17 February 2012


Peter's all, WTF you kissed me.  And Olivia is all, WTF I kissed you.  She starts getting flashes of Real Olivia's memories.

Freak of the Week: Schizophrenic in a mental hospital psychically observes 3 other dudes breaking into a house and murdering a guy.  The voices in his head aren't his, but are actually other people's.  Evidence shows that one of the guys he had the telepathic link to is his brother.  They were both fathered by a sperm donor.  And that dude made a lot of donations, because Schizoid Dude hears all kinds of people - 200 to be exact.

The fertility doctor was doing genetic experiments on all of these embryos back in the day, trying to make a better human being.  These grown hive-mind bee-babies are now instinctively protecting themselves from being exposed by killing journalists who were investigating the doctor.  They attack Peter and Olivia while they're investigating.  Some others kill the fertility doctor/sperm donor.  Once the doctor/daddy is dead, Schizoid Dude can't hear his brothers anymore.

Walter meets with Nina Sharp because he discovers Olivia has been dosed with Cortexiphan.   Nina's the only one with access to the stuff.  They take a look in the vault and Walter figures out the real stuff is missing.

Olivia gets full-on Olivia memories by 15 minutes in.  Peter's distrusting (and how can he not be -- he already cheated on one Olivia with another Olivia, I can't imagine the repercussions if he cheated with a third).  Olivia loves the feeling of being in love with Peter, but is sad when he's not returning the feelings.  It really is quite tragic.  But eventually Peter can't deny it and knows it's his Olivia and they kiss at a gas station.  Let's get it on!!  But first she has to pee.  It's seriously adorable and real to hear someone say that. :) 

Peter goes to find her in the gas station and she's not there.  We see her waking up, looking disheveled and tied to a chair... and Nina's there with her.  Awesome ending!!  So what the hell?  Is that the real Nina with Walter?  Is this another universe?  Did someone jump?  I don't know and I love it.

This Week's Code: HENRY.  OMG Henry - the Fauxlivia and Peter baby!!!

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