06 February 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Jasmine and Tyrie are living up to my expectation for being the most volatile couple.  He shows her his ass and she punches him -- hard.  Jasmine is officially the Black Tonya.  She doesn't get kicked out for that?  Then it's not a zero-tolerance policy, is it, MTV?

The challenge involves hooks and platforms and is suspended above water, as all challenges are.

Power Couple: Sarah and Vinny.

Everyone goes partying.  Vinny - who you may recall is DISGUSTING - dances in the club with his shirt off.  And then proceeds to rip off Mandi's top.  She's, of course, humiliated -- not that the top was covering up much to begin with, mind you.

The Dome:  Wes and Mandi are sent in to go against losers Naomi and Leroy.  Vinny, in choosing Wes and Mandi, proceeds to rail about how much of an idiot Wes is.  Yeah dude, fine, you're right, but that just makes Wes go after him for the booby incident.  Vinny is WAY more of an idiot than Wes.  God, I hate him.  Aaaaaand Vinny gets the boot from the competition.  Good.  Fat prick.  Unfortunately, Sarah gets kicked out too.  Which is horrible because I love her and I feel bad, but she's the idiot who banged Vinny.  So you reap what you sow, bitch.  It's amazing watching her lose her shit about being kicked out.  Waaaaahhhhhh I can't stay and drink and compete in this stupid TV show waaaaaahhhhhhh.  I bet they had to be on the same flight out.

They still go through with The Dome, and it's one of those brutal tug-of-war-type things.  Leroy and Mandi win their respective battles, so there's one sudden death round (chosen with a coin flip): the guys.  And Leroy wins.

Bye-bye: Wes and Mandi.  Damn, that sucks -- who is everyone going to hate now???

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