28 April 2010

Damn You, Sandy, I Love You

So obviously I'm on Team Sandra. Well, duh, what's the other team - Team Asshole Dirtbag? Anyway, I was really sad for her when the news came out about her douchebag husband, especially right on the heels of her being so cute and happy during awards season. And now we learn this! She adopted this baby back in January! Well, good for her and I hope Jesse James rots in hell. The end. Controversial stance, I know.

In public, Sandra Bullock has been through the best and worst of times this year – from winning her first Oscar to enduring the breakup of her marriage. In private, she was quietly keeping a joyful secret – his name is Louis, and he is her newborn son.

"He's just perfect, I can't even describe him any other way," Bullock reveals exclusively in the new issue of PEOPLE, announcing that she is the proud mother of Louis Bardo Bullock, a 3½-month-old boy, born in New Orleans. "It's like he's always been a part of our lives."

Bullock, 45, and husband Jesse James, 41, began the adoption process four years ago and brought Louis home in January but decided to keep the news to themselves until after the Oscars.

Then, just 10 days after the March 7 Oscars, Bullock and James separated following reports James had cheated. Bullock says she is now finalizing the adoption as a single parent.

Oh yeah, and she's filed for divorce. Good for her.

27 April 2010

Fringe Noir Trailer

I love this thing. This musical/film noir episode can go one of two ways, and I've got hopes that it's the good way. Probably won't be able to see it until Monday of next week, but I'll definitely be checking to see what kind of reviews it gets Thursday night.

26 April 2010


Jack flies the CGI helicopter he stole from CTU over New York and onto a building. I guess CTU doesn't have orders to shoot him on sight, because they watch him go down the fire escape and out into the streets, where his natural camouflage (leather jacket, Jack Sack) takes effect.

Ethan tells President Taylor that her actions in covering up Russia's dirty deeds are grounds for impeachment and criminal prosecution. So has just about every President on this show left office in disgrace? President Taylor decides he's right and prepares to announce that the U.S. is withdrawing from the peace accord.

But before she can, Charles Logan offers to help save the peace accord by incarcerating and torturing Starbuck for her information. President Taylor agrees to this because, well, she changes her mind based on which way the wind's blowing. Logan gets D.B. Sweeney With a Mustache to take care of Starbuck.

President Taylor tells Ethan that they're back to Plan A and he's all "WTF!? Like, seriously, I can't leave this chick alone for a minute without her changing her mind! I'm going to go have another heart attack and sleep on a sofa for an hour. Screw you guys, I'm going home." Quitter. But who can blame him? This bitch has a split personality.

Jack calls Chloe and demands to see Starbuck, and tells Chloe that the President is covering up what Starbuck knows. But for once Chloe's all about following presidential orders, Jack's wishes be damned. She and Freddie Prinze, Jr. lay a trap to catch Jack by giving him a false location for Starbuck.

There's an old Chinese proverb: "If you can't have Tony Almeida, then Michael Madsen is the next best thing." It's true. He's an old (paranoid, techie) friend of Jack's (and Jack has his number memorized after all this time) and Jack calls him for some favors, mostly of the weapons-procuring variety. This is a match made in heaven, man. I love these 2 old-school tough-guys together!!!!

Jack works his way into what he thinks is the place where Starbuck's being held. I love that, even though the guys there are CTU and know he's coming, Jack's still able to get the jump on them. Also, Jack totally figured out that it was a trap. He has Freddie tell Chloe that the operation was successful and Jack is locked down.

Jack coerces Freddie onto Team Jack, and they work together to get Starbuck from where she's really being held, which is basically a NYC sex dungeon. Let the waterboarding begin!

Too much talky talky politics in this one. More Michael Madsen please!

Who's Seeing This With Me?

I'm sure they'll never release this down here but I'd kill to hear this music through some cinema speakers. Ladies and gentlemen, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage.

24 Casting Blows Me Away


I just about died when I read a description of tonight's episode that includes, "Meanwhile, Jack calls in a favor to his old friend Rick Vickers (guest star Michael Madsen)"


How was I not aware of this until 3 hours before airtime????? This. Is. Awesome.

25 April 2010

The Losers Wins

I got everything out of The Losers that I was expecting - and wanting - ever since I saw the first trailer. Hot guys, a hot chick, the hyper-stylized comic book look, and guns, guns, guns. It was pretty badass.

It's essentially The A-Team and the cast is just as killer. With Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Idris Elba, and Chris Evans you know it's gonna be sexy and funny and cool. I'm a big Chris Evans fan - he always makes me laugh. And I really go for that whole comic book vibe - the end credits are cool. And what makes it even better? Liberal use of Journey. Can't go wrong there - that's a crowd-pleaser.

24 April 2010

Project Runway: Finale Part 2

Did I say before that it's a sad day when I have to root for Seth Aaron? Well it is. But I'm rooting for him, if only because his family is adorable and he did a "snow angel" on the runway before everyone got there.

Mila and Emilio both have problems with late models. What are these bitches problems? Show up for work.

First up: Seth Aaron. I'm pretty sure his runway music is a remix of Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love" which makes me love him now. He actually did re-work a lot and it wasn't all black - it was a cool mix of patterns, lots of coats, not bad at all.

Next: Mila. Black and white. Like, all black and white. Maybe some gray and purple. I liked the one dress that had just a hint of another pattern sticking out under the hem. There were some cute sporty looks and coats.

Finally: Emilio. LOTS of color, which was especially evident since it followed Mila's collection. But maybe too simple and commercial? Definitely wearable and not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Mila came in third, which sounds about right. Then it's between Emilio and Seth Aaron and since my mother actually spoiled the finale for me and emailed it to me before I saw it....

Winner: Seth Aaron. So yay (I guess)!!! Good for him! And I love that he ran right over to Tim to thank him as soon as he saw him.

22 April 2010


Freak of the Week: RUSH! They start the episode playing "Tom Sawyer" by Rush and I am the happiest fangirl alive. I was air drumming and everything, until the teenager goes to investigate a noise and these blobby things appear in a warehouse. Like, blobby bits of skin and stuff. *puke* Those blobby bits take the form of a person...ish and use that Alternate Universe Shapeshifting Device to take the form of the teenager and his girlfriend.

The Team shows up to investigate and finds a large blobby thing - it's like a half-developed shapeshifter that didn't transport correctly. Back at the lab, Walter "jumpstarts" the blobby thing and it fully develops. THE HORROR! OMG this is the sickest thing I've ever seen on this show, and that's saying a lot. It starts talking and I want to vomit. It's like a mummy wrapped in amniotic fluid with little nubs for legs. It's all kinds of wrong. Before it dies, the thing gives the team a name - it's the name of the man whose body it was going to take.

The teenaged shapeshifter soldiers go to see Newton and get their orders to take over some other bodies. They work to set up a device that will transport something between the universes. The team gets there as the device is activated and starts to set up their own device to counteract it. A bridge starts to appear, with a person walking on it. Peter's almost sucked into the other universe, but gets the device up and running in time and the bridge disappears.

This is the point at which my brilliant husband guesses that the man trying to coming through is the Other Walter. I like that theory. But before I can get excited about that possible revelation, Peter totally figures out that, since he survived the otherworldy vibration, much like the guy on the other side did, he must be from the other side. He confronts Walter and my heart rips open. And all this after Peter called Walter "Dad" for the first time and he told Olivia that his mother committed suicide. I can't take it. And here I thought this was just going to be a good monster episode!

I guess the guy ended up making it through to our world and, you know, he could totally be Walter.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Pecan pie. Peter proposes making one with Walter. Enjoy your pie, Fringe Partiers! He also makes a peanut butter sandwich, so this is a great one - well, unless you're allergic to nuts.

This Week's Code: BRIDGE.

OK, so next week is the film noir/musical episode. And thank GOD because I need a lighthearted break, dammit. This show has been killing me lately.

20 April 2010


It's Jack/Locke face-off time, and the men go off to the side to talk it out. Maybe this is the first time they've come face-to-face? Must be. Jack asks if Smokey ever looked like his father. Yes - Smokey took that form to help Jack find water on his third day on the Island.

Smokey Locke is trying to get everyone to gather together and get off the Island. Sawyer has plans to take his select few (normal, living, non-crazy) people to a boat and ditch Locke. When Jack breaks Sun, Frank, and Hurley off from Locke's path, Claire watches and follows -- and she's pissed about being abandoned again. Kate had promised that she'd take Claire back to Aaron, and so Kate insists she come with. You don't want that kind of crazy on a tiny boat with the rest of you.

Smokey Locke sends Sayid to kill Desmond at the bottom of the not-as-deep-as-I-thought well. Sayid tells Locke he did it, but I don't think he did.

Sawyer & Company sail off and I'm kind of bitter Miles isn't with the group. Where the hell did he go again? Jack's wondering if maybe they should all be staying on the Island because it's not done with them yet. Sawyer's all, You can get off the damn boat, I ain't goin' back. And Jack gets off the damn boat and swims back to the Island and Locke.

When the boat makes it ashore, Sun and Jin reunite on the beach and I had forgotten that she has basically thought he was dead for the past 3 years. Awwww, how sweet. Also, she gets her ability to speak English back. Awwww, how convenient.

That Liz Lemon chick holds Sawyer & Company at gunpoint and then fires missiles or something over in Locke's direction. Tragically, they don't appear to hit Jack in the face.

Non-Island Action:

Locke is en route to the hospital after being run over by Desmond. He's brought in at the same time as Sun and her gunshot wound. Sun seems to recognize Locke.

My favorite buddy cop team of Sawyer and Miles arrest Sayid for Sun's shooting and the murders.

Desmond runs into Claire on her way to the adoption agency and convinces her to see a lawyer -- that chick whose ass blew up last week. Coincidentally, she was actually looking for Claire because... Jack and his son go to a reading of their dad's will (cuz that's fun bonding time). Claire tells him that they share a dad, and then Jack is called off for an emergency at the hospital, that emergency being... Locke. Sun's OK, by the way, and I guess a gunshot to the uterus isn't harmful to babies after all.

19 April 2010


Jack's GF is dead. This doesn't bode well for the rest of the world. VENGEANCE!!!

But first we just get sad puppy Jack. Sad, sad puppy Jack, pulled into focus by a call from Chloe. She puts Jack in touch with that Russian Dad Who Killed His Sons A While Back. After Jack threatens to kill his family and/or put them into Witness Protection, the Russian Dude tells him that Moscow's behind everything and that Starbuck knows everything. Bauer/Starbuck Showdown, coming right up!

Charles Logan and his Turkey Neck join Novakovich for breakfast and a little light blackmail. He convinces the Russian Minister to rejoin the peace agreement. Logan is so thrilled by his victory it's adorable. Ethan's all, "How'd you do it? No really - how'd you do it?" Logan ain't telling - but he's mighty pleased with himself and he wants credit. Oh how I missed this egomaniac - he wants a Secret Service agent reassigned when he gets a disdainful look. Love him!

Starbuck claims not to know anything about why Renee would be killed. Jack decides she's lying and starts beating the living crap out of her. If there's one thing this show loves, it's violence against women.

Logan gets wind of Jack and his rampage and goes to President Taylor to stop him. He tells the President that the Russian government is behind everything today and that he used that info to blackmail them back to the peace table. Logan doesn't want the news about Russia coming out because it'll endanger the peace talks. He wants to cover it all up, and wants President Taylor to bury it with him - for the greater good. This is all terribly complicated, as all of Charles Logan's motives always are. Cuz I don't know - can't you just do the whole peace thing in a month or so when this blows over?

Jack calls the President looking for an immunity deal for Starbuck. She ignores his call. IGNORES IT! She heads to CTU to talk to Jack in person. Is this the best use of her presidential resources? Cisco has some amazing teleconferencing capabilities, or so says this show. I can't imagine she'll be leaving CTU alive - she's gotta be shot by someone, right? Maybe Arlo. So far he's been really purposeless. Nothing going on with him this season other than being a whiny bitch?

The President orders Jack to stand down and not question Starbuck, to leave well enough alone. I guess she wanted to do it face-to-face so he'd realize she was serious. Plus she has a helicopter ready to escort his ass out of CTU. Damn, Jack Bauer just got owned.

Before leaving, the President orders Chloe to make sure security around Starbuck is airtight, thereby guaranteeing that it won't be. On the way out, Jack takes an agent hostage and commandeers the helicopter. Of course he does.

18 April 2010

Project Runway: Finale Part 1

The Final Four designers are given $9000 and 4 months to make their final collection. I'm expecting Mila to make it to the final over Jay. I just am. Because I hate her and the universe hates me.

Tim's Home Visits

Seth Aaron made a tremendous amount of looks - all finished - and a tremendous amount of textured black. Tim flat-out tells Seth Aaron it's amazing stuff, but he won't win because it's expected. It was really sad to watch Seth Aaron be so deflated by Tim's comments. I would have cried. Seth Aaron's family was super cute.

Emilio's working with some really gross colors. I think it's largely unfinished - well, it had better be unfinished. It's fugly. Tim tells him it looks old and crappy and, as usual, Emilio disregards everything Tim says. I don't like his constant disrespect of Tim Gunn!

Mila's is the typical black and white bullcrap. Jesus, she even has a black and white dog. Tim calls it matronly, but then seems to love it. Ugh.

Jay's stuff is half-finished and hard to judge, but Tim calls it student work. Burn! Jay's Filipino family rules and they're eating Filipino food. Jealous!

Fashion Week Face-Off

It's Mila vs. Jay. Mila's stuff is all black and white and all heavy. I hate her. Jay has his crazy plays on volume and it's not blowing me away, but it's very well made - definitely better than Mila. But that's just because - have I mentioned this lately? - I HATE MILA!

It's really close and the judges are split on who should win. They're killing me, but I'm trying to remember to expect the worst.

Bye-bye: Jay. Booooooooooooooooo. I guess I have to root for Seth Aaron now. Bollocks bollocks bollocks.

17 April 2010

Kick-Ass Was

Mike has this thing for Roger Ebert. He says that Roger Ebert is always right about movies. Well, he doesn't think that any longer. Cuz Kick-Ass was good and Ebert hated it. Take that, Mike! Your boyfriend isn't infallible!

Anyway, I loved Kick-Ass. Because of course I'm going to love a movie where an 11-year-old girl says the C word and fights grown men. But to me it wasn't all about the violence - and honestly, maybe I'm desensitized or something, because the violence didn't seem so out of hand to me. The Hit Girl/Big Daddy storyline is actually kind of sad when you think about it - this man has essentially brainwashed his daughter into being a superhero and killing people. But for the most part, the movie is fun and the action is amazing. Definitely a good time.

15 April 2010


Freak of the Week: Peter Weller appears on a subway after some blue other-universe lens flares. All of the passengers die and all of the electronic devices go out.

Peter Weller is a time traveler, and once he's caught by the team he travels back in time to start over. So we relive the opening scene and the team's investigation, while Olivia experiences some déjà vu. Peter Weller appears to be fusing himself with metal coils and machinery, turning himself into a time traveling Robocop.

Walter writes a confession to Peter and I already want to die from it. WAAALTER! He puts it in an envelope and I realize it'll be too much for me to handle once the moment of truth arrives. The pain's too great already. This show makes me melodramatic. Let's go back to the freak story before I lose my mind.

Robocop is time traveling to try to save the life of his dead GF. Walter talks to Robocop and shares his story of what he was willing to do because of grief, tells him that there will be repercussions to his actions. He time jumps a couple more times until he lands where he needs to in order to prevent his GF's car accident. But he doesn't prevent it, instead dying alongside her in the accident.

In the altered timeline, Walter still writes the confession to Peter, but then he burns the letter.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Walter eats (or kind of just fondles, actually) a Twizzler.

This Week's Code: SECRET.

This was a good episode, very quiet and sad. I don't like my Fringe sad - it's too much for me to take. And that preview? Yeah, I'm not going to be able to watch that.

I Want One Of These

Yep, I'm finally catching up on Saturday Night Live.

14 April 2010

24: Jack Never Gets to Enjoy the Afterglow

Jack and President Taylor mourn the death of President Pompadour, and the peace summit along with it. Way to give up easily on that one, Madam President. One of Pompadour's killers (Samir) is still alive, barely, but a bad guy disguised as a paramedic injects him with something and rolls out. Jack's all, "I'm outta here, bitches. Catch you next time, Freddie Prinze, Jr., I'm going back to my house with my unstable redhead girlfriend."

President Taylor and the Prime Minister (?) of Whatsitstan suggest that Mrs. Pompadour become President now so she can help hold the country together. Because nothing says Peace in the Middle East like a woman running a country. And now the peace summit is back on. CTU needs to provide security for the summit and, well, we all know how that has turned out so far. The White House decides Chloe is the woman to put in charge of this. Director Bubba isn't Director Bubba anymore. Chloe is Provisional Director now!! Um - yay! - but also - really!? Bubba rolls out, because that's what Directors of CTU do every damn season. They quit, die, or get fired.

Just as Chloe assumes control, Samir goes into cardiac arrest in CTU Medical. Because that's what people in CTU Medical do every damn season - die.

Now we have the Sneaky Russian Delegate at the peace summit (Novakovich) talking to the undercover paramedic, revealed as the guy who has been pulling the strings on the death of President Pompadour. The Paramedic is all, I totally recognized that redheaded chick at the crime scene, I'm gonna make sure she didn't recognize me by following her and killing her. He also adds, "I'll take out Bauer too while I'm at it." Really? Will you!?

Ethan's OK now, after spending all that time unconscious on the couch after his heartattack. Good thing he's ready to get back to work already, because President Taylor wants to discuss Novakovich's desire to pull out of the peace agreement. Seems one Mister Former President and Pardoned Criminal Charles Logan has been calling Ethan over the past hour, claiming to have some important information to share. My, how convenient.

The Paramedic follows Jack and Renee, who go to the Jack Pad. Renee takes out her ponytail, which means she's trying to be hot now. She's her usual wounded puppy self, and they start making out. Presidential assassinations turn Jack Bauer on. The Paramedic kills the innocent old man who lives across the street from Jack, and decides to watch them get it on through a sniper scope. Voyeurism turns the Paramedic on.

There's plenty of boring politics and Mrs. Pompadour and Daughter crap going on - all so that Jack can last a little longer in bed. Can't have him just lasting through a commercial break like most guys on this show. Jack Bauer isn't most guys.

CHARLES LOGAN IS BACK!!!!!! WOOOOT! And you know his executive assistant isn't going to be up to any good because he's played by that guy whose eyes are too close together from Journeyman and Dollhouse. He's always a sneaky dirtbag.

Logan says he can work behind the scenes with the Russians to get them to cooperate - but that he can't go into detail with President Taylor. Yeah, cuz he can be trusted.

Once Jack has finished up his business he gets a call from Chloe. Chloe always has good timing. She tells Renee that she thinks Samir was injected with something at the scene and that's when Renee realizes the Paramedic was familiar to her. Renee says she'll look at surveillance photos, but when she gets up from bed she's shot by the Paramedic Sniper. Dagger! Hey, at least Jack got some sex out of her first. The Sniper can't hit Jack - of course! - and Jack carries Renee's bleeding self down the stairs and into a cab to the hospital. How embarrassing for Renee - a trip to the hospital and she has no clothes on.

At the hospital, Chloe calls Jack as Renee is rushed into the ER. She shares that Renee was suspicious of the Paramedic. And then guess what -- R.I.P. Renee. Sex with Jack sure is a killer. Poor Jack. What the hell - what more can this dude go through? At least her corpse looks happy. Silent clock for the second week in a row.

No preview for me since I watched online. This show is almost over! OMG!


Non-Island Hurley is being honored for his charitable good works, done with the money from his chicken empire. His mom still isn't happy though, because Hurley needs a woman.

She hooks Hurley up on a blind date, but he runs into Libby at the restaurant instead. She recognizes him because she says they're soulmates. "You don't remember me, do you?" she asks. She says he's an old friend, and then her doctor comes over and takes her away. So is she nuts or does she actually recall the time on the Island? Whatever the case, I love that a mental hospital takes patients on a field trip to a Mexican restaurant, complete with the van and everything. Fun times.

Desmond and Hurley meet in a Mr. Cluck's, and Hurley tells him about his nutsy encounter with Libby. This piques Desmond's interest of course because of his whole destiny thing. Desmond is going around trying to get people to remember their Island lovers, right?

Hurley heads to the mental hospital, strokes a check for 100 grand, and gets in to see Libby. She says that when she saw him on TV she got a rush of sudden memories of some other life. She remembers a plane crash and that they liked each other, and she also remembers him being at the mental hospital with her before. He doesn't remember her, but asks her out on a date (she's in the hospital voluntarily, so she can leave).

They have a picnic on the beach and Libby gets déjà vu from it. When they kiss, Hurley totally gets flashes of Island memories. OH SNAP! Desmond witnesses this and then drives off, all successful in his dual-reality matchmaking.

Island Hurley visits Libby's grave, where he is visited by a vision of Michael. Michael says he wants to prevent Hurley from killing everyone. See, Richard and company want to blow up the plane to prevent Smokey from flying off the Island. So That One Chick gets some dynamite from the Black Rock - and when Hurley tries to warn her not to do it - she blows the eff up. R.I.P. That chick with the accent who was hella devoted to Jacob. BAM!

Despite the blowing up, Richard is ready to get more dynamite and go. Hurley stop him from doing that by... blowing up all the dynamite. Hurley says they have to go talk to Locke, but Richard doesn't wanna. Ben agrees to go with Richard to find some explosives elsewhere, and Miles goes with.

On their way through the jungle, everyone hears the whispers, and Hurley knows what they are - dead souls stuck on the Island.

Sayid shows back up at Smokey!Locke's camp, bringing Desmond with him. Well actually, he has Desmond tied to a tree and brings Locke to him.

Desmond and Locke go walking and see a boy in the jungle. Locke tells him to ignore the boy and walks away. He takes Desmond to an old well, they talk for a bit, and then Locke throws Desmond down into it. Nooooo! Locke comes back to the camp, sans Desmond, just as Hurley and company walk in. Alright, so now most everyone is all together again. There's a weird Jack/Locke face-off complete with ominous music and close-ups and then we're back to Off Island.

Non-Island Desmond is watching as Locke wheels himself down the road outside his school. Ben comes over to make sure Desmond isn't a perv. Desmond then plows his car into Locke and runs his crippled ass over. OH HOLY HELL! That was kind of funny. Ben comes running over to help Locke. The end. And dammit - I don't get a preview because I'm watching online. Dagger!

Wait - does this mean Locke and Ben are soulmates?

10 April 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: create a look inspired by the circus. Oh now that's just asking for a disaster.

Jay's was kind of literal with that red ringmaster jacket, but he does always make good pants.

Mila's is crap crap CRAP. God I hate her. It's so ugly. DIE!

Anthony didn't use black and white stripes like most everyone else, and it totally looked like fashion. But evidently it was polyester which is a Mortal Sin.

I loved Emilio's - it was dramatic and gorgeous and still circus-inspired.

Seth Aaron!! Holy crap!!!! It looks like Ronald McDonald. Doesn't The Hamburglar wear something like that? Oh holy hell save me!!!

OK seriously, are Anthony and Jay dating? Because they both said they wanted to share the experience of the finale together and were tearing up when they said it. Are they BFFs or something more?

Winner: Emilio. They said it was their favorite of the whole season.

Bye-bye: Anthony. Boo. Understandable, but boo.

So for the finale we get Emilio (a cocky bastard, but freaking talented), Seth Aaron (didn't believe in him in the beginning, but I've liked a lot of what he's done), Jay (my awesome gay Asian), and Mila (one of these things is not like the other one, one of these things does not belong). They're doing that thing again where Mila and Jay both make collections, but only one is really shown. I hate that bitch.

08 April 2010


Freak of the Week: Diane Kruger! Eff yeah! Pacey and Diane Kruger forever! I'll always love a Fringe/Inglourious Basterds connection. Always. She even said "Gorlami" which is a total shout-out! Love her!

Anyway, she's talking to some sickly dude, he touches her arm, and then soon after she develops nasty-ass boils that spread up her arm and all over. Puke.

Walter examines the body and thinks they're cancerous tumors, not lesions. He can also tell that the cancer was given to her by someone's touch.

The Cancer Transmitter hits a grocery store next, getting sicker as he walks through, touching all the produce on his way out. Goddammit! Get your cancer germs off my apples! He visits a dude, shakes his hand, and the dude gets Diane Kruger Syndrome.

Peter thinks Olivia is awkward around him because they almost kissed in Jacksonville. He says he likes their little dysfunctional family unit and doesn't want to do anything to mess it up. Yay - I always thought of them more as brother and sister.

Olivia can't sleep and returns to her guru at the bowling alley. Sweet, I missed him. He also stops by at one point to play Clue with Olivia at midnight.

So here's the connection: Diane Kruger, Cancer Transmitter, and the Other Victim are all Cortexifan drug trial kids like our Olivia. Cancer Transmitter is able to transfer his cancer to other Cortexikids. He comes to visit Olivia, but she's tough so she kicks his ass.

Olivia really wants to tell Peter the truth, but Walter is all, "Oh hell no, we finally have a relationship, give me some time!" By the end of the episode, Olivia is back to thinking it's a good idea to keep the secret, but then Walter says he knows he'll have to tell him the truth.

Walter's Line of the Week: "Can you get a sample of this pus, please, Peter?"

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Taffy. Because Walter uses some weird baking-of-the-skin method to pull Cancer Transmitter's fingerprints. "Since we're baking, we may as well make some taffy." He also drinks a cappuccino, two squirts of peppermint. Sounds awesome. Just might get me one tomorrow!

This Week's Code: ENERGY.


So here's the thing: we didn't get to see the sonogram picture of the alien baby and that makes me bitter. But then Krycek is Elizabeth Mitchell's baby daddy! Motherlovin' Alex Krycek. So I got interested in the show again. But then I'm too tired and didn't pay enough attention. Blah blah blah. I'll still watch the show in case something cool happens but I'm over trying to follow it.

06 April 2010


I had forgotten that Desmond was shot by Ben back in Los Angeles, but the show reminds me. Now Charles Widmore has him on the Island and is all, "The island isn't done with you yet."

Widmore's crew is working on a series of WTF experiments. I quite literally have no idea how to explain them. There's a giant coil, an electric pulse, a white rabbit, and a dude gets burned and dies. Desmond's put into the box with the giant coil next. Widmore says that Desmond is able to survive a large electromagnetic event, and so he'll be fine. Indeed, the electric pulse coil thing happens, and Desmond is all like electrified and stuff, but he survives.

Non-Island Desmond works for Charles Widmore and seems to get along great with him. Charles sends Desmond to fetch the recently-arrested Charlie, whose band is supposed to play at some Widmore event.

As they're driving, Charlie jerks the steering wheel and sends them careening into the harbor. Under the water, Charlie puts his hand up to the window and Desmond gets a déjà vu feeling - and actually sees a flash of Charlie doing the same thing with the whole "Not Penny's Boat" drowning incident on the Island.

At the hospital, Desmond is given an MRI, and sees flashes of memories that... well... didn't happen for him but happened for the Other Desmond. He sees Penny and his son and all that.

Mrs. Widmore is Eloise, and she's as strange and cryptic as ever. My man Daniel Faraday - hells yes! - is Daniel Widmore now - the offspring of Eloise and Charles. He wasn't before, right? He was just Eloise's son, at least that's the only parent we knew. Anyway, he approaches Desmond and shows him some crazy physics equations he recently wrote - only this Daniel is a musician, not a physicist. He asks Desmond, "What if this wasn't supposed to be our life? What if we had some other life and for some reason we changed things?" He must smoke a lot of weed as a musician. Desmond and Daniel discuss their weird déjà vu feelings related to their respective chicks. Daniel tells Desmond that Penny is his half-sister, and where to find her. They meet, and it's adorable, and I remember how much I love Desmond and Penny.

At that moment, we're taken back to the Island, where Desmond has survived his electromagnetic event. He has apparently had those flash-sideways as memories, and now he's all-in on helping Widmore on the Island.

As Desmond's walking through the jungle with Widmore's people, Sayid ambushes them and tells Desmond to follow him.

05 April 2010


Ethan's still unconscious on the sofa. So what did he have exactly? The kind of heart-attack that can be treated with a light nap? Lucky him. The funny thing is that the Chief of Staff and That Sneaky Bald Guy are just going about their nefarious business while Ethan's on the couch, checking on him now and then.

President Pompadour wants to give himself up for the good of mankind, and whacks Jack over the head. MISTAKE! He locks his family, Jack, and Renee into a room and gives himself up. The bad guys stop the bomb with literally 7 seconds left.

Jack breaks out of the room, calls Chloe, and sends Renee and the Pompadour Family to the Air Force Base. His next call is to the President, to let her know That Sneaky Bald Guy is working behind her back, and that President Pompadour gave himself up.

The President catches the Chief of Staff and That Sneaky Bald Guy - hanging around Ethan's body, what else? - and questions them. She even slaps Rob across the face as if he were her son.

The lights come on in CTU and I forgot that they were out - I thought it was just really, really dark in there. It seemed normal to me.

Starbuck, now that she's evil, acts sneaky all the time. Arlo is suspicious, confronts her in the server room (the trunk line? I don't know what that is), and she almost chokes him to death with a computer cord. But he's called away and leaves before she has the chance. Dagger. She was pretty close to racking up a bigger body count than Jack Bauer.

Jack tails President Pompadour and the Bad Guys - in a Hyundai. What happened to a good old American SUV? It's a pretty speedy little car though. There's a chase in a parking garage, and then the Bad Guy drives off of the top floor. The driver looks like a goner, but President Pompadour has been transferred to another vehicle during the chase. Well either that, or he was saved by his Fabulous Hair Airbag. Hairbag.

Jack knows someone at CTU must be tipping the Bad Guys off. He has his stable of bitches - Renee and Chloe - work together to figure it out. It doesn't take them long to figure out it's Starbuck (using the Bad Guy's cell phone), but not before she shoots her way out of CTU. She kills the nice, adorable Security Guard! BITCH!

She shoots her way through the parking garage, Freddie Prinze, Jr. hot on her trail. He busts her ass, and busts it hard. HE IS PISSED! (And this is the most excited I've been so far, I think.) Nothing like betrayal and anger! WOOHOO!

Starbuck wants to see Jack Bauer. Are you sure about that, hon? You really want to meet Jack in an interrogation room? OK, fine. The interrogation room, meanwhile, is really slick. It looks like a spaceship. Starbuck gives lots of Patented Nina Myers looks to the camera, and wants immunity and money in exchange for her information. I am quite happy to finally have a Starbuck-Jack face-off. Because Starbuck rules, dammit, even if Dana Walsh doesn't. She says they better get her some of that sweet, sweet immunity fast because President Pompadour is going to lose his hair - and his head - in about 30 minutes. She gives them the Bad Guys' location.

The Russian President (I guess?) reminds our President - and the audience - that there's a peace treaty at stake here. Great - that giant bore again. The Bad Guys put the Pompadour up on the internet so they can kill him in front of an audience (but not before stalling by listing his crimes!). Good thing that list of crimes was hella long, cuz that was 24 at its best right there, with Jack and Renee sneaking into the Bad Guys' place. They bust in and kill everyone, but unfortunately President Pompadour has already been executed, and the webcast was prerecorded. I'm actually kind of sad that he's dead. Like, really sad. R.I.P. President Pompadour, you sacrificed yourself for America, looked good while doing it, and got a silent clock.

Meanwhile, I thought my Charles Logan was coming back. Next week I guess. He better!

V Returns With Crappier CGI Than Ever

I am quickly getting over this show and its crappy, distracting CGI. Painted backgrounds, obvious green screen. Me no likey special effects on the small screen. HD does it no favors. You know what it looks like sometimes? The Sims, especially when they want to get fancy with camera movements on the alien ship. It looks like a goddamn crappy video game. I hate how fake the inside of the ship looks. I prefer the realism of a Battlestar Galactica.

Wow, I have a lot to bitch about, eh? It's hard to write something up on this show without picking on it. Cuz the rest of it is pretty disjointed.

Morris Chestnut's fiancee is pregnant with his half-alien baby and it's growing pretty quickly, already moving around and making her eat 3 omelets. And then when real food's not enough, the bitch almost snacks on a dead mouse in a mousetrap. LOL! Lizard babies crave dead mice!

The stabbed priest is repaired in a V healing center. He's injected with R6, their alien compound, which is essentially a method of tagging humans.

And Elizabeth Mitchell is still trying to get her dumb son back. She decides to recruit a wanted terrorist to help The Resistance.

Meanwhile, Alien Queen Anna decides to make an army of her own. The old-fashioned way. By doing it. Or the alien version of doing it - which is some weird quickie followed by her eating the dude.

04 April 2010

Movie Reviews: Clash of the Hot Tub Time Machine Titans

Saw a couple movie recently and forgot to post reviews. So quickly:

Clash of the Titans was great, in that it was everything I wanted it to be. It wasn't boring and the special effects weren't bad, and Sam Worthington wore a dress the whole time.

I remember watching the original at the drive-in, and being scared to death of the witches. They're still gross! For me the Pegasus is key, and this Pegasus looked good. I want one!

This is probably why movies are meant to be re-made -- the original effects are so bad now that they're distracting. So why not make a new version that's more realistic? I liked it. Am I going to own it on Blu-Ray? No. But was it a good way to spend an afternoon? Hell yes. There are also some good actors in it - besides Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes, there's also the dude with the bleeding eye from that one James Bond movie and the little fat kid from About a Boy - all grown up.

Hot Tub Time Machine was much the same - everything I expected. It was vulgar, funny, and classic 80s. From the soundtrack to the outfits, what's not to love about the 80s? A good time was had by all.

The Real World: Finale

Wow, it's over already? So what happened during this season, exactly?

Callie, Andrew, and Emily aren't going to let DC forget them - they decide to put on a one-day gallery of their photography, poetry, and paintings. Awesome. Emo poetry at a gallery. I can think of nothing greater. The show is a big deal for Callie, so of course she flips out when Andre doesn't seem focused on it. Booooorrrrring. Stop trying to make this so dramatic.

Mike's dad visits to attend an HRC dinner where Obama is the keynote speaker. Mike, being responsible as ever, gets housed and has a play fight that leaves him with a gash on his nose. Dumbass. Mike's dad is just like his mom was, really great and accepting. Yay acceptance!

Andrew's girlfriend plans to move to Denver with him. That'll work.

Other than that - nothing. Good riddance, The Real World. I won't have to watch you ever again.

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a red carpet look for Heidi. Wow, after last week's inventive challenge, I guess they've run out of ideas.

Maya goes missing... and quits the competition. NOOOOOOO! She literally quits because she doesn't feel like she's ready. What the hell? Just design something and let them kick you out, then. I'm guessing that she wants to be known as "the girl who quit." Did you know quitters never win? Emilio reminds us of that. Ugh. That leaves us with Mila as the only woman and she SUCKS!

Seth Aaron yells at me for judging Maya - this show is a pressure cooker, man, and you can't blame her for quitting. The only consolation: Anthony comes back. Oh hell yes!

Jonathan sets out to make something ugly, since he apparently isn't a good judge of what's good. He's successful, because Heidi doesn't like Jonathan's fabric (she rightfully calls it curtains), so Jonathan starts over at the last minute.

Jay's was well-made, but why does he always insist on making the ass look bigger? He's got to know the judges aren't going to go for that. Mila's dress is so crappy and so NOT red carpet. I LOVED Anthony's and thought Seth Aaron's was OK, but didn't look like Heidi. Jonathan's totally looked like it was made last-second with whatever fabric was leftover. Emilio's was simple, but was so well-made and well-fit and the fabric was awesome.

Winners: Emilio and Anthony! YAY! I love that they couldn't pick which one was better. So Heidi will wear Emilio's dress and Jessica Alba (guest judge) will be wearing Anthony's. Anthony's awesome because now he has a dress on Heidi on Marie Claire magazine and a dress on Jessica Alba. Go Anthony!

Bye-bye: Jonathan. It couldn't have been anyone else. That thing was fugly.

01 April 2010


Part of my suspicious ass was afraid that the return of Fringe would be an April Fool's Joke. I hate April Fool's Day. But no worries -- it's ba-ack -- FINALLY!

It's 1985, and Walter is briefing the military on his window that allows him to look into an alternate universe and copy their very futuristic cell phones. When they cut to the opening credits and they were in a total 80s style, I flipped out!!!! It's Hot Tub Time Machine meets Fringe!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only were the graphic awesomely old school, but the "fringe science" was totally stuff that we have, but 25 years ago would have been unimaginable. Freaking. Epic.

In the present day, Walter brings his alternate universe window to Olivia and explains what happened....

Our Walter would totally watch Other Universe Walter (as he calls him, Walternate - LOL!) in the lab all day, working hard to find a cure for Peter, in the hopes that he could copy it and manufacture a cure for his own sick Peter. He wasn't able to find a cure, obviously, and Peter dies in Walter's arms. SADNESS!!!

Walter brings the Other Universe Window into Peter's room and watches him from the other side. OK, that's a little painful, dude! He even shows his wife! He's trying to comfort them, saying that Peter exists elsewhere and will live on, but of course he fixates on the Other Peter. He watches as Walternate finds a cure, but Walternate is distracted by an Observer in the lab and doesn't realize it's actually a cure. The Observer meets with his bald pals and is all, "My bad" because in trying to observe the moment that Walternate found the cure, he actually disrupted it and prevented it from occurring. So he has to fix this.

Walter's original purpose in going over to the Other Universe was just to cure him - not to kidnap him and make him his own. Walter's partner doesn't want him to do it, and she's all, "For the sake of one life, you will destroy the world." EPIIIIIC LINE!

Although Nina and Walter's partner try to stop him, Walter manufactures the cure and opens up the wormhole (on top of an icy lake) to the Other Universe. When he crosses over, Nina tries to grab him and her arm catches between the worlds, ending up all fuzzy and warpy - the arm that of course she has since lost.

Unfortunately, Walter crosses over only to find that the cure didn't go with him. I don't know, liquid can't travel through the wormhole or something? So now the only way to save Peter is to kidnap him. I like that they did it this way, and not just have Walter specifically plotting to kidnap him. I mean, what else could he do once he saw Sick Peter?

As Walter takes Peter across into our world, the ice breaks and they plunge into the lake. This is the point at which (as we have seen before), The Observer pulls Walter and Peter out and saves their lives. That was his way of fixing the interruption of Peter's cure - making sure he's saved (because he's important), even if it's on this side.

Walter saves Peter, and claims that he'll be returning him to Walternate just as soon as he's stabilized. And that appears to be his actual intention, but once Peter's mother sees Peter alive, it's all over. Gotta keep him now - momma's gonna want him back!

So obviously Peter wasn't returned. Yep, I totally love how they did that. It wasn't Evil Walter plotting to find a way to steal a new son - he was well-intentioned. But of course the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Cliché alert!

There was a lot of backstory packed into this episode and it was amazing. But no food cravings or crazy/funny Walter this week.

This Week's Code: PETERS. With an S! LOVE IT!

Happy Trailer Day

We got 3 great trailers today -- and none of them are April Fool's pranks! It's gonna be a kickass summer!


The A-Team

and MacGruber!

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&from=sp&fg=MsnEntertainment_MoviesTrailersGP2_a&vid=5a75d986-f4be-483c-bfff-06d1c1686bf4" target="_new" title="Exclusive: 'MacGruber' Trailer (Mature Audiences)">Video: Exclusive: 'MacGruber' Trailer (Mature Audiences)</a>