26 February 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Design a dress inspired by a culture and flag at the United Nations.

Jerell - India - waaaaayyyy too literal.  It's like an Indian Barbie costume.  (And I said that before the host did - bitch stole my line during judging!)  It's also a disaster.

Kenley - Chile - it's another adorable mixed-print party dress, but I see no Chile.

Austin - Seychelles (say what?) - worst thing he's done yet.

Mondo - Jamaica - a basic black dress.  Because they're black?  What?

Mila - Papua New Guinea - ugh - it was a short black dress on one side and a long red dress on the other.  Hatred.

Michael - Greece - another way-literal dress.  And beauty pageant-y.

Blech.  I didn't love any of these at all.  UNIMPRESSED!

Winner: Mondo.

Bye-bye: Mila.

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Kim said...

god these dresses were all awful!!