23 February 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Time for a night of boozing and time for Camila to cry and rage and walk around topless and jump in the pool because she wants attention from that douche Johnny.  That bitch is cray.  Cara Maria's all, "Abram, move in with me."  Always good to make cohabitation plans when you're drunk in Costa Rica.  But I love those crazy kids and I want it to work out.  Unfortunately, once they're sober, she's too afraid to do it.

The challenge involves jumping across a bunch of really tall pillars.  It's frighteningly unstable-looking, to hell with being tethered to a rope above.

Power Couple:  Robin and Mark.  I love how much Robin enjoys being the Queen and Mark pretty much discounts her altogether. 

The Dome: Ty and Emily are sent in to go against losers Cara Maria and Abram.  It's that brutal wrestling challenge, where of course Emily destroys Cara Maria.  And Ty gets Abram eventually.

Bye-bye: Cara Maria and Abram.  Work it out, you crazy kids.

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