12 January 2012

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes

I was really looking forward to this show... and then found out it was just a preview (I'm sorry - "the pre-game").  *sad horns* You know what?  I don't care.  I need this.  I'll take it.

It's "hosted" by Kenny, who is awkward and awful at hosting.  And the panel doesn't help much - Laurel, Mike, Tyler, and Jenn.  I like Laurel's blonde hair but that bitch has no personality.  The panel gives us their pointless predictions on how the couples will fare.

So here are our couples:
Paula and Dunbar - shocker, Paula's on a Challenge.
CT and Diem - I always thought they were a cute couple.  We witnessed their first kiss!  CT always brings the crazy.
Wes and Mandi - they hooked up, but it appeared to be mutual so they shouldn't really have bad blood between them.
Naomi and Leroy - I didn't watch that season, but I do like Leroy.
Heather and Dustin - again, didn't watch that season, but he is the one who did gay-for-pay online porn.  Nice.
Priscilla and Nate - GODDAMMIT, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?  Nate is gross.  Like, big fat bro-seph gross.
Abram and Cara Maria - I always liked those freaks.  Too bad they didn't make it.
Jasmine and Tyrie - No thoughts on them.  Maybe she'll go crazy?
Emily and Ty - I liked them too, but they have a hella volatile relationship.
Rachel and Aneesa - Should be good competitors, but who cares about that - lesbian drama.
Johnny and Camila - boring.
Mark and Robin - I liked them together.  She's a crazy whore and I love her.
Sarah and Vinny - who is this Vinny effer and when did Sarah hook up with him!?  I totally watched that Challenge -- I remembered the clips they showed -- but don't remember them.

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