28 February 2012


Aw, man, does this mean we're more than halfway done with this season now?  Boooooo.  At least we finally got a good amount of super-bitchy Tim tonight.  Super-bitchy. 

Arlo's wandering and rambling in the middle of the night, into Bubba's holler to get his (dead) wife.  The man needs to stay on his meds, and Ava's trying to take care of him.  How sweet.

Raylan's now staying in a room above a very loud bar.  Quarles pops by to try to bribe Raylan to work for him... and make fun of him for essentially being a bouncer in a dive bar.  Raylan mentions Quarles's penchant for beating up male hustlers. Seems Quarles has been exiled from Detroit.

Raylan visits his BFF Boyd, pretty much just so they can be awesome together and he can beat him up some for info on Quarles.  Raylan gets Tim to track down the Big Detroit Boss's Son, who's in town to check up on Quarles.  Then Raylan gets in trouble because he's interfering with an FBI investigation; they've got this Big Boss's Son under surveillance.

FBI Agent Ned Ryerson comes to scold the Marshals.  I love how much the Marshals hate the FBI.  So Raylan ignores Ned and goes to see the Big Boss's Son.  He doesn't like Quarles either, so they're going to work together a little bit.

Raylan gets a judge to order Quarles's operation to be shut down, because he's distributing drugs near a school (a house that hosts piano lessons).  Then the Big Boss's Son pulls out his monetary investment and Quarles starts to lose his shit.

Since Quarles's bribe was turned down, he tries the Harlan County Sheriff instead.  He wants him to crack down on Boyd.  The Sheriff pays a visit to Boyd's bar (Does it have a name?  I want it to be called Boyd's Bar.) and shuts him down for video poker and fire code violations.   Boyd has his own guy he wants to run for the Sheriff's office.  Boyd Crowder = James Carville.

At the end, Gary's in Tulsa speaking under an assumed name at a cruddy seminar called "Turning Your Personality Into Profit" - for only $29.95 he'll give you a manual with the secrets to the foreclosure market!!  Gotta love Gary -- what do foreclosures have to do with your personality?  Quarles is in the front row and schmoozes Gary afterward.  From the preview, it looks like Quarles is going to frame Raylan for Gary's murder??  Juicy!

Line of the Night: Raylan calls Quarles a "big-toothed, albino-lookin' son of a bitch" (to Tim, not to the man himself).  Truer words were never spoken!!

26 February 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Design a dress inspired by a culture and flag at the United Nations.

Jerell - India - waaaaayyyy too literal.  It's like an Indian Barbie costume.  (And I said that before the host did - bitch stole my line during judging!)  It's also a disaster.

Kenley - Chile - it's another adorable mixed-print party dress, but I see no Chile.

Austin - Seychelles (say what?) - worst thing he's done yet.

Mondo - Jamaica - a basic black dress.  Because they're black?  What?

Mila - Papua New Guinea - ugh - it was a short black dress on one side and a long red dress on the other.  Hatred.

Michael - Greece - another way-literal dress.  And beauty pageant-y.

Blech.  I didn't love any of these at all.  UNIMPRESSED!

Winner: Mondo.

Bye-bye: Mila.

24 February 2012


Nina and Olivia are held captive by David Robert Jones.  The Nina we've been seeing is an evil shapeshifter.  He tries to activate Olivia's ability with that light test, by torturing Nina and causing an emotional reaction.  Poor Nina.  The problem is, Olivia is forgetting that-timeline-Olivia's memories so she doesn't really care that much about Nina.  Nina helps her remember the first time they met.

But guess what - that Nina really IS the Bad Other!Nina, and she pulled some info out of Olivia -- that Peter is the only one who has been able to activate her ability.

There's a bunch of Observers hanging out in the park.  They say September's gone rogue and didn't erase all traces of Peter from this timeline.

Peter and Lincoln find a camera in Olivia's apartment and mine the disc for data.  In the process, September suddenly appears in the lab, saying something about Olivia and bleeding from a gunshot wound.  He's not regaining consciousness, so Peter suggests he tap into his brain.  Their brains converge, which you know because the readout on Walter's electronic device says, "Convergence." 

Convergent Brain September says that Observers were once human; they're from, like, the future or something.  September really jacked things up when he distracted Walter from finding the cure for Peter, then saved Peter from drowning.  September tells Peter that he had a son, Henry, but that he no longer exists.  He tells Peter to go home to his Olivia, who is waiting for him, and then September disappears.  From the lab.

Peter goes home to see if maybe September was being literal.  But David Robert Jones's henchmen are waiting for him and drag him to where Olivia's being held.  When Peter's life is threatened, Olivia activates and all the lights in the place go crazy.

DRJ and Nina escape on his Universe Bridge and Olivia keeps having seizures.  Everything's going to hell!!!

Walter's Food Thing of the Week:  He makes a sandwich out of butter and multi-colored jimmies.  Oh god, if those awesome people who used to make Walter's food every week are still doing that, they have their work cut out for them.  Gross.

This Week's Code:  UNITE.

Four weeks til the next new one? Boooooo.

23 February 2012

Top Chef: Texas

So the final three are Paul, Lindsay, and Sarah.  Wouldn't have thought Sarah would be there, but otherwise it makes sense.

Quickfire Challenge: Tag-team cooking with a master of the Asian culinary world.  Sarah won for a curry.

Elimination Challenge: Throw a "Fire & Ice" cocktail party, where you make a cocktail and a dish that has hot and cold elements.  Sarah cracks 80 eggs and makes pasta like it's her job.  Oh wait.

Bye-bye: Lindsay.  Daaaamn.  Paul better own Sarah!

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Time for a night of boozing and time for Camila to cry and rage and walk around topless and jump in the pool because she wants attention from that douche Johnny.  That bitch is cray.  Cara Maria's all, "Abram, move in with me."  Always good to make cohabitation plans when you're drunk in Costa Rica.  But I love those crazy kids and I want it to work out.  Unfortunately, once they're sober, she's too afraid to do it.

The challenge involves jumping across a bunch of really tall pillars.  It's frighteningly unstable-looking, to hell with being tethered to a rope above.

Power Couple:  Robin and Mark.  I love how much Robin enjoys being the Queen and Mark pretty much discounts her altogether. 

The Dome: Ty and Emily are sent in to go against losers Cara Maria and Abram.  It's that brutal wrestling challenge, where of course Emily destroys Cara Maria.  And Ty gets Abram eventually.

Bye-bye: Cara Maria and Abram.  Work it out, you crazy kids.

21 February 2012


Let me for a moment just say, I finally watched the premiere of The River.  And holy crap, is it scary!!  I love that something like that is on TV; I wonder if it can continue being scary.  I hope so, cuz let me tell you - I screamed out loud tonight.  Watching television.  That's pretty cool.  Anyway, now I need to travel to Kentucky to unwind so I can sleep tonight....

Quarles's guy from last week busts in to Boyd's "clinic" and kills the pill mill doc and the white girl who was Bubba's mole.

Raylan's trying to figure out where Winona is.  He finds searches for trips to Costa Rica on her work computer -- and the money is missing from the basement.  Again with this bitch and the money??  These hormonal bitches.  Raylan wants a couple days off, but Art needs him on the shooting, since the clinic was Arlo and Helen's property.  Arlo seems to legitimately be getting some dementia, referring to Helen as if she's alive and to Raylan and Boyd as if they're kids.

Boyd and Ava are investigating as well, trying to figure out if it was Quarles or Bubba who was responsible for the shooting.  Raylan comes by to see Boyd, pissed that he was drug-running out of his family's house.  They have another one of those great Raylan/Boyd convos.  Raylan tracks down the shooter and has a great fight with him - in a moving mobile "pain clinic."  Love this show.

Turns out it was Bubba's guy who instigated the clinic shooting - he wants a war between Frankfurt and Boyd so the black guys can take over.

Winona's hiding out at her sister's and Raylan goes to talk to her.  She said she didn't take the money (OK good) but she won't stay with Raylan.  She just can't raise a child with him shooting guys in the next room.  So they will do what they always do - be in love with each other, but not be together, and be complicated, and try to figure things out.

And the money from the evidence room?  The evidence dude made off with it and retired to Mexico.  Nice.

It's worth mentioning that Quarles still has the guy (who I presume is the owner of the house he appropriated as a pill mill) tied up in the bedroom.  And I think he goes in every so often to beat him or something.  Jesus, this guy Quarles is weird.

19 February 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Everyone paints their faces and gets drunk.  So in no time, they're all bitching at each other with ridiculous makeup on their faces.

The challenge is holding on to a giant, rapidly-spinning log suspended over the water.  When you fall off, you swim, etc. etc.

Power Couple: Johnny and Camila.

The Dome: Rachel and Aneesa are sent in against losers Jasmine and Tyrie.  It's that spinny challenge again where you have to jump over and duck under the spinny things.

It comes down to Rachel v. Jasmine.  And of course Rachel wins.

Bye-bye: Jasmine and Tyrie.

Verdict: Most boring episode ever.

18 February 2012

Top Chef: Texas: Times Four

Seriously.  I have 4 episodes of Top Chef in my massive DVR backlog.  Holy crap.  When did I get a life?  I've somehow avoided all spoilers as well.

Quickfire Challenge 1: The chefs work in pairs to do a lot of prep work in 40 minutes and then make a dish in the time they have left.  Grayson and Chris win and they had the least amount of time to cook.

Elimination Challenge 1: The former partners are now opponents, who must make separate versions of the same dish to serve at a party.  It's Grayson and Chris, Sarah and Lindsay, and Paul and Ed - in a self-named "Asian Showdown".  They go head-to-head making healthier versions of some pretty standard dishes.  Nothing exciting.

Winner 1: Paul.  He rules and I'd eat his kalbi any time.  Does that sound as dirty as I intended?

Bye-bye 1: Chris. Please pack your squinty eyes and awful teeth and go.

Quickfire Challenge 2:  Pancakes for Pee-Wee Herman.  Seriously.  Ed wins for his "pancake bits" which are what we used to call "drips" growing up - the awesome little crispy bits.

Elimination Challenge 2:  Make a family-style lunch for Pee-Wee and the judges.  And they have to bike around San Antonio to find their ingredients and a restaurant to cook it in.  That's weird.  Ed works out of a bed and breakfast kitchen.  Cute.

Winner 2: Lindsay.

Bye-bye 2: Grayson.  Dammit, I love Grayson!  That's BS.  Ed undercooked chicken, man.

At this point, they announce that they've been having a competition for all of the eliminated chefs, and airing it online.  The winner gets back on the show -- and the winner is Beverly.  Naturally.  Can't knock the girl for beating every single person's ass.  Damn.

Quickfire Challenge 3: Pick your ingredients while blindfolded, and then cook them (sans blindfold), using everything you picked up.  Sarah wins and gets the choice of a new Prius or guaranteed spot in the finale.  She chooses the guaranteed spot, mostly because she wouldn't fit in a Prius.

Elimination Challenge 3:  Impress your mentor.  Paul absolutely loses it; he cries and loves his mentor so much.  Sweet.  And a little gay.  Sarah gets to just kick it, since she has a guaranteed spot.

Winner 3: Paul.  Hell yeah.  He's gotta win this whole thing; he rules.

Bye-bye 3: Ed.  Keep using canned oysters!  Damn, no 3-Asian finale.

The finale takes place in Vancouver.  It looks cold as shit and is windy as hell.

Culinary Games:

1. Cook on a moving gondola.  That's weird AND if you have a fear of heights or are prone to motion sickness it stinks.  Everyone did quite well.  Lindsay wins, and as a result she's in the final challenge and gets to sit out the next 2 events.

2.  Chip your ingredients out of blocks of ice and cook.  Having to pummel these ice blocks is ridiculous and time-consuming.  Paul wins and gets to sit out the next round.

3.  Biathlon -- Cross-country ski, then shoot for your ingredients.  And you've got Beverly and Sarah, the two most unathletic people, doing it.  Sarah wins that; I was surprised it wasn't Beverly, and yet glad at the same time.  Bye, bitch!

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Design a dramatic, luxurious look to be featured in the production of Godspell on Broadway.  Gayest challenge everrrr!

There's no drama in this one.  Unless I missed it whilst updating my Netflix queue, but I don't think so. I hadn't updated my queue in forever.  I've had the first disc of Modern Family for a good 6 months; I think it's time to send it back already.

I loved Kenley's mixed prints and great coat.  Austin's was meh, but appropriate for the challenge.  Mondo blew me away with his look - theatrical but still bohemian and cool and wearable.  Mila's was gross. Lame and gaudy and gross.

Winner: Mondo.  Yay!  For once the judges agree with me!

Bye-bye: Kara.  Awww, poor Kara.  It wasn't as gross as Mila's, but it still sucked.

17 February 2012


Peter's all, WTF you kissed me.  And Olivia is all, WTF I kissed you.  She starts getting flashes of Real Olivia's memories.

Freak of the Week: Schizophrenic in a mental hospital psychically observes 3 other dudes breaking into a house and murdering a guy.  The voices in his head aren't his, but are actually other people's.  Evidence shows that one of the guys he had the telepathic link to is his brother.  They were both fathered by a sperm donor.  And that dude made a lot of donations, because Schizoid Dude hears all kinds of people - 200 to be exact.

The fertility doctor was doing genetic experiments on all of these embryos back in the day, trying to make a better human being.  These grown hive-mind bee-babies are now instinctively protecting themselves from being exposed by killing journalists who were investigating the doctor.  They attack Peter and Olivia while they're investigating.  Some others kill the fertility doctor/sperm donor.  Once the doctor/daddy is dead, Schizoid Dude can't hear his brothers anymore.

Walter meets with Nina Sharp because he discovers Olivia has been dosed with Cortexiphan.   Nina's the only one with access to the stuff.  They take a look in the vault and Walter figures out the real stuff is missing.

Olivia gets full-on Olivia memories by 15 minutes in.  Peter's distrusting (and how can he not be -- he already cheated on one Olivia with another Olivia, I can't imagine the repercussions if he cheated with a third).  Olivia loves the feeling of being in love with Peter, but is sad when he's not returning the feelings.  It really is quite tragic.  But eventually Peter can't deny it and knows it's his Olivia and they kiss at a gas station.  Let's get it on!!  But first she has to pee.  It's seriously adorable and real to hear someone say that. :) 

Peter goes to find her in the gas station and she's not there.  We see her waking up, looking disheveled and tied to a chair... and Nina's there with her.  Awesome ending!!  So what the hell?  Is that the real Nina with Walter?  Is this another universe?  Did someone jump?  I don't know and I love it.

This Week's Code: HENRY.  OMG Henry - the Fauxlivia and Peter baby!!!

15 February 2012


Boyd buries Devil, but snags his cell phone first.  He knows that there are some big-time people behind Devil's betrayal, and he's scared -- tells Ava he's worried they can't handle it.

I'll just say again how much I love domestic Raylan and Winona.  He comes home at 2 in the morning and she's OK with it, offering him a beer.  They love each other.  It's great.  It'll end badly.  Or you know what would be really unexpected?  If it didn't.

Dewey wakes up in a bathtub spattered with blood, with massive stitches in his stomach, missing 2 kidneys.  The prison nurse has them in a Ziploc bag.  In order to get his kidneys back, Dewey has 4 hours to steal cash to buy them back.  Jesus, it's Crank: Harlan Edition.

He tries an appliance store (but they mostly get paid with credit cards), then a strip club -- at 10 in the morning.  He knocks over a laundromat and a convenience store... and when he runs from the owner's gun, he ends up choosing the wrong door - and ending up in a closet.  Dummy.  He and Raylan have a hilarious conversation through the door, and they determine that Dewey can still piss.  He has his kidneys after all. (Though of course Dewey's first thought is, "I've got 4 kidneys!?" - he's a riot.)

So the prison nurse has a co-conspirator/girlfriend, a nurse at the hospital who works with transplants -- and causes the prison guard to have a stroke and die.  Once Raylan catches up to them at their house, the prison nurse injects Raylan in the arm and knocks him out.  Aw, shit.  In the end, the girl shoots the prison nurse and is about to kill Raylan when he shoots her - through the dead guy on top of him.  Pwned.

Quarles meets with Boyd, and says they'll make a lot more money together than as enemies.  It's interesting to see Boyd in the vulnerable position! Boyd doesn't give in though, and warns Quarles that Northerners have tried this kind of thing before.  Meanwhile, Bubba's paying white girls to be his spies in Harlan and keep him apprised of what's going on with Quarles and Boyd.

When Raylan comes home this time, the house is dark.  And there's a note waiting for him in the kitchen.  We don't get to see it.  Oh god, Winona, what have you done?  So much for that happy ending.

14 February 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Dustin and Heather get sent home because Dustin busted his knee and had to get stitches.  Damn, they just drop them without ceremony around here.  What's most amazing is that Dustin wasn't drunk when he hurt himself.  How are there not more drunken injuries on this show?

The challenge involves general-knowledge questions.  I don't think these people have general knowledge.  Shocking news: Paula can spell "calculator" but thinks John Wilkes Booth killed JFK.

Power Couple: Dunbar and Paula.  Yeah, cuz they're the smartest.

The Dome: Emily and Ty are sent in to go against losers Leroy and Naomi.  It's some giant rubber band challenge, and it's painful to watch because they're working against so much resistance.

Bye-bye: Leroy and Naomi.  And now Emily and Ty are coming back pissed that they were thrown in.

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Design a sportswear look for a weekend getaway, for an assigned season.  It's a head-to-head thing, where the 2 designers working in the same season compete against each other.  For pride, I guess.

Jerell accuses Michael of copying his look (cuz he pretty much does).  And in Mondo v. Kenley, it's the Battle of the Polka Dots.

Spring - I don't like Austin's high-waisted pants, but I never like high-waisted pants.  The model looked old.  Kara's is pretty simple, but flowy and cool.  Judges' decision: Kara.

Summer - I love both Mondo's and Kenley's.  Judges' decision: Kenley.  They made Mondo cry, godammit!!! 

Autumn - Rami's design was lovely, especially considering I don't think of him as an Autumn sportswear designer.  The colors were gross, especially that green.  Mila's was cape-y.  Judges' decision: Mila.  Boo.

Winter - Jerell and Michael really did have similar looks and similar colors and fabrics.  Judges' decision: Jerell, but they loved them both.

Winner: Jerell.  Well, it's true -- he did finally make something that looked good.

Bye-bye: Rami.  Damn, because at first I thought his design was beautiful -- but then the judges pointed out a million things wrong with it.  Screw you, judges!

12 February 2012


Freak of the Week: On a road in Vermont, cars suddenly lose power and a plane crashes.

Peter and Walter think the machine is just about ready to get Peter home.  Olivia's going to miss Peter, because she has started having hot sex dreams about him.  And Walter's actually leaving the lab, all confident and adorable. 

The team is investigating in the small Vermont town, where you can't get a cell phone signal, pie bakers are murderous, and you literally can't leave -- you think you're driving out, but suddenly you're driving back in.  This is reminding me of some classic episode of The X-Files, and I love when Fringe is like that.

People in the town are wigging out because they're essentially switching back and forth between parallel-universe versions of themselves.  The universes are merging together in parts, and most of the people (the ones with doppelgangers in the same town in the other universe) are all schizophrenic and violent as a result.  That's cool.  I love abandoned-town-goes-crazy plots.

Soon the outdoors starts merging as well.  They're even attacked by a merged guy with 2 faces and it's EPIC!!!  Peter and Walter work together to figure out where the center of the disturbance is.  Much like the eye of a hurricane, it's a safe spot.  The team and the normal town residents hide out in a bike shop, while a storm of merging universes passes.  After it's gone, there's nothing but empty land where the town used to be. 

The town was a David Robert Jones experiment.  At the end, Peter goes to see Olivia and she's all, "It's Friday, I got Damiano's" and kisses him.  His Olivia is back!  Ish!!

I loved this episode because we had the team working together again, the Bishops being all familial and awesome, and my afore-mentioned love for these crazy-town plots.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: He invents a hot cinnamon roll breakfast cocktail made with butter.  WINNNNNNNNNNNNN.

This Week's Code: OLIVE.

08 February 2012


Devil has a meeting with Quarles.  Oh god, this won't be good.  Sure enough, Q wants Boyd gone, and promises Devil everything he wants to hear.  God, I hate Devil's smug face. He gives that bitch-face to everyone. Ass.

Back in prison, Dickie and Dewey get the shit kicked out of them so the guard can help break them out.  Well, it was just supposed to be Dickie but, as always, you just can't get rid of Dewey.  They stowaway in a morgue transport.  Dewey hilariously flips out inside the body bag, squirming all over the ground like a giant worm.  OMG, Dewey is a trip.

Raylan visits Loretta.  LORETTA!!!!!!!!  He wants to see if she knows anything about Mags's money.  All she knows is Bubba has it, so Raylan and Rachel pay him a visit, figuring Dickie will be coming by to get his cash.  The marshalls set up a roadblock at the bridge to Bubba's holler, so Dickie has to get Bubba to come to him with the money. 

Raylan visits his BFF Boyd at his bar.  (Boyd senses "a disturbance in the force" - love it.)  Boyd tells him that a guard was likely part of the breakout.  Raylan catches the guard as he's bringing food back to the motel.  The guard pulls on Raylan - they all try to pull on Raylan - and Raylan hits him with his car.  The dude has the audacity to get up -- arms all disjointed, wrist pointing the wrong direction -- and try again.  So Raylan backs over him.  Dumb guard.  While Raylan looks for them in the motel room, Dickie, Dewey, and the rest of the guard's gang (including the prison medic) give him the slip.  They leave the injured guard behind, of course.

So Raylan finds out they're planning to get the money at Mags's old general store.  Miss that thing.  Miss Mags.  Bubba and his boy meet them there, having sneaked out via an old Underground Railroad tunnel.  They shoot the miscellaneous guys dead and give Dickie his money.  It's way short of the over $3 million Dickie was expecting, so he rejects the money, and Bubba leaves with it.

By the time Raylan gets there, Dickie passes it off as if he was the one who killed the guys he was with.  What's he up to?  And meanwhile, Dewey's being knocked unconscious and possibly harvested for organs.  That's what it looks like the prison medic is looking to do anyway, and it wouldn't really surprise me.

Devil talks to Johnny about his discontent with Boyd and their financial situation, and the new avenue he wants to pursue with Quarles.  So help me god, these boys better stay away from my man!!!  In the end, they confront Boyd.  I'm freaking out because, let's face it, killing Boyd early in the season is some shit this show would pull.  And Devil's just about to shoot Boyd when it's revealed Johnny had told Boyd, and wasn't really siding with Devil.  Boyd shoots Devil dead.  Well, thank god.  We keep Boyd and lose Devil - best deal ever!

Oh Happy Day

The trailer for The Bourne Legacy was released today, along with the poster, and of course it was the day I was all tied up and away from my Google Reader.  That's OK, I've made up for it by watching it at least 14 times.  Thank god for good friends like Bobby Z who keep me updated on the latest breaking Jeremy Renner news.

Come for the Renner, stay for the beard at the end.  And the Inception-esque music.  I'm psyched!!!!

Can I also be excited because Stacy Keach is in it?  Because I AM!      


06 February 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Jasmine and Tyrie are living up to my expectation for being the most volatile couple.  He shows her his ass and she punches him -- hard.  Jasmine is officially the Black Tonya.  She doesn't get kicked out for that?  Then it's not a zero-tolerance policy, is it, MTV?

The challenge involves hooks and platforms and is suspended above water, as all challenges are.

Power Couple: Sarah and Vinny.

Everyone goes partying.  Vinny - who you may recall is DISGUSTING - dances in the club with his shirt off.  And then proceeds to rip off Mandi's top.  She's, of course, humiliated -- not that the top was covering up much to begin with, mind you.

The Dome:  Wes and Mandi are sent in to go against losers Naomi and Leroy.  Vinny, in choosing Wes and Mandi, proceeds to rail about how much of an idiot Wes is.  Yeah dude, fine, you're right, but that just makes Wes go after him for the booby incident.  Vinny is WAY more of an idiot than Wes.  God, I hate him.  Aaaaaand Vinny gets the boot from the competition.  Good.  Fat prick.  Unfortunately, Sarah gets kicked out too.  Which is horrible because I love her and I feel bad, but she's the idiot who banged Vinny.  So you reap what you sow, bitch.  It's amazing watching her lose her shit about being kicked out.  Waaaaahhhhhh I can't stay and drink and compete in this stupid TV show waaaaaahhhhhhh.  I bet they had to be on the same flight out.

They still go through with The Dome, and it's one of those brutal tug-of-war-type things.  Leroy and Mandi win their respective battles, so there's one sudden death round (chosen with a coin flip): the guys.  And Leroy wins.

Bye-bye: Wes and Mandi.  Damn, that sucks -- who is everyone going to hate now???

05 February 2012


This movie really came out of nowhere for me.  I recall seeing a trailer and figured it was just going to be some low-rent piece of crap teen movie.  But then it got good reviews.  So this sheep lined up.

Chronicle is the story of teenage boys getting superpowers.  But it's told from that - what's it called? - a first-camera POV?  Like Cloverfield.  One of the kids has a convenient videocamera obsession and documents their progress in learning to control their new powers.  That camera's footage is combined with things like police camera, surveillance, and bystander camera footage by the end.  It's definitely low budget -- no stars and an independent feel -- but the effects are well done.  The story is interesting too.  Kids are gonna use superpowers to get laid, but then if they're anti-social sociopaths, they're also going to go apeshit.  So it was pretty awesome - and the unknown actors were believeable too.

03 February 2012


Freak of the Week: Guy with cancer is visited by a Mysterious Asian Man who tells him the treatment won't work and he's going to die.  And then the guy drops dead, crying blood.  Later, he visits an alcoholic chick and tells her how her future's going to go.  He sprays something in her eyes and she's found dead with bloody eyes.

Alt!Astrid goes off the grid Over There and brings her kickass red-streaked curls to Our Universe (her father died so she freaked out and didn't know what to do, other than visit her double).  LOL that Our Astrid screams when she sees her.  Like Olivia says, "I always wondered why nobody does that."  Fauxlivia comes over to get Alt!Astrid, and the gals stick around to help with the investigation. Walter hates Fauxlivia's guts, but he loves Alt!Astrid.  They're socially-awkward genius BFFs.

Mysterious Asian Man is a TSA agent and picks his victims out of the assholes who come through the airport.  One of them survives being hit by a car, which means he's paralyzed, but also that the Fringe team can question him.  Genius!Alt!Astrid figures out that the victims were all screened by the same TSA agent.  Mysterious Asian Man is some amazing mathematician who lives near the lake where Peter surfaced, and can see past, present, and future all equally. When the Fringe team catches up to him, he pulls a suicide-by-cop and Olivia kills him.

Fauxlivia seems intent on getting Walter to like her.  They even share snacks at the end, which is the way to his heart of course.  They're bonded now.   Oh, but Fauxlivia is so light-hearted and fun....

The Observers are constantly lurking in this episode too, and at the end they get the weird blue glowy device Mysterious Asian Man was using -- it was September's, and he lost it in the lake when he saved Peter as a boy.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Scrambled eggs with chives.  He also requests vanilla ice cream and is eating licorice while performing an autopsy.  Busy food day.

Walter's Line of the Day: "Check his crotch."  I mean, how else would one know whether the guy's organs had liquified?

This Week's Code: EMPA... (Empanada?  That sounds yummy) EMPATH.

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Find a random muse from the selection of donks in Central Park, and create a fashion-forward look based on them.  And the person you pick has to give you the clothes they're wearing.  Half of the look has to be made from the clothes themselves.  Time to strip down!

I love the guys on this show so badly.  Anthony's all, "Hi, hot white guy, I need your shorts!" and has a dude strip down right there in the park.  I also love how Michael describes the look he wants as, "Sarah Jessica Parker circa 1999 meets 2002, but futuristic."  Way to be very specific, vague, and random at the same time.

I like this Joanna Coles person.  I mean, she's no Tim Gunn, but she's like Tim Gunn meets Tilda Swinton.  She looks like an ice princess bitch, but is pretty cool.

Jerell makes the weirdest, ugliest outfit known to man.  The. Weirdest.  Everything else looked good.  I loved Rami's, Mondo's, and Kenley's the most.

Sean Avery is the guest judge and who the hell knew that the hockey player was into fashion?  Like, doing an internship at Vogue and everything.  Anyway, he's largely a dolt, but he does have one good (and very true) line about Jerell's, calling it Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on acid.

Winner: Mondo.  YAY!  First win!!

Bye-bye: Anthony, because he didn't really follow the rules.  He didn't use at least 50% of his fabric from his muse, nor did he really get inspiration from her.  He was really crazy all challenge, changing his mind 100 times.  He ended up making a cute outfit, but was DQ'd.  Bye, baby.  ILU.

And just for kicks - Jerell's ugly-ass outfit.

01 February 2012


Ava sweet-talks Bubba Gump over some BBQ, and arranges a meet with him and Boyd.  I love how effed-up Bubba's teeth are - just atrocious.  Boyd wants Mags's money, and is willing to split it in exchange for offing Dickie.  Bubba ain't ready to share that yet, but he's willing to help out with Boyd's "weed problem."  Devil never burned the weed, so Bubba buys the crap cheap.

Back in prison, a guard had overheard Dickie and Boyd talking about the money.  So now he wants it too.  Goddamn, I love Jeremy Davies.  He is just so weird and perfect and scumbaggy.

Raylan's in pursuit of the guy (Wade Messer) who strung him up to a tree for Dickie last season, who's stealing things to get paid in oxy.  And is that one of the political campaign workers from The Killing as a fellow druggie?  The head of this little drug ring is Pruitt Taylor Vince, and like every bad guy on this show, he's pretty badass.  He has a little game called Harlan Roulette - pull the trigger and live, and you get oxy..... But then PTV pulls the trigger on one of his dudes 6 times - R.I.P. Random Dude.

In his hunt for Messer, Raylan visits PTV's pawn shop and, given that PTV isn't very cooperative, wonders if maybe the pawn shop is a front for the stolen oxy merchandise.

Boyd has plans to control all crime in Harlan.  No more whores, just pills and protection.  He has standards, and I love them.  Boyd goes to Johnny's old bar to try to take it from the owner.  And Johnny's there too!  YAY!  They take it back.

The Detroit Mafia (Quarles) and Duffy have plans of their own - setting up pill mills in Harlan.  This means setting up fake doctors' offices, writing prescriptions for addicts, and then skimming half of the pills to be shipped to Detroit to be sold at a high cost.  Quarles wants PTV to kill Raylan for snooping around.  PTV sends Messer to do it.

Messer meets up with Raylan to "turn himself in."  Raylan gets to the gun before Messer can - and they have a typical, hysterical conversation.  Raylan has Messer call PTV and tell him Raylan's dead but he's been shot and needs help.  PTV is suspicious, and arms himself before going to meet Messer.  Raylan's all, What's up, PTV?  Another great conversation, and PTV offers to give up Wynn Duffy and his associates.  But PTV and the guy from The Killing end up shooting each other.  As Raylan says, "Shit."

Quarles's arm gun is pretty damn cool.  He's there when Raylan visits Duffy in Duffy's RV.  Raylan roughs Duffy up and throws a bullet at him.  Says the next one's coming faster.  Then Quarles is all, "How fast will those bullets be when they're coming back at you?" and has an AWESOME little masculine-yet-bitchy faceoff with Raylan.  Raylan takes Quarles's picture, and Quarles smiles for it.  Seriously, that final scene was AWESOME!!!