21 January 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Create a cocktail dress for Miss Piggy.  Oh god.  I hate The Muppets.  I don't think adults should like The Muppets... but I'm aware that I'm outnumbered on this one.  I also hate when people talk about Miss Piggy like she's a real person, calling her sexy, etc.  She doesn't need comfortable clothes.  She's a puppet.  When she judges your outfit, she's going to have a guy's hand up her ass.  Ugh.  DIE.  Has she been an inspiration to you your whole life, Austin!?  HAS SHE!?

Just when I'm thinking this is the worst challenge ever, that dumb not-Tim-Gunn bitch says it's one of the greatest challenges in the history of ever ever ever.  DIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!

Austin dresses like goddamned Zorro for the runway judging.  And now I'm reminded that I REALLY hate Miss Piggy because she's an unfunny bitch with an awful voice.  Kill me now.

None of the designs blew me away, except for Rami's - and even then, I can't decide if it was over-the-top-awful or over-the-top-awesome.  Austin's had some awful bows on the hips, Mila's was boring as shit, and Gordana's was a nightgown.

Winner: Michael.  But seriously - check out Rami's polka dot dress.  I think I love it.

Bye-bye: Gordana and her Russian nightgown nightmare. Imagine being the designer who gets booted for designing for Miss Piggy. Poor thing.

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