12 February 2012


Freak of the Week: On a road in Vermont, cars suddenly lose power and a plane crashes.

Peter and Walter think the machine is just about ready to get Peter home.  Olivia's going to miss Peter, because she has started having hot sex dreams about him.  And Walter's actually leaving the lab, all confident and adorable. 

The team is investigating in the small Vermont town, where you can't get a cell phone signal, pie bakers are murderous, and you literally can't leave -- you think you're driving out, but suddenly you're driving back in.  This is reminding me of some classic episode of The X-Files, and I love when Fringe is like that.

People in the town are wigging out because they're essentially switching back and forth between parallel-universe versions of themselves.  The universes are merging together in parts, and most of the people (the ones with doppelgangers in the same town in the other universe) are all schizophrenic and violent as a result.  That's cool.  I love abandoned-town-goes-crazy plots.

Soon the outdoors starts merging as well.  They're even attacked by a merged guy with 2 faces and it's EPIC!!!  Peter and Walter work together to figure out where the center of the disturbance is.  Much like the eye of a hurricane, it's a safe spot.  The team and the normal town residents hide out in a bike shop, while a storm of merging universes passes.  After it's gone, there's nothing but empty land where the town used to be. 

The town was a David Robert Jones experiment.  At the end, Peter goes to see Olivia and she's all, "It's Friday, I got Damiano's" and kisses him.  His Olivia is back!  Ish!!

I loved this episode because we had the team working together again, the Bishops being all familial and awesome, and my afore-mentioned love for these crazy-town plots.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: He invents a hot cinnamon roll breakfast cocktail made with butter.  WINNNNNNNNNNNNN.

This Week's Code: OLIVE.

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