04 April 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a red carpet look for Heidi. Wow, after last week's inventive challenge, I guess they've run out of ideas.

Maya goes missing... and quits the competition. NOOOOOOO! She literally quits because she doesn't feel like she's ready. What the hell? Just design something and let them kick you out, then. I'm guessing that she wants to be known as "the girl who quit." Did you know quitters never win? Emilio reminds us of that. Ugh. That leaves us with Mila as the only woman and she SUCKS!

Seth Aaron yells at me for judging Maya - this show is a pressure cooker, man, and you can't blame her for quitting. The only consolation: Anthony comes back. Oh hell yes!

Jonathan sets out to make something ugly, since he apparently isn't a good judge of what's good. He's successful, because Heidi doesn't like Jonathan's fabric (she rightfully calls it curtains), so Jonathan starts over at the last minute.

Jay's was well-made, but why does he always insist on making the ass look bigger? He's got to know the judges aren't going to go for that. Mila's dress is so crappy and so NOT red carpet. I LOVED Anthony's and thought Seth Aaron's was OK, but didn't look like Heidi. Jonathan's totally looked like it was made last-second with whatever fabric was leftover. Emilio's was simple, but was so well-made and well-fit and the fabric was awesome.

Winners: Emilio and Anthony! YAY! I love that they couldn't pick which one was better. So Heidi will wear Emilio's dress and Jessica Alba (guest judge) will be wearing Anthony's. Anthony's awesome because now he has a dress on Heidi on Marie Claire magazine and a dress on Jessica Alba. Go Anthony!

Bye-bye: Jonathan. It couldn't have been anyone else. That thing was fugly.

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