29 August 2009

Project Runway

Pregnancy Challenge! The designers have to make something for a still-pregnant (yeah, about 2 years ago) Rebecca Romijn. I always thought Rebecca was the Cutest Pregnant Chick Ever. She definitely gives Heidi a run for her money.

Mitchell is my #1 Cute Gay. I loved when he called R'amon's dress a bowling bag -- and didn't mean for it to sound like an insult. Too bad his designs always end up a bust.

My Girl Crush Shirin's dress was gorgeous and a really gorgeous color. Plus she did this coat with a freaking gorgeous printed lining. YAY Shirin!

I liked Christopher's too. Epperson's jumpsuit was crazy because, well, it was a jumpsuit. At least it was something different from all of the flowy, drapey things. But I liked the flowy, drapey things too. Lots of cute stuff.

Malvin's design looked like one of those baby slings, but you put your tummy in it instead of a baby. Weird. Mitchell's shorts and top were a hot mess. Poor kid. I like you, but your execution sucks a big one.

Winner: Shirin. Duh. It was amazingly gorgeous.

Bye-bye: Malvin. Mitchell has one more week to redeem himself. Better prove it, baby!

Top Chef: Las Vegas

For the Quickfire Challenge, the chefs rolled dice to get the number of ingredients they could use. Michael (one of The Brothers) and his perpetually-sunburned face won.

For the Elimination Challenge, it's Boys vs. Girls in cooking for a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party. Dishes must be paired with shots, natch. The good thing about a Boys vs. Girls challenge is that now we can clearly know which of those boy-looking-girls are actual girls. Turns out, it's all of them.

If I never see octopus get cooked again, it'll be too soon. Douchechills. We also saw some weird- and yet yummy-looking guacamole meringues with corn nut crumbs. Awesome twist on chips and dip. And I really want that chilled cream of almond and cucumber soup. And the apple sorbet with goat cheese cookie. Mmmm... goat cheese cookie.

The guacamole dude won. Yeah, that was definitely a cool, good-looking dish.

Bye-bye: Eve, whom Mike nicknamed "Special Needs". Yeah, she was a little spacey.

23 August 2009

Top Chef: Las Vegas

For this season, we're in Las Vegas, and evidently everyone has some kind of culinary award. Well that's a good way to get rid of the bottom feeders and the soccer moms. But because it's in Vegas, we get showgirls and gambling references and poker chips as rewards. Maryland's representing: there's at least one person from Baltimore and a dude from Frederick, of all places. We've also got 2 brothers who look an awful lot alike and a few chicks who look like dudes.

The first challenge is one of those relay races where they have to shuck clams, clean lobsters, and butcher chops. One chick was bleeding all over the place. Yum.

Elimination Challenge: Cook a dish based on a vice you have. This would be easy for me - I could make anything, as long as it's food, that's my vice. It would likely involve flour, butter, and chocolate.

I like big, old Hector, the Lumberjack-looking dude, and the Haitian dude. The Haitian works down here, so I'll have to check out his restaurant some time.

Guest Judge Wolfgang Puck was great. He should always be on this show - he was funny and throwing donuts around.

Best part of the show? Gail's fat arms are back. She was too thin last season. I like my Gail curvy!

Bye-bye: Jen. At least I think that was her name. She had those huge holes in her earlobes and a massive tattoo at the front of her neck. And she cooked with wheat gluten instead of meat. Bye, weirdo!!!

22 August 2009

Project Runway

Yay for a new season of Project Runway! I hope things aren't any different now that it's on Lifetime, the Network for Bitter Housewives.

Ra'mon went to med school for neurosurgery and changed his mind. Holy crap. That's a big change.

I have a girl crush developing on Shirin (Miss Farci) - she's hot. I like Johnny's recovering meth addict ass - way to freak out under pressure, dude. He's a man after my own heart, thinking he's a failure before he's even begun to sew.

I like Christopher and his lack of formal fashion education. I want him to hook up with Mitchell. Badly.

Guest Judge: As they say on The Soup, It's Lindsay! Yes, none other than Ms. Lohan, the red-headed version. I suppose being in L.A. might meant more celebrities, which is cool.

The designers had to make a red carpet dress that showcased their point of view. I liked Christopher's, Shirin's, Ra'mon's and Johnny's the best. Ari's thing was a freaking joke - the top was like a silky soccer ball and she's wearing it over shorts. Nice red carpet look. Weirdo.

Winner: Christopher. YAY!

Bye-bye: Ari. I'm glad they didn't just keep her because she's "quirky" -- cuz she really sucked.

Project Runway: All Stars Challenge

Here are your All-Stars: Jeffrey and this horrible new 70's biker moustache, Daniel V, Korto, Uli, Chris March(yay!), Mychael (used-to-be Michael) Knight, Sweet P, and my man Santino. There are a lot of tattoos here.

The designers have to make a mini-collection of 3 looks. And here I was hoping "mini collection" meant couture for midgets. (Wouldn't that be awesome by the way!?) And they have to include a red carpet dress for Nicole Kidman. Well, it's for "the premiere of Nine" so maybe some anonymous assistant will be wearing it. But Nicole asked for it (via video, natch).

I still love Santino and his arrogant joning on everyone. I still love Chris and his constantly-falling-asleep ass.

Of course they throw them a last-minute challenge as well - they have to design a 4th look using materials from the restaurant they have dinner in.

Runway Verdicts:
Santino: boring (but I liked the restaurant dress)
Mychael: horrific
Uli: dull, awesome restaurant dress
Chris: ugh, does he even try? It's like he wrapped gray blankets around the chicks. Michael Kors liked it though, what do I know?
Korto: loved the most
Daniel: horrific, except for the last one, which I really liked. What was that sporty crap he was bringing out before it? The judges were all in love with him though.
Jeffrey: dull and messy at the same time
Sweet P: loved hers second-most, especially the adorable restaurant dress (minus the neckline).

Winner: Daniel. I think Michael Kors and Tim Gunn want to bang Daniel, that's what I think. Tim was flirting with him, I swear, and Michael was metaphorically up his ass. He is a pretty cute gay.

21 August 2009

Inglourious Basterds Is Glourious

This movie is AMAZING! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! I don't even know what to say about it. I loved it so much. I wish it were longer.

It's Quentin Tarantino's version of WWII and it's pretty much how you'd expect: violent, darkly funny, and talky. The dialogue is amazing. What's even better is that much of it is in German or French with subtitles. I really loved that about the movie. It's amazing that QT's great talent for writing dialogue can still come through in another language.

Brad Pitt is great in this. I'll be talking like him all weekend now. The movie has that constant undercurrent of humor and also that "WTF!?" kind of reaction that Tarantino's outlandish scenes always have. It's really just fabulous. I feel speechless. Most of the cast is unknown and they're all great. The main villain in this - played by Christoph Waltz (no relation) - is INCREDIBLE!!! He's only been in German films before and he's just outstanding. Creepy and funny and deadly and scary and multilingual. He looks like a cross between Robert Knepper and Tim Roth. He's so good, I wanted to see more of him.

There really should be a lot more of this movie. I wanted more exploits of the Inglourious Basterds and more of The Jew Hunter. There simply wasn't enough.

Great movie. Amazing dialogue. Crazy ending. Loved it and can't wait to see it again!! It's fun, OK? Killing Nazis is fun!

19 August 2009

Welcome to the Future, My Friends

Kudos, CBS. Kudos. Too bad I don't live in New York or El Ay.
Broadcast network CBS will be advertising its fall TV season with a video-chip ad embedded in an issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The September 18 issue of the Time Inc.-owned magazine will feature the first video ad to appear in print, George Schweitzer, CBS marketing president, said Wednesday at a press conference at the company's headquarters here.

The ad will be launched in partnership with PepsiCo to promote Pepsi Max soda and the TV network's Monday prime-time lineup. Not everyone will be seeing it: the ad will appear in a magazine insert sent to subscribers in the New York and Los Angeles areas--an edition without the video chip will be sent to subscribers elsewhere and show up on newsstands.

The technology for the battery-powered ads was manufactured by a Los Angeles-based company called Americhip, and each ad can handle about 40 minutes of video.

Here are some more details about the Americhip technology: the screen, which is 2.7 millimeters thick, has a 320x240 resolution. The battery lasts for about 65 to 70 minutes, and can be recharged, believe it or not, with a mini USB cord--there's a jack on the back of it. The screen, which uses thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD) technology, is enforced by protective polycarbonate.


14 August 2009


Yeah, it was awesome. Every bit as awesome as I wanted it to be. I'm a happy, geeky movie fan right now. But the problem is, I don't want to say too much; you're going to have to take my word for it.

I don't know how much reviews or commercials have given away about this movie - I've been on Media Blackout since Comic-Con. And at Comic-Con we saw a lot of what happened in the movie -- stuff the trailers never gave away. But even though I knew some of what would probably have been a really, really hella kick-ass surprise, I'm still fine with knowing it in advance because it got me all the more excited to finally see it.

Vague review is vague. So I'll just say the style of this film blew my mind. When I left I felt all disoriented because I'd swear I was really there, in South Africa, in the alien slums, in the firefights. Some of it was documentary-style, some of it had a real first-person feel. And none of it looked fake. I'm telling you -- it seemed so real. There are entire scenes with aliens talking/interacting with humans, and the aliens seemed very real. And these aren't even humanoid aliens - they're called "prawns" because that's what they look like. And they don't speak English - everything is subtitled. And yet even with all of that, they seemed very real. So I'd say that's a feat right there. I think these aliens were even more realistic than Gollum.

The lead actor in this - a total unknown and, if I remember correctly from Comic-Con, a relatively inexperienced actor - is amazing. Sharlto Copley really captures the transformation of this mild-mannered, kind of geeky government official who discovers what's really happening to the aliens, and just... it's amazing. The ordeal his character goes through over the course of this film is part of why I got so sucked in and forgot where I was. It's great stuff. He should be nominated for an Oscar.

This has got to be the most visually-stunning, inventive, awe-inspiring, intense movie of the year. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Ebert.

12 August 2009

The Cute, Skinny One Got Knocked Up

Kim Kardashian is going to be an aunt – her older sister Kourtney is expecting her first child, a source tells PEOPLE.

"Yes, it's true. She is [pregnant]," says the source.

No details about the pregnancy or the baby's father were released.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 30 – whose spin-off show with younger sister Khloe, Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, premieres Sunday – was previously linked to Scott Disick.

The on-again, off-again couple reportedly broke up in January, but have been spotted spending time together since then. The two hung out in the Hamptons in July, where they enjoyed dinner and, according to a source, Disick introduced Kardashian as his girlfriend when a pal stopped by their table.

And then he proceeded to bang it out without protection.

Meanwhile, I know next-to-nothing about these chicks, but I would've sworn this one was the youngest.

Legion Red Band Trailer

This is the trailer for the sure-to-be-so-epically-bad-it's-awesome movie Legion. That's the "angels with machine guns" movie I saw previewed at Comic-Con. This is the trailer we saw, in all of its R-rated (language, semi-violence) glory. Enjoy.

10 August 2009

24 Casting News: HELLS YES! PART 2

Katee Sackhoff won't be alone, as it turns out.

Another Battlestar Galactica star is set to join the eighth season of 24, but unlike Katee--who joins the show as a systems analyst for the revived CTU--this one appears on the other side of the fence. Callum Keith Rennie, who played Cylon infiltrator Leoben Conoy, will play Russian syndicate mobster Vladimir Laitanan.

"We love this actor," executive producer Brannon Braga told TV Guide Magazine, adding that the character is expected to debut in the sixth or seventh episode of season 8, which premieres in January next year.

What a coincidence - I love this actor too. He's a great bad guy - I'm excited! It makes up for Freddie Prinze, Jr.


09 August 2009

This Weekend's Movie Theme: The Military

We started the day at the local multiplex intending to see The Hurt Locker. But it wasn't on the board. The theater employee told us that there was a "projection problem" and it wasn't showing. Look, kid, I grew up in The Business, OK? Nice try. I know that what you really needed was another theater to show G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in because dumb, trashy American idiots can't get enough of that movie, so might as well kick out the good indie film in favor of some retarded movie. Why yes, thank you, I'll take 2 for G.I. Joe.

We were going to see it later in the day anyway. I went in with low expectations, hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I wasn't. It sucked.

Let me start at the end: a Black Eyed Peas song plays over the closing credits. Is that enough for you? No? OK, how about bad acting, bad special effects, a really bad script, purposeless flashbacks that I suppose are meant to provide "character development" but instead only provide "obvious foreshadowing", and a trailer that gave away every single action sequence in the movie. Awesome. Channing Tatum is a horrific actor, and he didn't take his shirt off enough to warrant him being in this movie. He needs to be in the next Fast & Furious movie - he'd fit right in there. And I'd watch it.

After that abomination, we headed downtown to watch The Hurt Locker, at long last. And it was amazing. I don't usually even like war movies, but this was different. There was this crazy tension throughout - you really feel the tension that these soldiers have to feel at all times. They're always on alert and can't relax until they've made it back to base camp. The story centers around a bomb squad unit, but these guys don't just disarm bombs. They do sniper stuff, clear buildings - they do it all. And it really is amazing. I'm a big Jeremy Renner fan. I really loved him in 28 Weeks Later and he's the reason I watched (and miss) The Unusuals on TV. Anthony Mackie is great in it too - totally reminds me of Chiwetel Ejiofor.

There was definitely some of the clichéd war-movie stuff, but the movie was done so well. It really felt like you were in on the action, as if it was a documentary at times. See it!

07 August 2009

B&C Duh Moment of the Week

Cocaine was a contributing factor in the death of TV pitchman Billy Mays, according to an autopsy report issued Friday by Hillsborough County, Florida. Mays was found dead at age 50 in his home near Tampa on June 28. Mays, with his booming voice, was famous for fronting products such as OxiClean and Orange Glo in TV commercials.

The autopsy also found low concentrations of ethyl alcohol "consistent with social consumption of a few beverages" as well as the narcotic drugs hydrocodone, oxycodone and tramadol.

In addition, the tests found evidence of two tranquilizers -- alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium) -- which are commonly prescribed for a variety of ailments, including anxiety and insomnia.

No, really? He seemed so mellow and not at all hopped up on a million different pills and cocaine.

SYTYCD: Even More Reason to Love Jeanine

As if I needed a reason other than her hair, boobs, and dancing ability (yes - in that order), I just read this:

According to an exclusive interview with TV Guide Magazine, last year Jeanine was diagnosed with Pigmented Villondular Synovitis (PVNS) a rare diseases which creates inflammation in the joint linings. While the disease often attacks the knees, Jeanine's first symptoms were in her left elbow, which she could not straighten. Over the past year and a half, Jeanine had two surgeries and radiation treatment to treat the illness, something she never discussed on air or during her time on So You Think You Can Dance.

Jeanine has decided to donate some of her $250,000 winnings to an Alzheimer Charity she started with her sister in the memory of her grandfather who died with the illness.

06 August 2009

SYTYCD Finale: Results

Cat's wearing another of her signature short belted/draped tunic dresses. I'm surprised she didn't do some crazy, long, embellished formal thing. She kinda looks like she just got out of the shower or something. Whatever, she's still hot.

Wow, so I couldn't name half of those people in the Top 20 group performance. Aside from that we got the Judges' Favorite Routines. All I can think is, You know all of the finalists have to be represented - what's going to be Evan's "best" routine?

Well, they picked one of those Stumpy dances - the one that featured Randi's butt more than Evan. We got Jeanine and Brandon 3 times, baby!

Bye-bye the First: Kayla. Wow. She's so great and she's 4th!? Crazy. And that means I'm one step closer to leaving the good ol' US of A....

Bye-bye the Second: Evan. I screamed. And I mean screamed with happiness. This is awesome because either Jeanine or Brandon will win and now I can just enjoy the rest of the show. It's just such a relief. Bye, hon.

Runner-Up: Brandon.

America's Favorite Dancer: Jeanine.


05 August 2009

SYTYCD Finale: Performances

Finale! Already! Ugh. That's OK - we get a Fall season.

Cat's looking gorgeous, in a dress style that I totally associate with her - a sparkly, belted-tunic-type thing. Plus rocking hair and ultra-high heels. Love it.

Guest Judge: Adam Shankman. Which is perfect because he's a great judge, and it leaves Mia Michaels to choreograph something. Actually, we got all the greatest choreographers tonight!

I'm prepared for Evan to be hella awkward. I can't even imagine what he'll look like paired up with Brandon.

The group dance was choreographed by Wade Robson. It was a cute little peppy little cheerleader/jock number.

Jeanine and Evan: Jazz by Sonya. It actually fit them really well. I thought Jeanine was amazing, and Evan wasn't bad (which is a huge compliment from me). LOL that Evan could jump up on her back.

Brandon's solo was athletic and crazy. Mary cried with pride.

Kayla and Brandon: Broadway by Tyce. It was tough and energetic and fun and they were amazing. Kayla looked fierce too with her long blonde ponytail.

Jeanine did this great kind of solo-tango thing with amazing pirouettes, and kept the Tits under wraps. You know, she really has gotten better every week, and made her partners even better every time. She should maybe win because of that. Hell, she made Evan look OK tonight.

Evan and Brandon: Pop Jazz by Laurieann Gibson to "Nasty" by Janet Jackson. Oh hells yes that song got me pumped!!! Brandon hit the stuff WAAAY harder and was better, as I expected. I guess Evan wasn't horrible. It's just that standing next to Brandon is a problem. And Evan's alleged "adorableness" gets in the way of trying to act "nasty." The judges said as much, so now I'm afraid Soccer Moms and Claymates are going to vote in droves for Evan.

Kayla and Jeanine: Contemporary by Mia Michaels. Wow, they were great. I think Janine wins this round because her movements seemed a lot bigger to me. I'm pretty much in love with Janine tonight.

Evan's solo was exactly what you'd expect. Sweaty pits, flips, and Broadway faces. I mean, he's talented, but just annoying and pasty. And dull compared to these others, frankly. And he hasn't grown. Thank you, Nigel. That's the real issue - no growth or reaching outside of his style. Great, now that the judges were down on him again, his votes just doubled.

Kayla and Evan: Jive by Tony & Melanie. OK, so they totally threw Evan a bone here. It's clearly his style and about the only thing he can handle. It was set to country music. Great. Middle American Claymates love country music. It was fine. It was his style, which annoys me. Adam said it didn't reach the level of the other performances. Agree! Mary slayed him. Everyone booed and started a cheer for Evan. Goddammit, judges, you're making America vote for him!!!

Kayla's solo was good, but pretty standard Kayla stuff. I think Janine's the only one who really came out and did something different.

Jeanine and Brandon: Paso Doble by The French Dude. Way to save the best for last!! That was CRAZY. GOOD. Way to show them how it's done, guys!!

Please, America, come through for me. Mike can only press "Redial" so much. I thought for sure I wanted Brandon to win, but after tonight I can't decide between Brandon and Jeanine now!! Jeanine might deserve it more. Hell, even if Kayla wins I'd be OK. Evan on the bottom or DIE.

03 August 2009

Another Girl Crush Bites The Dust

In a picture perfect East Coast wedding, Heroes actress Ali Larter wed her longtime actor beau Hayes MacArthur at his family estate in Kennebunkport, Maine on Saturday evening, her rep confirms exclusively to PEOPLE.

Under a canopy of trees late in the afternoon, the bride, 33, dazzled in a Vera Wang sweetheart neck, A-line gown of Chantilly with hand-pieced corded lace appliqué, while her groom, 32, wore a Ralph Lauren Black Label peak-lapel tuxedo and Polo Ralph Lauren bow tie.

Larter walked down a grassy aisle lined with purple, pink and white flowers and carried a simple matching bouquet as guests looked on.

Excuse me while I stare at that first picture some more. It's freaking amazingly gorgeous. Oh Ali, I love you so much.

02 August 2009

I Love Golf

It was another boring day of watching golf. Until I heard The Greatest Thing I've Ever Heard. I had to rewind it several times. Watch and enjoy. Tiger clearly did. DO YOU THINK IT WAS TIGER!?

ETA: Screw you CBS for removing the video. Can we find no joy in a simple fart anymore? Boo.