30 July 2009

SYTYCD: Elimination

Cat's rocking some majorly green sequins tonight. Oy. It hurts my eyes!

We got repeat performances of the 3 Emmy-nominated routines from last year. Awesome. Good to see Will. Did that hottie get some new tats or do I just not remember them? Plus we got Katee & Twitch & The Door (excellent), Chelsie & Mark, and Chelsie & Joshuaaaaa! Jabberwockeez performed too and they're amazing.

The First Safe Ones: Jeanine (totally agree; I love my girl "Tits") and Brandon (yay!!!!). Spared from the Evan Debacle for now. If it was Evan, I swore I would throw my laptop through my television and become Amish. Evan still may survive, but at least they're making him sweat it out. And now if he survives I'll just vomit, not swear off all electricity.


So it's Tits and Ghostly Pale McGee for the girls and Awesome and Pasty Jackass Loser (*VOMIT*) for the Guys. GO BRANDON!

Comic-Con: Freaks and Geeks

I think I'm done going through photos from Comic-Con. Figured I'd share a little gallery of the geeky highlights.

The day always starts nice and early. With laptops and breakfast on the ground. We met some really interesting people in lines this year - from a 50-year-old lunatic dude, to the chick with 5 o'clock shadow who had been coming to Comic-Con since 1975, to the 6-year-old I watched play video games for an hour.

Alright, let's see what we've got. Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe (along with some loser wannabe).



Rorschach from Watchmen is a Comic-Con staple now.

I loved this dude. He acted out an Alien attack quite nicely.

"A" for effort on the Ghost Rider costume.

I loved these Robot Chicken/Star Wars costumes.

Batman and Batman-related freaks are everywhere. They even ask questions.

But I'd say the Joker is the most popular outfit - girls, boys, everyone wants to be Heath Ledger. This one was the best because he brought his own sidekick.

And now some Star Wars people for my nephew.

(Storm Troopers like cuddly things too.)

These were my favorite people, and they were everywhere on Sunday. "Twilight ruined Comic-Con" - because god forbid girls with cooties show up to the boys club! But meanwhile, I agree with them... and I'm glad we weren't there for the Twilight panel this year. My eardrums are still shattered from last year.

OK, this dude is awesome. He's been there every year I've been there - and he's always asking hysterical questions. And he's always dressed like this - I sure hope he brings spare outfits. I think he's supposed to be like Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing. I love this guy.

The Biggest Nerds of All? The Simpsons writers. Seriously, the people asking questions of them were way cooler.

And finally The Biggest Freak of All - trying out the new PSP Go.

29 July 2009

Comedy of the Year

This random little film, Mystery Team, was at Comic-Con. And it looked hysterical. It's this NYU/UCB comedy team starring as grown-up-kid-detectives.

"Hi, we'd like to buy some cocaine!"

NSFW language. But no one I know works anyway.

SYTYCD: Performances

Posthumous bye-bye: Last week (or last night if you were me catching up on the DVR) we lost Jason and Janette. I was fine with losing Jason, though Evan needs to GTFO. But Janette!? Look, on the one hand I'm feeling vindicated in my early hatred for her and her gums, but on the other hand... she was the best girl! Oy. America stinks.

Now look here, America. If you put Evan into the Final Two Guys, we're going to have a problem.

Sonya did routines for The Boys and The Girls. The choreography in both was killer and the dancing was amazing. Nice.

1. Jeanine and Ade: Samba by Louis van Amstel. They both have big asses so this should be good. Jeanine looked like a slutty peacock. I thought it was sexy. I guess Mary didn't think the technique was very good. I suppose that's why she's the dancer and I'm not. That, and I'm lazy.

2. Melissa and Evan: Broadway by Tyce Diorio. This was Evan's style so I expected a lot more. He's just not enough man to handle a girl. Broadway annoys me and Evan annoys me. I hate how he pulls faces all the time. It was dull.

3. Kayla and Brandon: Contemporary by Some Chick Who Isn't Mia Michaels. It was crazy good. Crazy tough choreography, lots of lifts and carries and jumps. Awesome! Kayla's definitely good, for a bloodless vampire.

4. Jeanine and Ade: Hip Hop by Tabitha and Napoleon. It was buuuuuuuck. That was off the hook, son!

5. Melissa and Evan: Quick Step. Whatever. They're dull.

6. Kayla and Brandon: Disco by That Old Chick. They got the hardest routines for sure. She was upside down the whole damn time.

Bye, Evan. Please?

Stephen Colbert PWNS

Click here for the breaking news.

26 July 2009

Comic-Con: Saturday: Fringe

The Fringe panel was my other Big Thing O' The Day. And it was wonderful. I love that show so damn much, and the cast was great. They seemed very overwhelmed by the support and the number of people there. It was cute! By next year they'll be all hardened and disillusioned, I'm sure. But until then, Joshua Jackson is just about the most adorable, charming thing on the planet.

He's hot, he's funny, he's perfect. But so is my Walter. Oh how I love me some John Noble too. I love the picture Mike got of him when they were signing autographs in the main hall - it just looks like my pensive, adorable Walter.

Here's a quick video of Pacey describing his relationship with Walter... and it's incestuous. I love me some Pacey. I love me some Walter. I love me some BISHOPS!

Comic-Con: Saturday: Chuck

The Chuck panel was quite simply everything I thought it would be. I knew all of the cast members would be appreciative of the fans. They were. I figured they'd be hysterical and have great chemistry on the panel. They did. And I guaran-effing-teed we'd get a live performance by Jeffster. And they rocked the house with "Fat Bottomed Girls". So great.

I have far too many great photos. The panel was so much fun. The cast was beyond appreciative of the fans and their efforts to keep the show - I think Zachary Levi teared up!! Joshua Gomez was rocking a huge beard... and pink underwear.

As audience members asked questions/suggested things for Season 3, the writers would take down what they were saying, joking that they needed the ideas. They said Awesome is going to be pulled into the spy world now that he knows about Chuck. And they've got a new website at http://chuckmeout.com/.

The energy was great; they were all funny; and Chuck and Morgan are real-life BFFs - nothing makes me happier!

Here are a few short Jeffster vids, if you're into that kind of thing. Which you SHOULD BE!

25 July 2009

Comic-Con: Friday Part 2

Disney/Pixar panel. Lots of 3-D here, and for the first time they actually showed things in 3-D at Comic-Con. They're going to release Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3-D for 2 weeks in October. Then Toy Story 3 in June. Andy's going off to college! They are also re-releasing Beauty and the Beast in 3-D for Valentine's Day. It was cool seeing those clips - I used to be obsessed with that movie.

Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Rachel McAdams (Girl Crush #2 of the Day). [Jude Law is in it too, but thankfully they spared me his dumb ass.] RDJ is the King of Comic-Con now. He just is. And he's funny and cocky and awesome and loves it. I'm all in for this movie. Guy Ritchie + RDJ = great humor. It's funny, it's got action, it just looks great.

9. This is a super cool-looking, quirky little animated movie produced by Tim Burton and starring Elijah Wood and Jennifer Connelly (Girl Crush #3 of the Day). It's post-apocalyptic again - but this time with these stitched up burlap sack characters who were given life. Much like other Tim Burton animated films, this just has a really cool vibe and I think it'll be a good adult (PG-13) animated film.

District 9. Now this was my S right here. I've been looking forward to this movie for a while. But here's the thing - I evidently had no idea what it's really about. I mean, I thought I had it figured out, but we saw 7 minutes of footage and they showed so much more! I'm not going to give anything away - you'll have to see it. I can't wait for more!! The main plot looks amazing. Mindblowing, honestly.

Peter Jackson produced District 9 and showed up to Comic-Con for the first time ever! Grown men were squeeing. There were too many erections to count. And I was shocked by how skinny he is!! The only other bit of news he gave was that they're still working on the script for The Hobbit, so there hasn't been any casting yet. And it looks like it'll be 2 movies.

Well, that's it for Comic-Con for Friday. I'm beat. I need to get some sleep before getting up at 6 AM to do this all over again.

Comic-Con: Friday Part 1

I stayed in Hall H today for all of the movie presentations. Here's a quick rundown.

Where the Wild Things Are. Looks amazing. And the author, Maurice Sendak, is 100% behind the movie. He's so excited about it that I have to be too. I was skeptical with the initial trailer, but the clips they showed today looked great. Only the kid from the movie showed up; you don't need a photo of his unknown ass.

The Book of Eli. Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, and Gary Oldman star in a post-apocalyptic thriller directed by The Hughes Brothers. It looks every bit as cool as that sounds. Denzel was the man. He dropped the N-bomb, he said working with Gary Oldman was like good sex. The cast seemed to have a blast filming and were all funny and cool.

A Nightmare on Elm Street starring Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy. Another classic-horror-film-remake, but with JEH, it has to be good, right? The clips they showed sure looked scary. They finished filming 2 weeks ago and said it's more scary and less jokey (like the recent ones had gotten).

The Box. From the director of Donnie Darko, starring James Marsden and Cameron Diaz. This movie looks spooky and bizarre. It's about a box that contains a button - if you press it, you get $1 million... but someone has to die. Then I suppose from there there are even worse consequences. It looked good.

Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin and Megan Fox (Girl Crush #1 of the Day). They just finished 2 days ago. It's a supernatural Western with zombies. I usually hate slow, boring Westerns, so count me in. Josh Brolin looks amazing, kind of like he was in Grindhouse.

Legion starring Paul Bettany, Doug Jones, and Tyrese Gibson. OK, so I have no idea how this movie is going to end up. It's "angels with machine guns." It's about the Angel Michael coming down from heaven to save a chick's unborn baby. Meanwhile the Angel Gabriel is this badass with huge black wings (Kevin Durand from Lost) who has a huge fight with Michael. It's essentially the army of God coming down to kill everyone. It looks cool, but I know these things can backfire. I'm hopeful. The director and Paul Bettany are working on another project for 2010 called Priest, which I believe is based on a graphic novel. They love their religious themes, clearly.

24 July 2009

Storm Troopers Need Cheetos Too

God, I love this place.

The Soup: So Meaty!

The Soup Gods were with me on Thursday. Our flight was delayed by 40 minutes. We had to run to Comic-Con to get our passes and then drive to Los Angeles. There was traffic. I wasn't hopeful that it would work out. But we got to the studio about half an hour after we were told to... and yet they hadn't started yet. BRILLIANT!

It was so fun watching a taping. First off, Joel McHale is of course hysterical and kept the audience going during breaks with his stand-up and just generally being funny. It took about an hour for them to tape and they did it in the order you see on TV. The audience is of course encouraged to oooo and ahhhh and laugh - and I got in a nice groan after "So Meaty!" which was basically a dream come true.

Joel was ultra-caffeinated. He sucked down 2 4-shot iced Starbucks while we were there. The audience was probably about 30 people, and he shook everyone's hands and took pictures after. He also likes to give the finger a lot; who knew?

When we took this picture he had just asked if Mike was my boyfriend. When we said he was my husband, he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me. So that's why I was laughing.

Then I got to meet The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Tom McNamara. As much as I love Joel - and I do - I've been watching Tom since the Greg Kinnear days of Talk Soup. Only like one other person took a picture with him; these people don't know what they're missing. He was really nice and this picture is just quintessential Tom to me. I love it so.

23 July 2009

Muir Woods and the Napa Valley

Muir Woods was gorgeous. It must be nice to have this lovely oasis right outside of San Francisco. It's hard to capture how tall the redwoods are - but if you look closely you can see Mike and me at the base of some of these photos!

After that we went to Wine Country. Honestly, I'm glad we just did 2 days in Napa Valley. There's only so much wine tasting I can take. A lot of the wineries look the same and I don't even really like "good" wine. Luckily, we found some great Gew├╝rztraminer and Riesling. And we were sure to visit the cool-looking wineries.

This rich dude has it right. Why live in Italy when you can build your own medieval castle in America? That way you can still enjoy Cheez Whiz and Hollywood films whilst having your own torture chamber. He imported all of the bricks, and lots of the furniture and decor inside is authentic. Plus they make good wine. It's INSANE.

And finally, my Artistic Shots of the Day.