27 January 2012


Freak of the Week:  Girl draws people's deaths before they happen.

Walter and Pacey are working on a way to get Pacey home. And Walter can't feel his urine response yet - because he's electrocuted himself 3 times.

Olivia's spooked investigating this girl who predicts death, what with The Observer predicting hers.  She's also still getting headaches, what with Nina doing weird procedures on her without her knowledge.

The girl draws some kind of mass casualty situation, and Walter hypnotizes her to get more detail on the event.  It's a detonated explosion at a courthouse, so the team shows up to prevent it.  Then the girl predicts her own death and dies.

Not too much forward progress on the plot, but still interesting stuff.  Next week is Doppelg√§nger Party Time, which is always fun.

This Week's Code: MARCH.  Of the Penguins?  Actually, it's probably the name of The Observer who's spying on Olivia at the end.  They're all named after months, right?

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