03 February 2012


Freak of the Week: Guy with cancer is visited by a Mysterious Asian Man who tells him the treatment won't work and he's going to die.  And then the guy drops dead, crying blood.  Later, he visits an alcoholic chick and tells her how her future's going to go.  He sprays something in her eyes and she's found dead with bloody eyes.

Alt!Astrid goes off the grid Over There and brings her kickass red-streaked curls to Our Universe (her father died so she freaked out and didn't know what to do, other than visit her double).  LOL that Our Astrid screams when she sees her.  Like Olivia says, "I always wondered why nobody does that."  Fauxlivia comes over to get Alt!Astrid, and the gals stick around to help with the investigation. Walter hates Fauxlivia's guts, but he loves Alt!Astrid.  They're socially-awkward genius BFFs.

Mysterious Asian Man is a TSA agent and picks his victims out of the assholes who come through the airport.  One of them survives being hit by a car, which means he's paralyzed, but also that the Fringe team can question him.  Genius!Alt!Astrid figures out that the victims were all screened by the same TSA agent.  Mysterious Asian Man is some amazing mathematician who lives near the lake where Peter surfaced, and can see past, present, and future all equally. When the Fringe team catches up to him, he pulls a suicide-by-cop and Olivia kills him.

Fauxlivia seems intent on getting Walter to like her.  They even share snacks at the end, which is the way to his heart of course.  They're bonded now.   Oh, but Fauxlivia is so light-hearted and fun....

The Observers are constantly lurking in this episode too, and at the end they get the weird blue glowy device Mysterious Asian Man was using -- it was September's, and he lost it in the lake when he saved Peter as a boy.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Scrambled eggs with chives.  He also requests vanilla ice cream and is eating licorice while performing an autopsy.  Busy food day.

Walter's Line of the Day: "Check his crotch."  I mean, how else would one know whether the guy's organs had liquified?

This Week's Code: EMPA... (Empanada?  That sounds yummy) EMPATH.

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