28 February 2012


Aw, man, does this mean we're more than halfway done with this season now?  Boooooo.  At least we finally got a good amount of super-bitchy Tim tonight.  Super-bitchy. 

Arlo's wandering and rambling in the middle of the night, into Bubba's holler to get his (dead) wife.  The man needs to stay on his meds, and Ava's trying to take care of him.  How sweet.

Raylan's now staying in a room above a very loud bar.  Quarles pops by to try to bribe Raylan to work for him... and make fun of him for essentially being a bouncer in a dive bar.  Raylan mentions Quarles's penchant for beating up male hustlers. Seems Quarles has been exiled from Detroit.

Raylan visits his BFF Boyd, pretty much just so they can be awesome together and he can beat him up some for info on Quarles.  Raylan gets Tim to track down the Big Detroit Boss's Son, who's in town to check up on Quarles.  Then Raylan gets in trouble because he's interfering with an FBI investigation; they've got this Big Boss's Son under surveillance.

FBI Agent Ned Ryerson comes to scold the Marshals.  I love how much the Marshals hate the FBI.  So Raylan ignores Ned and goes to see the Big Boss's Son.  He doesn't like Quarles either, so they're going to work together a little bit.

Raylan gets a judge to order Quarles's operation to be shut down, because he's distributing drugs near a school (a house that hosts piano lessons).  Then the Big Boss's Son pulls out his monetary investment and Quarles starts to lose his shit.

Since Quarles's bribe was turned down, he tries the Harlan County Sheriff instead.  He wants him to crack down on Boyd.  The Sheriff pays a visit to Boyd's bar (Does it have a name?  I want it to be called Boyd's Bar.) and shuts him down for video poker and fire code violations.   Boyd has his own guy he wants to run for the Sheriff's office.  Boyd Crowder = James Carville.

At the end, Gary's in Tulsa speaking under an assumed name at a cruddy seminar called "Turning Your Personality Into Profit" - for only $29.95 he'll give you a manual with the secrets to the foreclosure market!!  Gotta love Gary -- what do foreclosures have to do with your personality?  Quarles is in the front row and schmoozes Gary afterward.  From the preview, it looks like Quarles is going to frame Raylan for Gary's murder??  Juicy!

Line of the Night: Raylan calls Quarles a "big-toothed, albino-lookin' son of a bitch" (to Tim, not to the man himself).  Truer words were never spoken!!

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