26 January 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

EEEEEEE I forgot this was starting!  Excellent.

The couples are paired up.  Emily and Ty hate each other.  Johnny and Camila seem ready to hook up again.  Paula would definitely do Dunbar again.

The elimination rounds take place in The Dome.  Ooooooo.  Each Challenge's Power Couple chooses who goes into The Dome against the Challenge's losing couple.

The house is decorated with pictures of the couples' happier moments together.  Love it!  There should be nothing but large posters everywhere.

Challenge: The Challenge involves coating themselves in honey and wiping it off of each other.  Of course it does - I'd expect nothing less from the first Challenge on Battle of the Exes.

Nate is my Number One Stunner in terms of hatred.  Ugh.  Just a fat, bro-dawg douche.  Annoying, unfunny ass.  Lucky for me, he also appears to suck at Challenges - he keeps falling in the water over and over and it's hysterical.  Dunbar is fat as hell, but not as fat as Vinny.  Naomi is a skank.  I feel bad for Diem because she and CT had a legitimate relationship and they haven't talked to each other in ages and she's grossed out by all of his hookups and he's sad that she blew him off after his brother died.  So it's helllllllla awkward.  I genuinely feel bad -- but I love it.

Power Couple: Johnny and Camila.

The Dome: Wes and Mandi are sent in to go against losers Nate and Priscilla.  I thought the challenge would be far, far too athletic for Nate to handle, and I was right.  Even Mandi outlasted him.

Bye-bye: Nate and Priscilla.  Sorry I couldn't continue loving to hate you, bro.  Glad to know you have big plans for the future -- like coming back to the next Challenge.

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