05 February 2012


This movie really came out of nowhere for me.  I recall seeing a trailer and figured it was just going to be some low-rent piece of crap teen movie.  But then it got good reviews.  So this sheep lined up.

Chronicle is the story of teenage boys getting superpowers.  But it's told from that - what's it called? - a first-camera POV?  Like Cloverfield.  One of the kids has a convenient videocamera obsession and documents their progress in learning to control their new powers.  That camera's footage is combined with things like police camera, surveillance, and bystander camera footage by the end.  It's definitely low budget -- no stars and an independent feel -- but the effects are well done.  The story is interesting too.  Kids are gonna use superpowers to get laid, but then if they're anti-social sociopaths, they're also going to go apeshit.  So it was pretty awesome - and the unknown actors were believeable too.

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