03 July 2009

SYTYCD: Elimination

Cat really turns it out for elimination shows. Nice slutty, silver, snakeskin tank dress, my dear. Goes with your slutty hair.

Bottom Three Couples:

This time I didn't think it was clear who should go home. To be honest, I only thought one couple wasn't great. I thought the short stumpies should have gone based on this week's performances. But they were safe and instead it was:

Karla and Vitolio

Kayla and Kupono

Jeanine and Phillip

OK. These were actually all quite shocking. I mean, overall I guess Karla and Vitolio aren't as good, but those last 2 couples? No way did they deserve to be there. It's going to get tougher to eliminate people from here on out.

Though it was nice to see Phillip do a solo. His style is amazing.

Bye-bye: Karla and Vitolio. I'm OK with that; they weren't going to get much farther.

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