This movie definitely made me feel better. And made me miss So You Think You Can Dance. Now I'm ready to take it to the streets, y'all!

24 January 2009

Gran Torino

Talk about an Oscar snub. Gran Torino is all about Clint Eastwood. He gives a great performance as an old curmudgeonly racist who comes to befriend his Hmong neighbors. He's kickass, tough, and bitter, though maybe the character is too much of a cliche. I mean at some point you know exactly which racial epithet he's going to throw out and how much of a curmudgeon he's going to be. But he's still central to the film, and to be honest some of those Asian actors are crap so they really make him look good.

Something odd bothered me - he never uses the n-word. I mean, he uses every name in the book except that - it's conspicuous in its absence, as if they clearly set out NOT to use it. I've heard complaints about the ending, but I guessed what would happen so it didn't bother me. I suppose there could have been some more violent ass-kicking to make it truly satisfying. It's a bit of a politically correct ending, which is saying a lot for a film where every other word out of the main character's mouth is racist.

The Real World: Brooklyn

Ryan's not on The Real World to further his music career. Not at all. Oh look, they conveniently got into Pete Wentz's bar. Oh look, there's a record producer who can hook them up with an agency and a producer. It seemed like the producer was more interested in putting the stones to Baya, and Ryan was cockblocking him. P.S.: Ryan's music sucks. And he's not funny. At all. He does a song about wanting to be a tampon. 'Nough said. The agents meet with the 2 of them, plus Chet, who wants to be a host. Blandest. Host. Ever. And now Baya wants to be a DJ. Christ. And I used to like her, but the fact that she finds Ryan so amusing makes me hate her.

At least the producer has some taste and tells Ryan to keep working. Thank god. He feels like an ass for playing The Tampon Song. HAHAHAHAHAHA Way to blow it, loser.

I hate Chet. He has a really high self-image that is incongruent to who he actually is. I hate people with high self-esteem who don't deserve it. He'd date that model. Sure. He'd "give her two weeks". Ugh.

Kat's concerned because her boyfriend isn't talking to her. Hmmm. Maybe he just realized that all of his buddies will now know he's dating a tranny. Just a thought. He's suddenly second-guessing signing that release.


23 January 2009

Battlestar Galactica

Six and Tigh are acting oddly like they're a happy, newly-pregnant couple. How weird. And how do two Cylons make a baby anyway?

The humans are pretty accepting of these new Cylons, and they want their technology. The Cylons want to be full citizens of the Colonial Fleet, a place in the government and all. Most people, led by VP Zarek, think this is B.S., and so there is much mutiny on ships not named Galactica. Gaeta's doing a lot of troop-rallying too and partners up with Zarek.

The Chief's fat half-breed kid is pissing blood. Doc tells the Chief that the baby isn't actually his. Cally had him do a paternity test because she wasn't sure... and the kid's no longer a half-breed. Hot Dog is the father, so of course the Chief finds him and beats him up. Because it's his fault, not that whore you married, right?

President Roslin throws out all of her cancer drugs. You know, it's pretty amazing that they still have all those pharmaceuticals in the first place -- is wasting them really a good idea? Well it all works out well for her, as Adama bangs it out real good. I don't know if this was supposed to be their first time together or what, but it made me happy. Those old geezers deserve it.

22 January 2009

The Only Oscar Nomination That Matters

Best Supporting Actor: Robert Downey, Jr. - TROPIC THUNDER

Because he's the dude playin' the dude, disguised as another dude!

It really is excellent that they nominated a comedic performance. And also kind of ironic, given the character he played. Other nonsense here.

21 January 2009

Lost Returns

All the shows are back now, son!

Some present-day-but-really-3-years-from-where-we-left-off stuff happens to the survivors. Sayid kicks MAJOR ass when people are sent to capture him and Hurley. I mean, he kills one dude using a dishwasher. Loaded with knives. Awesome.

Jack shaves his beard and loads Locke's body into a van with Ben, who tells him to pack his S, cuz they're getting the band back together and going back to the Island.

Desmond and Penny are married. Awwwwwwww.

Three Years Ago: The people on the Island find themselves on an empty Island. Everything was put back in time - the camp is gone, and the exploded station is whole again. Either the Island is moving or the people are moving. Time travel - not confusing at all!

Locke, however, isn't with the group. He's alone somewhere on the Island, and witnesses the plane crash of Eko's brother. He gets shot in the leg by Ethan. As Ethan's about to kill him, the Island time travels again. To the future, because Eko's brother is a skeleton once more. Richard finds Locke, treats his bullet wound, tells him he is time travelling and that he has to bring the Oceanic Six back to the Island. By dying. And then Locke goes back to the past again. Oy.

The main group of Islanders are on the beach at night when they are attacked by flaming arrows. Flaming. Arrows. Sawyer and Juliet are captured and I think their attackers are people from the past, but it was hard to tell. Locke ends up saving them and killing the guys.

We got 2 hours of weird time jumping and loads of set-up, but I think it was a good way to pick the show back up. Interesting and just-confusing-enough.

20 January 2009

Fringe Returns

Oh how I missed Pacey and the Gang. I rewatched the season while it was off the air and now I love this show even more.

When we last were here, Olivia was kidnapped by the gang that teleported that guy from Germany to Boston. And I forgot that the lead Bad Guy who kidnapped Olivia works for the FBI. They give her a spinal tap, but it doesn't prevent her from kicking like 86 dudes' asses and escaping. Olivia kicks ass!

Unfortunately, she's picked up by a guy named Harris from Homeland Security. He has been charged with reviewing Fringe Division, and Olivia once prosecuted him for sexual assault (his convictions were overturned). He makes threats and is generally creepy-cool-bad. He tells her not to investigate her own abduction, and then lets her go.

Freak of the Week: A college professor collapses and dies, and a giant freaking spiny slug thing slithers out of his body. Ew. Walter examines it, and I'm sick of looking at it. It's gross. It's a super-sized version of the common cold virus. I never want to get sick again.

Olivia recognizes the shoes on the Bad FBI Dude (Mitchell) as the shoes of her kidnapper. She tells Charlie and he enlists Pacey's help, since they have to investigate him on the down low. Pacey taps Mitchell's phone in time to hear him order his wife to kill Olivia, who is at their house snooping.

MASSIVE GIRLFIGHT!!!! Winner: Olivia, who is a better shot than the wife. Bullet through the brain wins every time.

They lure Mitchell out, Olivia pistol whips him in the face (NICE!), and they arrest him. Under questioning, he claims that he "saved" Olivia and she has no idea what she's done.

No resolution there, of course, but wow Olivia kicked major ass in this episode.

Walter's Craving of the Week: cheesesteaks. I like how Walter thinks, as ever.

So Much For Global Warming

Ready for the beach, Mary!?

Happy Inauguration Day!

What a great, historic day. I wish I could be there historically freezing my ass off.

The new First Couple.

My First Couple.

19 January 2009

24: Viewer Discretion is Advised

The Prime Minister and his wife are holed up in his Safe Room. Jack pulls a MacGruber - we'll gas them out! Using basic household products! Don't try this at home, kids.

Surprise - the wife pussed out and opened the door. Who says women can handle pain? Renee shows up to the house just as The Gang loads the PM and his wife into a spiffy yellow van. (White vans are for amateurs.) Aaaand she gets caught. God, these women are the suck tonight!

Emerson wants to kill Renee for meddling, and orders Jack to do it. I want to kill her for second-guessing Jack and whining excessively. Jack gives her a nice flesh wound instead, but has to bury her body. He covers her in plastic - now correct me if I'm wrong, but she can't breathe through that, right? Why no struggling to breathe? That made no sense. Also, she got the Silent Clock. But I don't think she's actually dead. The Silent Clock means nothing anymore.

I think that the sole purpose of the President's husband's subplot is to set the scenes outside of Washington monuments. That way they can prove that we're not in L.A. anymore. I don't pay attention to what they say because they're boring. Instead I try to figure out where they are in DC.

Of course, just as I say that, something actually happens in the subplot. The Secret Service agent poisons the First Husband and confesses to killing his son.

I called that FBI dude banging that FBI chick. I may not know their names, but I totally called it the second he walked over to her desk. He may be cheating, but he's not completely heartless - he got his wife's plane landed early after all. What more does that bitch want?

I really like Janeane Garofalo's matchy-matchy purple shirt and glasses. I want those glasses. She doesn't suck.

18 January 2009


The bad news. Thanks for the season, thanks for a good game in Miami, but ultimately thanks for nothing.

The good news. The Ravens loss was clearly a karmic slap for my excessive rejoicing at Philly's defeat.

The yummy news.

The Real World: Brooklyn

Who's the one dude? Scott? I didn't even notice his existence until he was in the "Next Week On" part. Too many people.

For a straight Mormon virgin, Chet sure is hella obsessed with JD's penis size. I don't think he's gay, I think he's just a creepy a-hole. An unfunny, creepy a-hole. An unfunny, creepy a-hole who wears eyeliner.

How can the roommates praise Ryan for being open-minded when a drag queen kisses him (for $100) - and he proceeds to make faces and scrub out his mouth? Loser.

Baya gets into the dance conservatory she wants to get into. And then turns it down. Because it's going to be too much work. Ah, a girl after my own heart. Lazy bitch.


Sure, the Ravens are playing the Steelers today for a spot in the Super Bowl. But there's an even bigger battle to be fought, and it's on the sidelines.


Check 'em out, folks. In a battle like this, we all win.

17 January 2009

Still Excited For Wolverine!

Click for BIG ASS sized.

Slumdog Millionaire

I finally got out to the movies, after 2 months!! There are quite a few movies that I want to see, but I knew that this one wouldn't just be entertaining, it would also be feel-good.

And it's a great movie. I love how the story is told. If you don't know, the main character is a contestant on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The police investigate him, because there's just no way that this uneducated kid from the slums can be answering these questions correctly, doing what doctors and lawyers could not do. As he watches the show back with the police, he explains how he knows the answers, and we get to see the flashbacks. Random pieces of this kid's tough life gave him the knowledge. So it's really interesting how the story is told through the questions, answers, his interrogation, and the flashbacks.

The conclusion is very satisfying, the performances are great, and it's exciting. I suppose it was the best "serious movie" of last year.

16 January 2009

Battlestar Galactica Returns

January snuck up on me. I kind of slept on this show returning.

No signs of human life on Planet Earth, and not much in the way of plant life either. Earth was nuked about 2000 years ago. Everyone's a little upset about it, especially President Roslin. And Dee, who kills herself over it. R.I.P. Dee.

They excavate the planet, and find the remains of the 13th Tribe -- and they were Cylons, not humans. Dun dun dun. Starbuck finds the crashed remains of her ship -- with her dead body in it. DUN DUN DUN!! That's freaky and cool. She burns the body, and no one but Leoben knows about it.

Adama and Tigh have this vicious, awesome confrontation. I was giddy from it! Lots of drinking and frakking and Adama begging Tigh to kill him.

The Final Cylon is revealed (already?) -- and it's Ellen, Saul's ex-wife, who is only his ex-wife because he, you know, killed her. Meh, I don't know what to think about that. I figured the Final Cylon would be a side character. But then what does this make Starbuck?

All I know is, these 10 episodes are going to be hella depressing, aren't they?

13 January 2009

You Lose, Afflecks

A week after their second daughter's birth, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have announced her name, Garner's reps tell PEOPLE exclusively.

It is Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck.

OK, so I totally called the flower thing, and even said Rose. Go me. But Seraphina!? Just no. Sara, Sera, Seraphina as a middle name, sure. Nice try guys, now you're not the awesome, normal couple I thought you were.

Best. Video. Ever.

A compilation of one Mr. Tony Almeida. Love it!

Remember that classic moment when Mason mocked Tony's voice? R.I.P. George Mason.

The End of an Era

Prison Break has been canceled. Put out of its misery way past its time.

Thank god because now I don't have to waste an hour every week.

12 January 2009

24 Kicks Ass Again

No way does Tony freaking work for the Butcher of Sengala. No effing way. Is he working for like a Terrorists Consultants Group? That's what it looks like. I can't believe he'd actually work for that guy. But he claims to be all about the cash.

I'd like to say "Hi" to Tony's boobies.

Jack's interrogation of Tony involves lots of whispering, threats, and WALL SLAMMING! YES! Line of the Day: Tony: "Every second you help the government, you're spitting on Teri's grave!" OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!!! UNLEASH THE FURY!!!! (That's where the wall slamming comes in.)

Tony whispers a code to Jack that leads Jack to call a number, which Bill answers. BILL MOTHERLOVIN' BUCHANAN!!! YES! I KNEW TONY WAS DOING SOMETHING GOOD! And Chloe's involved too! YAYYYYYYY! The Gang's all back together and Bill has a beard this time so he's even more kickass!!!

The Gang is working outside of the government because government officials are working with the Senegal butcher dude. Well working outside of the government makes it hard to prove your case, doesn't it? Nothing can be easy in 24-Land.

So Jack has to break Tony out of FBI custody. He chokes the bitch out, takes her gun and badge, and gets his boy. SO EXCITING!!!! And the music! God, the MUSIC!!!!

They escape in typical Crazy Jack manner (including nose-diving a car off of a parking garage) and meet up with Bill. The Gang's hideout is uber cool. I love the walls!

So it turns out that at first Tony was really working for the bad guys - for 3 years! But naturally my good-hearted boy turned it around. And now the 3 of them are working together. And only the 3 of them. 3 people against the entire federal government? I like those odds.

Tony goes back under deep cover - and brings Jack with him. To Georgetown! Woot! Tony, Jack, and Tony's boss break into an apartment to kidnap the former Prime Minister of Sengala. But the PM locks himself into a panic room.

As usual, I completely ignore all other subplots. But Miss FBI got all torture-y. Guess someone learned The Way of the Bauer really quickly. And God, Larry's eyes are so close together. He needs to die soon, because I can't look at him.

11 January 2009

24 Is Back; 2009 Officially Rules

It has been. So. Long.

We start with a kickass daytime, traffic-accident kidnapping.

Jack Bauer doesn't need counsel when he's answering questions at a Senate hearing. Counsel is for pussies. Hey sorry, Senator, sometimes torture happens. Deal. Jack bitches at the Senator and then is taken away by the FBI, who need him, presumably for those torture skills.

The guy who was kidnapped is a Homeland Security engineer, the kidnappers want to get through some kind of major government firewall, blah blah blah... TONY! TONY'S BACK! He was revived right after Jack left him, and a different body was buried in his grave. Wow, they went so far as to bury a different body? Why would someone do that? And will they ever explain that?

Poor Jack feels so betrayed that his BFF didn't tell him he was alive... and he doesn't want to believe Tony's gone bad either. Believe it, Jack. Tony has a scar and he's wearing a black leather jacket now. He's bad.

Anyway, Tony is heading this crew of baddies. And the FBI keeps referring to them as a "crew". I don't like the use of that word. The crew takes over Air Traffic Control and causes a near-crash at JFK airport. The fact that Tony didn't let the planes actually crash: Clue No. 1 he's not really bad. I hope.

Jack thinks there's a mole in the FBI. Of course. Now that CTU has disbanded, the moles have to find employment elsewhere. He's right (of course) and in the end he figures out where Tony is, and shows up. And epic Jack and Tony fight results. EPIC!

Seems the Big Bad behind Tony's crew is seeking vengeance for the death of his brother, killed in that whole Sengala thing from the TV movie I guess. Bad guys on this show always have rooms with huge screens displaying maps. This guy's maps are green.

I like the new President (though I largely ignore her dead son/war subplot so far) and I really like Janeane Garofalo. I don't like the main FBI dude (Larry?), because his eyes are too close together. He's gross.

These 2 hours flew by. And I wonder if maybe Tony really is bad after all. You never know, this show could change its mind after 5 weeks.

It was great, and there's more tomorrow. And we haven't even gotten Chloe and Bill yet!

Nice Cross-Promotion, FOX

This is The Observer from Fringe standing on the sidelines of the Eagles/Giants game, right? I'm not seeing things?


The Real World: Brooklyn

Kim forced me to watch this show. What convinced me? "There's a hot gay dude." I'm there. Sad thing is, I kinda liked the show!

Ryan. Guitar-playing Pennsylvanians with excellent gaydar represent.

Katelynn. Post-op trannies who got their surgery done in Thailand(!) represent.

Chet. "Metrosexual" Mormon virgins with homemade pink collars represent.

Devyn. Cute-ass big-titted little Miss Missouris represent.

Baya. White girl dancers with quirky names represent.

Sarah. Adorable tattooed "weird girls" represent.

JD. HOT ASS GAY GUYS who train dolphins represent.

Scott. Lame-ass meatheads with crappy New England accents represent.

I know they're all thinking WTH is Katelynn doing there - cuz she's not your typical "attractive" Real World type. And LOL that half of them figured it out.

I love Sarah and JD desperately. Now I'm going to have to watch the show just for them, and wait for their inevitable fall from grace.

One complaint: They didn't all get smashed their first night together? WTH kind of lame Real World is this!?

Best Cringe Moment: Ryan referring to Kat as "it." DOUCHE!

So they actually all seem pretty decent. The chicks seem cool and way too normal. So we'll see.

10 January 2009

OH SHIT SON!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was laughing/crying/biting myself through that last quarter.


09 January 2009

I Should Admire This Bitch

She wore pajamas to a movie premiere. Brilliant! But that hair? Ugh.

08 January 2009

B&C Happy Sigh of the Week

Now that's more like it, my lovelies.

B&C Douchechill of the Week

Seriously, what the hell DID Nikki Cox do to her face? When I saw those lips a few months back, I thought maybe the swelling would go down or something. No.

Runner up: Jewel. She's never gonna fix the wonky teeth, huh?

06 January 2009

Bets On Names?

Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck have welcomed their second daughter, PEOPLE confirms exclusively. The actress's rep says: "Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck gave birth to a healthy baby girl."

The baby was born Tuesday in Los Angeles. No other details were immediately available. Garner and Affleck, both 36, are also parents to daughter Violet, 3.

I'm going to say they go with something classic again. Hopefully nothing hokey like continuing the flower theme (Rose, Tulip, Iris) or the color theme (Blue?). I'll just throw out Claire as a guess.

05 January 2009

The O'Connells Bat 500 on Names

Rebecca Romijn and husband Jerry O’Connell welcomed two healthy daughters — Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip — on December 28.
I approve of Charlie 100%. I mean, you could have done Charlotte and just used the nickname, but I still approve. Dolly? No. It only reminds me of Dolly Madison, Dolly Parton (which was their intent), and Dolly the Cloned Sheep. Although 3 names are unnecessary, I like that they are flowers. Cute. And at least the first name isn't Tulip.

04 January 2009



As my friend Chris said, I'll be in the "Make a Wish" section. Pleeeeeeeeease! I need to have 2009 off to a good start!


02 January 2009

Woah That Sucks

Jesus, I'm blown away that the kid was 16! I remember when he was born.
Rand Memorial Hospital in the Bahamas tells TMZ the son of John Travolta died today.

There have been reports that Jett was autistic, though Travolta has denied it, saying he suffers from Kawasaki Syndrome, a condition which often leads to heart disease.

Travolta's attorney Michael Ossi says Jett suffered a seizure at his family's vacation home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he died on scene.


01 January 2009

HAPPY 2009!

It's gotta be better than 2008, right? RIGHT!?

And this movie had better not disappoint...

(Click the picture for bigger muscles.)