27 January 2012

The Grey

Holy crap go see this movie.  OK, so just as you've seen on the commercials, The Grey is literally "Liam Neeson Fights Wolves" -- and it's every bit as awesome as that description would lead you to believe.  Seriously.

A plane crashes in the middle of East Jesus Nowhere In The Dead Of Winter and is stalked by wolves.  Basically my worst nightmare. So you've got to survive the crash, the elements, and the damn huge crazy-ass wolves.

This movie terrified me.  It was so tense I was laughing out loud at times.  I just couldn't take it!  It will also make you freeze your ass off.  I'm pretty sure I have frostbite, and I live in South Florida.  It's the closest I need to get to real Winter weather this year, thank you very much.  It looks awful and I would have killed myself 5 minutes in, guaranteed.

Liam Neeson kicks a lot of ass, both human and wolf.  I also call him as the Coolest Costume of Halloween 2012.  All you need is a beard, some bruises, lots of winter clothing, and some glass duct-taped to your knuckles.  Hell. Yes.

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