01 February 2012


Ava sweet-talks Bubba Gump over some BBQ, and arranges a meet with him and Boyd.  I love how effed-up Bubba's teeth are - just atrocious.  Boyd wants Mags's money, and is willing to split it in exchange for offing Dickie.  Bubba ain't ready to share that yet, but he's willing to help out with Boyd's "weed problem."  Devil never burned the weed, so Bubba buys the crap cheap.

Back in prison, a guard had overheard Dickie and Boyd talking about the money.  So now he wants it too.  Goddamn, I love Jeremy Davies.  He is just so weird and perfect and scumbaggy.

Raylan's in pursuit of the guy (Wade Messer) who strung him up to a tree for Dickie last season, who's stealing things to get paid in oxy.  And is that one of the political campaign workers from The Killing as a fellow druggie?  The head of this little drug ring is Pruitt Taylor Vince, and like every bad guy on this show, he's pretty badass.  He has a little game called Harlan Roulette - pull the trigger and live, and you get oxy..... But then PTV pulls the trigger on one of his dudes 6 times - R.I.P. Random Dude.

In his hunt for Messer, Raylan visits PTV's pawn shop and, given that PTV isn't very cooperative, wonders if maybe the pawn shop is a front for the stolen oxy merchandise.

Boyd has plans to control all crime in Harlan.  No more whores, just pills and protection.  He has standards, and I love them.  Boyd goes to Johnny's old bar to try to take it from the owner.  And Johnny's there too!  YAY!  They take it back.

The Detroit Mafia (Quarles) and Duffy have plans of their own - setting up pill mills in Harlan.  This means setting up fake doctors' offices, writing prescriptions for addicts, and then skimming half of the pills to be shipped to Detroit to be sold at a high cost.  Quarles wants PTV to kill Raylan for snooping around.  PTV sends Messer to do it.

Messer meets up with Raylan to "turn himself in."  Raylan gets to the gun before Messer can - and they have a typical, hysterical conversation.  Raylan has Messer call PTV and tell him Raylan's dead but he's been shot and needs help.  PTV is suspicious, and arms himself before going to meet Messer.  Raylan's all, What's up, PTV?  Another great conversation, and PTV offers to give up Wynn Duffy and his associates.  But PTV and the guy from The Killing end up shooting each other.  As Raylan says, "Shit."

Quarles's arm gun is pretty damn cool.  He's there when Raylan visits Duffy in Duffy's RV.  Raylan roughs Duffy up and throws a bullet at him.  Says the next one's coming faster.  Then Quarles is all, "How fast will those bullets be when they're coming back at you?" and has an AWESOME little masculine-yet-bitchy faceoff with Raylan.  Raylan takes Quarles's picture, and Quarles smiles for it.  Seriously, that final scene was AWESOME!!!

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