24 February 2012


Nina and Olivia are held captive by David Robert Jones.  The Nina we've been seeing is an evil shapeshifter.  He tries to activate Olivia's ability with that light test, by torturing Nina and causing an emotional reaction.  Poor Nina.  The problem is, Olivia is forgetting that-timeline-Olivia's memories so she doesn't really care that much about Nina.  Nina helps her remember the first time they met.

But guess what - that Nina really IS the Bad Other!Nina, and she pulled some info out of Olivia -- that Peter is the only one who has been able to activate her ability.

There's a bunch of Observers hanging out in the park.  They say September's gone rogue and didn't erase all traces of Peter from this timeline.

Peter and Lincoln find a camera in Olivia's apartment and mine the disc for data.  In the process, September suddenly appears in the lab, saying something about Olivia and bleeding from a gunshot wound.  He's not regaining consciousness, so Peter suggests he tap into his brain.  Their brains converge, which you know because the readout on Walter's electronic device says, "Convergence." 

Convergent Brain September says that Observers were once human; they're from, like, the future or something.  September really jacked things up when he distracted Walter from finding the cure for Peter, then saved Peter from drowning.  September tells Peter that he had a son, Henry, but that he no longer exists.  He tells Peter to go home to his Olivia, who is waiting for him, and then September disappears.  From the lab.

Peter goes home to see if maybe September was being literal.  But David Robert Jones's henchmen are waiting for him and drag him to where Olivia's being held.  When Peter's life is threatened, Olivia activates and all the lights in the place go crazy.

DRJ and Nina escape on his Universe Bridge and Olivia keeps having seizures.  Everything's going to hell!!!

Walter's Food Thing of the Week:  He makes a sandwich out of butter and multi-colored jimmies.  Oh god, if those awesome people who used to make Walter's food every week are still doing that, they have their work cut out for them.  Gross.

This Week's Code:  UNITE.

Four weeks til the next new one? Boooooo.

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