14 February 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

Dustin and Heather get sent home because Dustin busted his knee and had to get stitches.  Damn, they just drop them without ceremony around here.  What's most amazing is that Dustin wasn't drunk when he hurt himself.  How are there not more drunken injuries on this show?

The challenge involves general-knowledge questions.  I don't think these people have general knowledge.  Shocking news: Paula can spell "calculator" but thinks John Wilkes Booth killed JFK.

Power Couple: Dunbar and Paula.  Yeah, cuz they're the smartest.

The Dome: Emily and Ty are sent in to go against losers Leroy and Naomi.  It's some giant rubber band challenge, and it's painful to watch because they're working against so much resistance.

Bye-bye: Leroy and Naomi.  And now Emily and Ty are coming back pissed that they were thrown in.

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Kim said...

Whitney Houston is the real winner here. She was in a trivia question only days before her death. Maybe TJ killed her?