03 February 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Find a random muse from the selection of donks in Central Park, and create a fashion-forward look based on them.  And the person you pick has to give you the clothes they're wearing.  Half of the look has to be made from the clothes themselves.  Time to strip down!

I love the guys on this show so badly.  Anthony's all, "Hi, hot white guy, I need your shorts!" and has a dude strip down right there in the park.  I also love how Michael describes the look he wants as, "Sarah Jessica Parker circa 1999 meets 2002, but futuristic."  Way to be very specific, vague, and random at the same time.

I like this Joanna Coles person.  I mean, she's no Tim Gunn, but she's like Tim Gunn meets Tilda Swinton.  She looks like an ice princess bitch, but is pretty cool.

Jerell makes the weirdest, ugliest outfit known to man.  The. Weirdest.  Everything else looked good.  I loved Rami's, Mondo's, and Kenley's the most.

Sean Avery is the guest judge and who the hell knew that the hockey player was into fashion?  Like, doing an internship at Vogue and everything.  Anyway, he's largely a dolt, but he does have one good (and very true) line about Jerell's, calling it Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani at Burning Man on acid.

Winner: Mondo.  YAY!  First win!!

Bye-bye: Anthony, because he didn't really follow the rules.  He didn't use at least 50% of his fabric from his muse, nor did he really get inspiration from her.  He was really crazy all challenge, changing his mind 100 times.  He ended up making a cute outfit, but was DQ'd.  Bye, baby.  ILU.

And just for kicks - Jerell's ugly-ass outfit.

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