15 February 2012


Boyd buries Devil, but snags his cell phone first.  He knows that there are some big-time people behind Devil's betrayal, and he's scared -- tells Ava he's worried they can't handle it.

I'll just say again how much I love domestic Raylan and Winona.  He comes home at 2 in the morning and she's OK with it, offering him a beer.  They love each other.  It's great.  It'll end badly.  Or you know what would be really unexpected?  If it didn't.

Dewey wakes up in a bathtub spattered with blood, with massive stitches in his stomach, missing 2 kidneys.  The prison nurse has them in a Ziploc bag.  In order to get his kidneys back, Dewey has 4 hours to steal cash to buy them back.  Jesus, it's Crank: Harlan Edition.

He tries an appliance store (but they mostly get paid with credit cards), then a strip club -- at 10 in the morning.  He knocks over a laundromat and a convenience store... and when he runs from the owner's gun, he ends up choosing the wrong door - and ending up in a closet.  Dummy.  He and Raylan have a hilarious conversation through the door, and they determine that Dewey can still piss.  He has his kidneys after all. (Though of course Dewey's first thought is, "I've got 4 kidneys!?" - he's a riot.)

So the prison nurse has a co-conspirator/girlfriend, a nurse at the hospital who works with transplants -- and causes the prison guard to have a stroke and die.  Once Raylan catches up to them at their house, the prison nurse injects Raylan in the arm and knocks him out.  Aw, shit.  In the end, the girl shoots the prison nurse and is about to kill Raylan when he shoots her - through the dead guy on top of him.  Pwned.

Quarles meets with Boyd, and says they'll make a lot more money together than as enemies.  It's interesting to see Boyd in the vulnerable position! Boyd doesn't give in though, and warns Quarles that Northerners have tried this kind of thing before.  Meanwhile, Bubba's paying white girls to be his spies in Harlan and keep him apprised of what's going on with Quarles and Boyd.

When Raylan comes home this time, the house is dark.  And there's a note waiting for him in the kitchen.  We don't get to see it.  Oh god, Winona, what have you done?  So much for that happy ending.

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