21 February 2012


Let me for a moment just say, I finally watched the premiere of The River.  And holy crap, is it scary!!  I love that something like that is on TV; I wonder if it can continue being scary.  I hope so, cuz let me tell you - I screamed out loud tonight.  Watching television.  That's pretty cool.  Anyway, now I need to travel to Kentucky to unwind so I can sleep tonight....

Quarles's guy from last week busts in to Boyd's "clinic" and kills the pill mill doc and the white girl who was Bubba's mole.

Raylan's trying to figure out where Winona is.  He finds searches for trips to Costa Rica on her work computer -- and the money is missing from the basement.  Again with this bitch and the money??  These hormonal bitches.  Raylan wants a couple days off, but Art needs him on the shooting, since the clinic was Arlo and Helen's property.  Arlo seems to legitimately be getting some dementia, referring to Helen as if she's alive and to Raylan and Boyd as if they're kids.

Boyd and Ava are investigating as well, trying to figure out if it was Quarles or Bubba who was responsible for the shooting.  Raylan comes by to see Boyd, pissed that he was drug-running out of his family's house.  They have another one of those great Raylan/Boyd convos.  Raylan tracks down the shooter and has a great fight with him - in a moving mobile "pain clinic."  Love this show.

Turns out it was Bubba's guy who instigated the clinic shooting - he wants a war between Frankfurt and Boyd so the black guys can take over.

Winona's hiding out at her sister's and Raylan goes to talk to her.  She said she didn't take the money (OK good) but she won't stay with Raylan.  She just can't raise a child with him shooting guys in the next room.  So they will do what they always do - be in love with each other, but not be together, and be complicated, and try to figure things out.

And the money from the evidence room?  The evidence dude made off with it and retired to Mexico.  Nice.

It's worth mentioning that Quarles still has the guy (who I presume is the owner of the house he appropriated as a pill mill) tied up in the bedroom.  And I think he goes in every so often to beat him or something.  Jesus, this guy Quarles is weird.

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