30 September 2007

Greatest Dining Experience Ever?

I think I can safely say, without my trademark exaggeration, that I had the Greatest Dining Experience Of All Time last night. Or at least the Greatest 2 1/2 Hour Meal Of My Life.

We went to Talula in Miami Beach. I made reservations for the food bar which sits on the kitchen so you can see all the action. It was truly food theater (or, to put it in terms I can understand, a reality show). There was comedy ("Don, you're on fire!") and drama (The Executive Chef didn't like the soup they had made, so we had to order something else. Later, the soup was acceptable and we got to try it.). After about 20 minutes you really get into the rhythm of the kitchen. The waiter gave me the details on each chef - the oldest one was 22!!

me: Pan Seared Diver Sea Scallop on a Roasted Butternut Squash Griddle Cake, Green Lentil-Cashew & Smoked Ham Cassoulet with Sherry Spiked Crema
Mike: Wahoo Ceviche with Caviar, and we got to try the soup which was a Roasted Fennel, Apple, and Bacon Bisque

me: Preserved Lemon and Thyme Baked Local Black Grouper with Roasted Garlic-Black Peppercorn Gnocchi, Baby Spinach, and Pancetta-Tomato Jus. (I almost jumped over the bar and married Don right there on the spot for this dish. AMAZING!)
Mike: Wild Alaskan Salmon that had arrived 3 hours before. (Don't know the deets on this one - it was a special.)

me: a Smore that was amazing - I need to invest in a blowtorch to duplicate this at home
Mike: Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding with Peanut Butter Ice Cream.

We'll be back there in a month when Houman comes to visit - definitely my favorite Miami restaurant now!!

29 September 2007

Classic B&C Audio

Follow this link for the 911 call made by Freddie Wilhite after he shot his wife. Classic stuff from a few months back. I'm posting it now because:

1) I need to move that C farther down the page, and
2) I've been quoting it all day: "she entiiiiiced me"; "that's it baby"; "This is Freddie Wilhite".

Also, I just found his mugshot and I gotta say - that's exactly how I pictured him.

27 September 2007

B&C Hatred of the Week

I hate this C Kate Walsh. I've never watched a frame of Grey's Anatomy and I never will. So naturally I won't watch her new crappy show. But that doesn't mean I'm not fit to judge her.

I don't care about your wedding. I don't care about how hot you think you are even though you're 40. She's old, mannish, annoying, and totally bitchy. Look at that smirk on her face - I want to bite it off. People like this don't deserve good self-esteem. God I hate this C.

B&C Hottie of the Week

Good Lord, Carrot Top is more of a cartoon than ever. Sick.

As If I Didn't Watch Enough Crap Already

Someone in my house is gonna be a little siced for this...
NBC is bringing back Knight Rider, tapping Doug Liman to produce a Transformers-inspired reworking of the 1980s hit action-drama series about a man and his indestructible supercar.

NBC is readying a two-hour backdoor pilot for the project, with tentative plans to air it as a telepic later this season. Liman is open to the idea of directing, assuming his feature sked allows. If the telepic clicks, a new-model Knight Rider could be on the air as early as next fall.

Success of Transformers had a role in inspiring NBC Entertainment chief Ben Silverman's decision to revive Knight. The thinking is that smallscreen f/x have advanced to the point where it'd be feasible to have a weekly series in which cars shift shapes.

It's also likely the new show will explore the idea of "evil" cars to offset the heroic talking K.I.T.T. car of the original skein, which starred David Hasselhoff.

Oh now that's just B.S. - shape-shifting cars! Don't F with the Knight Rider mysticism!!!

25 September 2007

Happy Halo Day!

Halo fans are sooooo butch!

This Is Surprising

Really, I think this is a shock. I always thought Kiefer could handle his liquor. And that he takes his drunkenness out on Christmas trees, not in a car.
TMZ has learned that 24 star Kiefer Sutherland was busted on suspicion of DUI in West Hollywood last night, after allegedly blowing more than twice the legal limit of .08. This is the actor's second DUI in the past five years -- he was arrested in 2004. By California law, if he's convicted, he must serve a mandatory minimum of five days in jail.

Police sources tell TMZ 40-year-old Sutherland was pulled over around 1:35 AM PST on the corner of La Cienega and Beverly. Sutherland was at the FOX Fall Eco-Casino party at Area nightclub earlier that evening.

Sutherland, who was stopped after making an illegal U-turn, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI and transported to the Hollywood Police station. He was booked at 4:09 AM and released at 5:42 AM on $25,000 bail.

We're told Sutherland was "cooperative and mellow" while he was in custody.

According to the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. website, the actor is 5'10" and weighs 150 lbs.

Sutherland is scheduled to face a judge on October 16.

B&C League Report: Week 3

Only Mehaf is undefeated. Mary and Josh were made for each other at the bottom of the barrel.

24 September 2007

Heroes Save My Monday Night

The second season premiere of Heroes didn’t disappoint. Great set-up and teases. Welcome back, my friend.

We got a bunch of new faces. We meet Honduran twins Maya and Alejandro who are running to America. When they are separated, the people around Maya die. But it’s not clear how. It seems her power doesn’t work, or she can't control it, when her brother is around.

There’s a new Company guy named Ned Ryerson. Or at least that’s what I’m calling him after his character in Groundhog Day. ("Phil? Phil Connors?") He wants to work with Mohinder (who’s infiltrating the Company for Bennet), and he can turn stuff to gold. Now there’s a power I can get behind.

Our last new hero is another flyer – Claire’s new bf in Cali.

R.I.P. Sulu. Someone from the older group of heroes is threatening (and killing) the rest of them. Mama Petrelli is next on the list. (Incidentally, this is pretty much the plot of the graphic novel Watchmen.)

The Bennet family has relocated to California, where Mr. Bennet is a humiliated Copy Kingdom worker. So sad. But he ultimately threatens his younger Manager and things are looking up for him. The dinner table scene was pretty funny.

Matt is now NYPD, and a good one too! He’s playing My Two Dads with Molly and Mohinder. That’s pretty hysterical – the concept of all of them living together as a family. I wonder if the teachers at school think Matt and Mohinder are a gay couple. Matt is definitely a bear.

As for those Petrelli boys, Nathan’s walking around like Ron Burgundy after he was fired ("Milk was a bad choice!") and Peter’s in a box. Yes, he is literally the man in the box – some cargo container on a ship – and he doesn’t know who he is.

Great set-up; can’t wait for the rest of the season!

Fantasy Football Report

Wide Stance squeaked by Mac and Cheese in a 96-90 victory. This is in spite of my bonehead move of sitting Romo because I thought the Bears had some type of defense. Also in spite of the fact that my kicker scored more than my defense (welcome to Baltimore).

McLovin is beating Ron Mexico 127-81. Can Drew Brees make up those points for Ronnie tonight? If not, he'll be joining his fiancee in the land of 0-3.

ManBearPig needs his kicker to work overtime in order to beat Grillz, currently up 99-82.

SexPanther needs Vince Young to have a bomb game in order to beat KMo, who is up 106-78.

And finally, yesterday Peterskin showed who's the man in that house, beating HotMama 62-56, and he still has Reggie Bush to play tonight.

21 September 2007

I'm Still Obsessed With Britney

I really love these glasses!!! But the best part is that she turned her kid into a "pumpkin-pie-haircutted freak"!!!!

19 September 2007

"Don't Get My Hopes Up" Moment of the Week

From Buddy TV; and there's a press release to back it up, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 24 producers know that season 7 cannot, under any circumstances, be a disappointment. If the beloved franchise drops the ball on a second season in a row, then the show may as well pack up and go home. With that in mind, it looks as if FOX and the 24 team are pulling out all the stops in preparation for next season. Throughout the summer, casting news has permeated the 24 landscape and today comes the biggest announcement yet. If you don't enjoy being spoiled, read no further. Really, this news is going to ruin a big early season surprise on 24.

Tony Almeida is back! That's right, the man who we all assumed was dead is returning at the beginning of season 7 to surprise both fans and Jack Bauer alike. Carlos Bernard, who plays Mr. Almeida, has always been a fan favorite and the 24 producers have occasionally grumbled about how they handled his supposed send-off.

Here's confirmation from an official FOX press release regarding 24's January 13-14 two night premiere: "With CTU dismantled, the show's setting moves to Washington, D.C., where Jack Bauer faces trial for his actions in the pursuit of justice. Bauer's day gets off to a shocking start when former colleague Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard), last seen in Day 5, returns after being left for dead by a terrorist conspirator in CTU's infirmary."

It had been speculated that Almeida would make a surprise appearance in the waning moments of season 6, and apparently the producers kept that option open, but it was ultimately scrapped for what turned out to be a largely unsatisfying season finale. The decision to bring Tony back into the fold early in season 7 is a darn good way of appeasing loyal fans turned off by the events of season 6.

Tony Almeida lives!

Aaaaaand I'm back as a 24 viewer. That was easy.

Embarrassing Admission of the Week

I am loving Britney's glasses! (Of course I choose the pic of her eating ice cream. LOL.)

Big Brother 8 Finale: The Best of Two Bad Possible Outcomes

The main reason that I'm glad Dick won is that now that C can't say she did. And I KNOW that deep down inside this is going to bug Daniele. She'll be upset that America didn't like her, she'll say she looks fat after gaining the much-needed weight during the show, and then she'll kill herself. Which is really the best of all possible outcomes. Yay suicide!!

I love how Amber (in that fabulous hair and dress on the live show, BTW) called Daniele out for cheating on her boyfriend - no way out of that one! Yay Amber! Dick said Eric was the best player and allegedly felt bad for betraying Eric and Jessica. Yay Dick!

I love how after D&D plead their case to the Jury, Daniele got upset with Dick for something. I couldn't figure out what it was, and I didn't want to be bothered to rewind it and figure it out. I'll bet she was pissed because he didn't say "Just vote for Daniele," which definitely took me by surprise.

I like how they revealed the America's Player angle. They put together a nice package to explain it. I was worried it wouldn't sink in on these dolts, but they really spelled it out for them. Eric handled that well. The one thing about it that I didn't like was that they never said that Eric got cash for it. That would burn Daniele up too - he almost got as much money as she did!

It must be hard for these people to get back to real life after being out of touch for so long. I know that I hate it when I go away for the weekend and then I have to catch up on all my celebrity blogs. Dagger! Well, thanks to Kim and Ashley for making me watch this crap all summer long. Yeah, that's right, I don't have a will of my own. I blame YOU!

18 September 2007

Fug of the Week

Sharon Stone debuts new face; uses dress to clean up a miscarriage.

Prison Break Was Crap -- Or Was It?

I thought that last night's premiere was crap crap crap crap, but then I just read a review that said it was great set-up for the season. Maybe it was pretty good set-up, but I wasn't entertained. There's nothing worse than sitting through an episode of Prison Break with nothing to get excited about....

The show is more of a damn cartoon than normal. Bellick in his underwear drinking from a puddle and cleaning toilets; dudes peeing themselves; and this laying-down-the-gauntlet chicken-foot business.

I like how Sona is a lawless, guard-less prison, and yet there are visitation procedures. And Michael is still making origami and wearing hoodies when everyone else is burning hot - guess we won't be seeing that tattoo this year. Everyone is dirty and sweaty and eeeeewwwwwww.

Lincoln was magically exonerated, L.J. (who I thought was in hiding) just happens to run into Sara in Panama and then they are both kidnapped by the Conspiracy People. Plot for Season 3: Michael has to break a Conspiracy Person out of the prison in order to save L.J. and Sara.

Mahone kicked major ass - "go for the kneecaps" and then stepping in and killing the dude when Pussy Scofield couldn't do it.

I'm essentially holding on for Mahone at this point, and the hope that it'll get better. Last season ended up being great, so I'll hang in.

B&C League Report: Week 2

Congratulations to this week's winners:
Sex Panther, McLovin, Peterskin, ManBearPig, and Hot Mama.

And go Eagles! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

17 September 2007

Good Luck Tonight, Redskins!

This picture is hella old (my Assistant Editor just sent it to me), but it's a great one!

I Am No Longer The Greatest Aunt

Note to self: put on to-do list in 10 years....
DONORA, Pa. -- A Donora woman is accused of hiring two prostitutes to expose themselves to her 12-year-old nephew.

Linda Van Pool, 36, faces a number of charges. Police said she took money from the boy's mother to help find women who would show the boy their naked breasts. Two women apparently agreed.

The aunt is charged in the case but the mother is not.

Fantasy Football is Only a Little Less Fun When You Lose

In the Battle to Save My Marriage, Wide Stance was defeated by Sex Panther. Good thing Mike's in California for the next few days; I don't have to pout and he doesn't have to gloat.

McLovin is ahead of MacNCheese, with her hopes resting on McNabb to make up the 18 points.

In the Battle of the Joshes, Peterskin blew me out of the water with a season-high 135 thanks to Carson Palmer and that crazy Cleveland/Cincinnati game. Ron Mexico has to make up 68 points tonight to beat him. Good luck with that.

In the Squeakers of the Week, ManBearPig and HotMama were victorious over KMo and Grillz.

16 September 2007

Live Blogging the Emmys

8:00 If it's worthwhile, I'll make my comments tonight. First up: Hayden has been swallowed by a dress! This is a thumbs-down for me, unfortunately. And she usually looks so good.

8:50 What I've learned so far: Jeremy Piven has the greatest hair plugs known to man (not at all!) and Katherine Heigl is full of herself, obsessing over the mispronunciation of her name. You stink.

I'm all for Terry O'Quinn and Jaime Pressly winning - yay! I like how the stage is in the round; it's been cool so far.

Paul Abdul drug jokes: 1.

As always, my favorite part of the Emmys is the little video packages the comedy shows put on for their writing nominations. This year, The Colbert Report featured the writers assaulting Stephen Colbert; Alberto Gonzalez said "I don't recall" each Daily Show writers' name; Conan O'Brien loaded day laborers into a truck; David Letterman featured George W. Bush bloopers; and Bill Maher's writers were foot-tapping and hooking up in the men's room.

9:08 In poor taste to have the cast of Roots come out of a cage? Methinks yes.

10:07 Nothing exciting in the last hour. Everyone loves Al Gore. An Oscar, an Emmy, who needs the Presidency?

10:40 Great segment with Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. Ricky Gervais won for Best Actor, but since he wasn't available, they said they were going to give it to their friend Steve Carell. So Steve came up on stage and they were all jumping around and hugging. LOL.

11:03 I was about to give up all hope when James Spader won for Best Actor, but then 30 Rock won for Best Comedy!

Thank you and good night.

This Weekend's Theme: Royalty

First, we finally got The Queen off of our DVR. It was a really good movie. It's an interesting look at the aftermath of Princess Diana's death, specifically the dealings between Tony Blair and the Queen. I was worried it would be dull, but it wasn't - it was really fascinating. Definitely worth checking out.

We caught a sneak preview of The Kingdom and it was excellent. Yes, that's right, excellent in bold. And this was in spite of the fact that it stars probably the two most vile, despicable men on the planet - Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Piven. Unfortunately - spoiler alert - Piven doesn't get beheaded. Luckily, they are balanced out by Chris Cooper, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman (WTF?). And actually Jamie Foxx was completely tolerable. (I bet that phrase doesn't appear in any other review of the movie. But that's a glowing review from me - "completely tolerable".)

An interesting plot leads to the most incredible, incredible, incredible action sequence - car chases, car crashes, explosions, gunfire, hand-to-hand combat, more gunfire. Really an amazing sequence that had the audience cheering. The director had an interesting way of showing both sides of the conflict - things would happen to both sides at the same time. There was also plenty of comic relief so that it wasn't a total downer. It's just really good and a must-see film.

14 September 2007

Big Brother Is So F-ing Fake

So I just heard that Daniele and Dick applied to be on The Amazing Race together and admitted on the feeds this week that they knew each other was going to be in the Big Brother house before they entered.


13 September 2007

God I Hate Big Brother

Look at the positive: it's less than a week until we NEVER have to hear from the Donatos again!

Tragically, Dick won Head of Household. Ugh. Do you know how easily the producers could have fixed that competition? They could have recorded the evicted houseguests saying both answers and then only showed the one that matched Dick. I was yelling at Zach on that last question because the answer was clear (Who does Jessica think had the best strategy?) and he could have tied it up. He left the house as stupid as when he arrived.

I'm glad they showed that bitch Daniele telling her Dad to trash-talk Zach during the endurance competition. I'm so sick of her having Dick do her dirty work. She really needed him in this game to make herself look better and to break people down. I also relished watching her violently shiver during the competition. OF COURSE the producers painted Dick as some kind of f-ing hero when he was enduring the rain for his daughter. They even played f-ing patriotic movie music in the background when he gave up!!! UGH.

I don't think Daniele really loves her dad - she just says it to manipulate him. Pretty funny how after he wins HoH, she still gives him a hard time for getting one of the questions wrong. And she never really gives a straight answer as to whether they will be reconciled outside of the house.

Now the only thing to look forward to for the finale is maybe the jury will vote for Dick to win on purpose because he'll want them to vote for Daniele.

On a positive (and sexy) note, from what Dustin said, it sounds like Eric is killing it in the jury house. Niiiiice.

I'm Picking the Best New Show Early

Before I've even seen any of the new Fall shows, I'm going to go with Journeyman as my new go-to. I'm just getting a vibe. Also, most everything else looks like crap.

Sure, it sounds like Quantum Leap. But was Quantum Leap really that bad? (Don't answer that!) Here's the synopsis:
Dan Vassar is a reporter with a beautiful wife, Katie, an adoring son, and an exploding career. Suddenly he finds himself traveling in time involuntarily and soon figures out that he must resolve problems for the people that he meets. Amongst those he runs into in the past is his deceased fiancee Livia. He struggles with the choice of being able to save her, but bigger twists await.

I think the difference-maker here is going to be this lead actor, Kevin McKidd. I don't know him from Adam, but Mike is hella obsessed with him because he's "my boy from Rome." I can tell watching the commercials that he's good and he's going to bring a nice realism and seriousness to this plot. I'm all over Journeyman, which is B&C's pick for Best New Show. When it blows up, you heard it here first.

Best Night of Television remains with Monday, since we will have Prison Break, Chuck, Heroes, AND Journeyman. Not to mention the obligatory 24 in January. Thank god for DVRs....

12 September 2007

Making My Peace With Big Brother

Why do Dick and Daniele have to act like children? You're nominated - accept it. Jesus. They had to whine on and on (Daniele) and berate Zach (Dick).

Halfway through the show I just convinced myself to accept that D&D were going to win the Power of Veto and that Jameka was going home. Daniele did indeed win. Now I want Zach to win the whole thing just to spite D&D, since they're so convinced he could never win.

We finally see the Jury House and Jen looked miserable, LOL. Eric and Jessica continued the hug they had broken a few hours before. I hope Eric's getting some.

I'm going online to find out the status of the 3-part Head of Household competition. I'd rather know these things in advance so that I don't get so worked up during the show. I won't reveal the results here, but apparently Dick was harassing Zach a lot last night during the competition - surprise, I know.

11 September 2007


As I eagerly await this Monday's third season premiere of Prison Break, I now have one less thing to look forward to.
From TV Guide: "The Ausiello Report has just learned that after giving birth, Sarah Wayne Callies is not returning to Prison Break after all. Shocking, right? Especially given the way the actress' manager has been insisting for weeks that her client would be back. We already knew that Callies was MIA from the opening credits in the first two episodes and that, for the one scene in which Dr. Sara appeared, a body double was used. But nonetheless, trusting souls that we are, we believed the mom-to-be still had a job. Well, no more. There's a story here, and you're gonna get it."

It was nice to have a hot, cool chick on a show so teeming with testosterone. Dagger! I can't imagine what lame-ass reason they're going to give for Dr. Sara not being around. At the end of last season she was wandering off in the streets of Panama.

How Does One Become a Tailgating Expert?

Baltimore, a city esteemed for its crab houses, Inner Harbor, and home of one of the NFL’s most rugged defenses {editor's note: don't forget the STDs!}, now has another claim to fame: it’s the best football tailgating city in the United States. Runners-up were Denver, Houston, San Diego and Cincinnati.

After analyzing a host of criteria, including stadium parking lots, overall tailgating environment, tailgating-fan enthusiasm and the sales of tailgating accessories like in-car live TV systems and mobile programming, an alliance of tailgating experts has released for the first time the America’s Best Football Tailgating Cities Index, a ranking of the "tailgating-friendliness" of the 31 U.S. cities with an NFL team plus NFL-hopeful Los Angeles.

Woo-hoo! Baltimore is definitely a great place to tailgate! Not that I've done it, but those lines for the port-a-potties sure do look long!

Baloney & Cereal League Report

Congratulations to this week's winners: Wide Stance (by a landslide and record score of 132!), Sex Panther (bit of a squeaker!), KMo, McLovin, and ManBearPig.

It was definitely fun watching my first games as a Fantasy owner. Someone would score and I'd scream, "Those are my points!" Too bad the Ravens let me down last night. It was a freaking roller coaster. 6 turnovers (3 in like the first 10 minutes), a great Ed Reed return for touchdown, up and down, up and down. It was stressful -- I love the NFL!

Nicely played everyone - see you next week!!

10 September 2007

Fantasy Football Report

The Wide Stance is setting the bar high so far. I've got 90 points and half my team is from Baltimore and hasn't played yet. Anyone want some side action on whether they can beat my high score this year?

Hot Mama and Sex Panther were pretty evenly matched, with both having a few players tonight.

KMo is kicking Ron Mexico's herpes-laden ass 75 to 23, but Ron has high hopes for Gore, Fitzgerald, and Graham to turn it around tonight.

Peterskin's got his hopes resting on Carson Palmer to beat the nerd from Superbad -- let's hope the Baltimore D doesn't break his leg or something. Heap can help him too.

MacNCheese is only beating ManBearPig by 3 - but the Pig should get a boost from ol' Ocho Cinco tonight.

Fantasy Football is so much fun.... while I'm winning!

Couldn't Resist

She's bringing sexy back.

Remind Me Never to Get This Haircut

Geez Louise, these chicks look old. Paris has aged 30 years. And I couldn't figure out who the other one was until I read the caption saying it was Nelly Furtado. WTF happened to them??

09 September 2007

Big Brother and Big Britney Make My Blood Boil

Throughout tonight's Big Brother, I had one question for myself: Who do I hate more? Jameka's the only one left that I like, but who do I hate the most of the other three? Zach for being ugly, gloating, and deciding a week late to make a play for the Donatos? Danielle for whining and saying "this sucks" 85 times? Or Dick for targeting Jameka and spitting? And the winner is....

DANIELLE!!!! I have decided I hate this C most of all. When she doesn't get her way she whines; when she's on top she gloats. She's evil. She can break her alliance because it's a strategic move, but if anyone else did it she'd call them dishonest and whine and mope about it.

Zach wins Head of Household and nominates Dick and Daniele for eviction. And they take the news like the smug pricks they are, laughing and threatening Zach. I WANT DANIELE DEAD!!!! Problem is, it all comes down to the Power of Veto competition. Zach or Jameka have to win, or else one of the Donatos will be the one to evict a non-Donato. THIS SHOW MAKES ME SO ANGRY!!!

I switched over to watch Britney Spears "perform" and open the MTV Music Awards (I'll watch the rest of that show tomorrow if I hear it's worth it). Her performance was unbelievably unentertaining!! It was quite funny actually. She still has a bad weave and bad blue contact lenses. Her gut was hanging out. Of course she was lip syncing, but she wasn't even dancing. It was lazy dancing. Like she was dancing at half-speed. I could have done a better job, I swear. She was just standing there, kind of shifting back and forth, and she'd raise her arms halfway. Honestly, it was like she was dancing underwater. And she looked so bored - I thought cocaine gave you energy?! Loved watching the trainwreck; wish it had been better. What happened to all the Criss Angel magic stuff she was supposed to do? Whatever. This bitch is DONE.

Battle of the Candies

This weekend two candies competed for my love and affection. Which would be victorious?

On one hand there were the Limited Edition Razzberry M&Ms. On the other, Cherry Cordial Hershey's Kisses.

I'm gonna have to give it to the Kisses. But you really can't go wrong with either.

Keep making new candy to make me fat!!

Shoot 'Em Up

If you don't enjoy Shoot 'Em Up, you don't have a pulse. Simple as that.

Shoot 'Em Up is a great movie for people that liked The Bourne Ultimatum but thought it had too many big words. The characters speak in corny one-liners and cliches. But who cares about the dialogue when you have guns, fights, guns, outlandish violence, guns, and a lactating hooker. Oh yeah, and Clive Owen. Do they make them any sexier than Clive Owen? I'm gonna go with "no."

This is a great, fun, crazy film. Between this and 3:10 to Yuma there were 2 awesome movies this weekend - hope you got to see at least one of them.

08 September 2007

Holy Crap!

After months of not-so-coy will-he-or-won't-he political flirtation, Fred Thompson has finally and officially announced that he is a candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

"I am running for president of the United States," he said during a taping of NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Wednesday evening.

The real news here is that this chick would be our First Lady. Classy!

07 September 2007

Further Big Brother Speculation

Do you think Eric will give Jessica half of the $40k he earned as America's Player? I think he should and he will.

1. He couldn't have accomplished the voting tasks without her help and trust.
2. He lurves her, and is a nice guy who wants to prove he wasn't playing her.
3. He always wanted to be on the show and that, coupled with $20k, would be enough for him.
4. He'd love the dramatic-reality-show-moment aspect of giving her the money.

Whaddaya think?

06 September 2007

Big Brother Makes Me So Bitter

I can think of a million different ways that this show would have been better. Believe me, I was kneeling on my floor, praying to the television, running through all the scenarios. Poor Jessica. Sure, she was a big-time waffler, but she didn't deserve to get the boot. Once they knew there was going to be a double eviction, Dick and Daniele should have kept to their alliance with Jessica and Eric so that they would look good going into the Final Two.

Eric was thisclose to winning the Head of Household. Goddammit, Dick did.

Really I guess I'm bitter at Zach. If he had any BALLS he would have used the Power of Veto. If he had saved Eric or Jameka, that would have forced Dick to put up Daniele. Then they could have voted out Daniele. And Dick can't compete for HoH. So it would be everyone against Dick. Zach had a real opportunity to make a good play, but surprise surprise he "made an oath" and stupidly stuck with it. So Eric gets evicted, and at least gets $40k and the opportunity to bone Jessica without cameras around. I HOPE JAMEKA KICKS EVERYONE'S ASSES BADLY!!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note, does Julie wear body glitter on The Early Show? She's a freaking glorified Jersey stripper.

Watch Out for the Wide Stance

Fantasy Football season for the Baloney & Cereal League starts today!!!! Go Team Wide Stance! Senator Craig is our biggest fan.

05 September 2007


The Office’s Jenna Fischer has officially announced her separation from filmmaker husband James Gunn after more than six years of marriage.

Frowny face.

Big Brother Strategizing

OK, so Jameka and Jessica remain on the block after Daniele didn't exercise the Power of Veto. If Dick and Daniele decide to vote out Jessica, that's probably the smart thing to do. That leaves them to compete with Eric for Head of Household, and god knows Eric can't win dick. So they could nominate some combination of Eric, Jameka, and Zach. I can totally see Dick and Daniele as the Final Two. I hope it doesn't happen, but I can see it. If they decide to remain loyal to their alliance, then - wow. That will amaze me, since it's probably not to their strategic advantage.

Note to self: never walk through the Big Brother backyard barefoot. The segment with Eric and Dick blowing snot rockets and spitting had me literally walking around the room gagging.

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt to Get Some Competition

Halle Berry is expecting her first child.

"Yes, I am three months pregnant," the Oscar winner told Access Hollywood on Tuesday. "Gabriel and I are beyond excited and I've waited a long time for this moment in my life."

Berry, 41, and her boyfriend, 32-year-old model Gabriel Aubry, met shooting a Versace ad in Los Angeles in November 2005 and first stepped out publicly three months later at the February opening of a Versace boutique in New York City.

THIS might be the most beautiful baby on the planet.

04 September 2007

Happy Sober Anniversary

Today is my one-year anniversary of "sobriety."
Well, my version of sobriety anyway. Can you toast your sobriety with a glass of wine? Why not. I haven't had any liquor in one whole year! At most I've had 2 beers or 2 glasses of wine. Nothing like the Nightmare of Labor Day 2006. I'm quite proud of myself, thank you very much.

03 September 2007

Big Brother After Dark

This weekend we took the plunge and DVR'd the midnight-3AM Showtime Too shows every night. As long as you don't have a life, I recommend it. We definitely fast forwarded through some of it (they just played Quarters for an hour), but I find it really fascinating and addicting. Basically you watch them cook food, eat, lay in bed, work through every conceivable combination of events, rehash competitions, and complain about being bored. I love it in spite of the lack of Zach penis on the shows I watched. I'm also easily influenced by the show. They eat a lot of tortillas and then I go make them. They eat chocolate chip cookies and I crave them. I walk around my house for a while wondering what it would look like if my life were televised.

Dick eats the most of all. The first night we watched it, he ate a grilled cheese (with mayo on it!!), reheated fried cheese, a baked potato with some kind of meat, a cookie, Twizzlers, Coke, and a Frappuccino. Did I mention he chews everything with his mouth open? That shouldn't be a shock.

Zach won the long, excruciating Head of Household competition. I saw the aftermath on Showtime where everyone complained about being sore. They gave up hot water for 8 days. They're not looking any greasier, so they must be capable of taking cold showers. I tried a cold shower once. It lasted 15 seconds; I found it impossible.

I know who won the Power of Veto but they haven't had the use-it-or-don't ceremony yet. Jameka and Jessica are nominated. And there's supposed to be a double eviction this week I think. I don't know if that means both nominees leave or if one leaves and then they hold a quick competition and boot another person. We'll see....

3:10 to Yuma

Last night we caught the sneak preview of 3:10 to Yuma. I generally don't see Westerns. (As a general rule, I don't like any movies that take place in Ye Olden Days.) People are dirty, they have bad teeth, they ride around on horses, everything is dusty, it's hot and desert-y. But I can't pass up any movie starring both Russell Crowe AND Christian Bale. It was a great movie. The performances are great and the story is interesting. (Even though everyone IS dirty.) Ben Foster was a genuine bad ass in this movie. He was really scary! The only thing I know him from before was as Angel in X-Men 3, but here he is one scary dude. You know he's good when he stands out in a movie with 2 powerhouse actors.

If you like Westerns, you'll love this movie. And if you just appreciate some good acting by dirty people, you'll enjoy it too.

02 September 2007

Catholics: 1; Heathens: 0.

The first Apprentice winner Bill Rancic married E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi on Saturday on the Italian island of Capri. Rancic, 36, and the Napoli-born DePandi, 32, exchanged vows at the end of a church aisle strewn with white rose petals and dotted with white candles.

The couple, who got engaged last December, had a traditional Catholic ceremony, in both Italian and English, delivered by Rancic's family priest from his childhood growing up in the Chicago area. "This is the real deal," says Rancic, who has attended church every Sunday with DePandi since the two became serious, "so we wanted a very old school, full Catholic mass."

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have split after three years together, a source confirms to PEOPLE. The source says the split was amicable. The pair, who welcomed daughter Matilda in October 2005, met while they were filming Brokeback Mountain in 2004.