18 February 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Design a dramatic, luxurious look to be featured in the production of Godspell on Broadway.  Gayest challenge everrrr!

There's no drama in this one.  Unless I missed it whilst updating my Netflix queue, but I don't think so. I hadn't updated my queue in forever.  I've had the first disc of Modern Family for a good 6 months; I think it's time to send it back already.

I loved Kenley's mixed prints and great coat.  Austin's was meh, but appropriate for the challenge.  Mondo blew me away with his look - theatrical but still bohemian and cool and wearable.  Mila's was gross. Lame and gaudy and gross.

Winner: Mondo.  Yay!  For once the judges agree with me!

Bye-bye: Kara.  Awww, poor Kara.  It wasn't as gross as Mila's, but it still sucked.

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