03 July 2009

SYTYCD: Performances

Guest Judge: Mia Michaels. And of course the first question to her is basically, Have you changed your opinion on Brandon? Yes, she has.

1. Janette and Brandon: Cha Cha Cha by Jean-Marc Généreux. God I hate Janette's hair. It was high energy and really good. They can pretty much do any style, can't they?

2. Kayla and Kupono: Contemporary by Sonya. Because it's Sonya, it's crazy and intense and about vampires. Sonya's an amazing choreographer, and they were so good!! It was pretty damned perfect.

3. Randi and Evan: Broadway by Some New Chick. Their short, stumpy selves did fine, it was just hella boring. Not their fault.

4. Caitlin and Jason: Jazz by Some Bald Dude. It was crazy and over-the-top, this alien-impregnation routine. Her costume freaking sucked, but the dance was cool.

5. Jeanine and Phillip: Hip Hop by Tabitha and Napoleon. OH HELLS YES! It's like the perfect trifecta. It was a good routine, plus they had to dance it while chained to each other. Dancing with props looks tough. Nicely done, kids.

6. Melissa and Ade: Pas de Deux by Some Foreign Dude. It's great for Melissa because she's a ballerina and it had to be done en pointe. It was quite lovely; they've never done ballet before on this show.

7. New partners Karla and Vitolio: Quick Step by Jean-Marc Généreux. They did great! That's always the toughest dance style and they were so (unexpectedly) good. I was amazed.

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