08 February 2012


Devil has a meeting with Quarles.  Oh god, this won't be good.  Sure enough, Q wants Boyd gone, and promises Devil everything he wants to hear.  God, I hate Devil's smug face. He gives that bitch-face to everyone. Ass.

Back in prison, Dickie and Dewey get the shit kicked out of them so the guard can help break them out.  Well, it was just supposed to be Dickie but, as always, you just can't get rid of Dewey.  They stowaway in a morgue transport.  Dewey hilariously flips out inside the body bag, squirming all over the ground like a giant worm.  OMG, Dewey is a trip.

Raylan visits Loretta.  LORETTA!!!!!!!!  He wants to see if she knows anything about Mags's money.  All she knows is Bubba has it, so Raylan and Rachel pay him a visit, figuring Dickie will be coming by to get his cash.  The marshalls set up a roadblock at the bridge to Bubba's holler, so Dickie has to get Bubba to come to him with the money. 

Raylan visits his BFF Boyd at his bar.  (Boyd senses "a disturbance in the force" - love it.)  Boyd tells him that a guard was likely part of the breakout.  Raylan catches the guard as he's bringing food back to the motel.  The guard pulls on Raylan - they all try to pull on Raylan - and Raylan hits him with his car.  The dude has the audacity to get up -- arms all disjointed, wrist pointing the wrong direction -- and try again.  So Raylan backs over him.  Dumb guard.  While Raylan looks for them in the motel room, Dickie, Dewey, and the rest of the guard's gang (including the prison medic) give him the slip.  They leave the injured guard behind, of course.

So Raylan finds out they're planning to get the money at Mags's old general store.  Miss that thing.  Miss Mags.  Bubba and his boy meet them there, having sneaked out via an old Underground Railroad tunnel.  They shoot the miscellaneous guys dead and give Dickie his money.  It's way short of the over $3 million Dickie was expecting, so he rejects the money, and Bubba leaves with it.

By the time Raylan gets there, Dickie passes it off as if he was the one who killed the guys he was with.  What's he up to?  And meanwhile, Dewey's being knocked unconscious and possibly harvested for organs.  That's what it looks like the prison medic is looking to do anyway, and it wouldn't really surprise me.

Devil talks to Johnny about his discontent with Boyd and their financial situation, and the new avenue he wants to pursue with Quarles.  So help me god, these boys better stay away from my man!!!  In the end, they confront Boyd.  I'm freaking out because, let's face it, killing Boyd early in the season is some shit this show would pull.  And Devil's just about to shoot Boyd when it's revealed Johnny had told Boyd, and wasn't really siding with Devil.  Boyd shoots Devil dead.  Well, thank god.  We keep Boyd and lose Devil - best deal ever!

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