31 January 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Design a look inspired by a flavor of gelato.  Wow, random challenge is random.  I want the chocolate and cayenne pepper gelato badly.  Also -- the designers have 6 hours to do their outfit.  AHAHAHAHA!  They even get a Mini-Mood set up in their building since there's no time to shop. There's some gluing involved, even by Austin.  The horror!

It's funny to see Austin working in jeans and a wife beater, isn't it?  No matador costume?  This could be his boldest outfit choice yet!

I loved Mondo's drapey dress, which looked simple but also very outside of what he usually does.  Man, I love Kenley's adorable little dresses.  They never get old.  April sends out a short-ass purple dress.  Kara's model looked like a pregnant cupcake (thank you, Jerell). Jerell finally makes something amazing - loved his and Austin's.  Michael made a bathrobe from an old Golden Girls episode, but the judges are cool with that.

Winner: Michael and his bathrobe. 

Bye-bye: April.  Oh how sad, but seriously, that thing was a mess.  I always forget how young she is though - 22!  Insane!

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