26 April 2010


Jack flies the CGI helicopter he stole from CTU over New York and onto a building. I guess CTU doesn't have orders to shoot him on sight, because they watch him go down the fire escape and out into the streets, where his natural camouflage (leather jacket, Jack Sack) takes effect.

Ethan tells President Taylor that her actions in covering up Russia's dirty deeds are grounds for impeachment and criminal prosecution. So has just about every President on this show left office in disgrace? President Taylor decides he's right and prepares to announce that the U.S. is withdrawing from the peace accord.

But before she can, Charles Logan offers to help save the peace accord by incarcerating and torturing Starbuck for her information. President Taylor agrees to this because, well, she changes her mind based on which way the wind's blowing. Logan gets D.B. Sweeney With a Mustache to take care of Starbuck.

President Taylor tells Ethan that they're back to Plan A and he's all "WTF!? Like, seriously, I can't leave this chick alone for a minute without her changing her mind! I'm going to go have another heart attack and sleep on a sofa for an hour. Screw you guys, I'm going home." Quitter. But who can blame him? This bitch has a split personality.

Jack calls Chloe and demands to see Starbuck, and tells Chloe that the President is covering up what Starbuck knows. But for once Chloe's all about following presidential orders, Jack's wishes be damned. She and Freddie Prinze, Jr. lay a trap to catch Jack by giving him a false location for Starbuck.

There's an old Chinese proverb: "If you can't have Tony Almeida, then Michael Madsen is the next best thing." It's true. He's an old (paranoid, techie) friend of Jack's (and Jack has his number memorized after all this time) and Jack calls him for some favors, mostly of the weapons-procuring variety. This is a match made in heaven, man. I love these 2 old-school tough-guys together!!!!

Jack works his way into what he thinks is the place where Starbuck's being held. I love that, even though the guys there are CTU and know he's coming, Jack's still able to get the jump on them. Also, Jack totally figured out that it was a trap. He has Freddie tell Chloe that the operation was successful and Jack is locked down.

Jack coerces Freddie onto Team Jack, and they work together to get Starbuck from where she's really being held, which is basically a NYC sex dungeon. Let the waterboarding begin!

Too much talky talky politics in this one. More Michael Madsen please!

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Karen said...

Dude, is Michael Madsen even in more episodes? You are way too excited for this guy to be in 3 minutes of 24. But I bet they would be a good pair. jack did say he'd be back for more favors.

1. "I know Chloe and knew it would be a trap." Seriously? I think he's only known Chloe as someone who would break the law a thousand times to help him and choose him over her family... Hmmmm.
2.Freddie and Jack should be good together.
3. Poor President Taylor. I liked the fact that she was an uncompromising President, but I suppose that gets boring over a couple of seasons. She's a loony just like Logan.
4. didn't Logan find Jesus a couple seasons ago?