14 February 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Design a sportswear look for a weekend getaway, for an assigned season.  It's a head-to-head thing, where the 2 designers working in the same season compete against each other.  For pride, I guess.

Jerell accuses Michael of copying his look (cuz he pretty much does).  And in Mondo v. Kenley, it's the Battle of the Polka Dots.

Spring - I don't like Austin's high-waisted pants, but I never like high-waisted pants.  The model looked old.  Kara's is pretty simple, but flowy and cool.  Judges' decision: Kara.

Summer - I love both Mondo's and Kenley's.  Judges' decision: Kenley.  They made Mondo cry, godammit!!! 

Autumn - Rami's design was lovely, especially considering I don't think of him as an Autumn sportswear designer.  The colors were gross, especially that green.  Mila's was cape-y.  Judges' decision: Mila.  Boo.

Winter - Jerell and Michael really did have similar looks and similar colors and fabrics.  Judges' decision: Jerell, but they loved them both.

Winner: Jerell.  Well, it's true -- he did finally make something that looked good.

Bye-bye: Rami.  Damn, because at first I thought his design was beautiful -- but then the judges pointed out a million things wrong with it.  Screw you, judges!

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