31 July 2006

Hell's Kitchen: Viva Cuba!

I was getting disgusted with Hell's Kitchen tonight, as usual, when it was thankfully interrupted by a Special News Report about Castro handing over power. Thank you, Mr. Castro! I had had enough of Heather crying (!) because the construction workers didn't like her chicken sandwiches, Keith looking like the monster thing from The Goonies, and Sara's dumb-ass accent. Although Keith re-boiling spaghetti was a classic moment. I think I hate this show so much because all the chefs are so white trash. I miss my pretentious, classy snobs from Top Chef. These people have a hard time stringing together a sentence.

Someone please comment and tell me who was kicked off, and if I missed anything. I don't care enough to search the internet for it.

Summer TV Sucks Part II

I also like guys that look like Alf and sing like an angel.

Need....American Idol.....now.

30 July 2006

Summer TV Sucks Part I

I guess when there's nothing good on TV in the summer it's supposed to be a good thing. You know, to get me out of the house breathing fresh air. But that doesn't mean I have to like it! Project Runway aside, summer TV sucks! Therefore I am posting this great American Idol moment from last season to jump start the week. Enjoy!

29 July 2006

Quick Trip to the Keys

Today we decided to take a quick trip to Key Largo (1 1/2 hours away) and Islamorada Key (2 hours away). I love the drive down to the Keys.

We had good music.

And good food - at a restaurant right on a beach that had been recommended by Cooking Light. I had a salad with grilled pineapple and blackened local dolphin. Yum!

And what trip would be complete without Key Lime Pie from a roadside dive?

28 July 2006


Actor and director Mel Gibson was arrested Friday in Malibu, California, and charged with driving under the influence, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office.

Real women have curves....

.....but the adam's apple is a bit much

Jamba Juice

Great beverage? Or the greatest beverage EVER? I'm addicted - at least 2 a week.

Jen wins!

"We were just doing a ruse!"

One of the funniest news videos I've seen in a while.
"That was not cool, dude." Wasn't it?

What kind of person would live like this?

A very very sad one.......

Former FEMA head Michael Brown is nothing but classy

"For that little twerp to claim I didn't recognize death and suffering -- he can just bite me, for all I care," Brown told Playboy.

W does Idol

"Bush plans to host “American Idol” Taylor Hicks and the other Top 10 finalists [today] in the Oval Office. It will be the first time contestants from the hit television show have been invited to meet the president."

I'm sorry, aren't there like 3 wars going on right now? Is this really the right time? I hope Elliott bites him with his snaggle teeth.

27 July 2006

Guess who this is?

hint: she use to be hot.

K-Fed gives it 5 stars

I know what I'm getting the men in my life for Christmas this year.

Project Runway goes to the dogs

First of all - next week - we FINALLY see the big elimination. I think someone's going to cheat on a current assignment, I don't think they're going after Keith for his faux portfolio. I still hold out hope that Vincent is going to choke Angela.

Moley McFlatchest gave us a peek at how she treats her kids when she pushed the dog away from her so she could work on her sketches.

Bradley McHomeless - crazier than Vincent?

At least Robert had the sense to say that designing for dogs and making up a story about the owner is LAME. I laughed at every ridiculous story. Uli is really good but my pick is still Robert.

DIE Angela DIE and take your skirts with you!!!!!!!!!!!! What year is this? And must she wear black socks with those hideous things?

26 July 2006

Counting down

It's only a matter of time...........................

One of those days

Ever have one of those days where you come home from work and the first thing you do is down a sample bottle of Bacardi Apple that your friend brought you back from a pharmaceutical convention 6 months ago -- and that you actually moved from Maryland to Florida -- and then follow it with a money Mike-arita? God bless America!!!

Can you really blame him?

  1. 19 years old vs. 50 years OLD
  2. Fiery Latina vs. Paley Paleson
  3. Innocent girl vs. Married 4 times
  4. Billy Joel!
.......and he did apologize

Coming to terms

I just find it so hard to believe.....

Separated at Gay Birth?

OK, so here's the Ellen Time cover for comparison. They look alike right??!!

It's the only image I could find.... thus, the ape (on the left).


This can't be true! Lance Bass gay?....I always thought he was the butch Backstreet Boy.

  • Lance said that “He is in a very stable relationship with model-actor-Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl, 32, and is developing an Odd Couple-inspired sitcom pilot with Fatone in which his character will be gay.”

At least Howie and his "brother" still love the ladies.

25 July 2006

"Hell's Kitchen"

My favorite chef!

I always wanted an orange mannequin for xmas!

What's wrong with her? I never thought I would say these words, but I think she might need to put on a few pounds.

(click picture for larger view)

Girl Crush

Not to worry, my crush on Angelina is still going strong but I may have to start a list and add Rosario Dawson. Jesus, she’s gorgeous. If she starts adopting foreign babies, forget about it.

24 July 2006

Hell's Kitchen

Is probably one of the woooorst reality shows, but I can't stop watching. Once I've committed I've got to see it through. I mean, all the contestants are retarded. No one is really likeable. I used to like the prison guy Garrett but he's a whiner. And now he's gone b/c he can't cook chicken. I could care less who wins. They are all a bunch of babies. Someone lied to someone!!! Ooooh.... really? On a reality show? I guess I stick with it to see Gordon Ramsey hurl obscenities at them. It'll either be Heather or mouth breather Keith but honestly, who cares? Need "Top Chef" now!!

Lady in the Water

I went into it thinking I was going to hate it. Really I only saw it because Mike wanted to. But we both LOVED it!!! I'll admit that it's totally bizarre, and on paper would look really odd, but somehow it worked. M. Night is a GENIUS! I want to hate him for being arrogant, but I can't deny the truth. "Enchanting" is the only way I can describe the film. I recognize that it's totally a lame word, but it's true. It totally sucked me in and I believed every minute of it. Plus Paul Giamatti is AMAZING. Whether it's Bruce Willis, Joaquin Phoenix, or Paul Giamatti, M. Night always gets amazing, quiet performances from his actors. I love it!

So if you find enchanting lame, don't see it. If you do see it let me know because all I read are bad reviews but I loved it so much I want to see if anyone else does.

Also… Clerks II…. HYSTERICAL!!! Definitely check that one out – nothing enchanting about it! Anne Frank...Transformers....Lord of the Rings.... it's great!


And already this blog is becoming a partnership. I expect posts from H from time to time. Those will be the ones about 14 year old girls and "The Hills".

More tonight as I figure this blog thing out.


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