08 January 2012

Project Runway All Stars

So this All Stars season has been in the can for a while.  Makes you wonder what took so long to air it, but it was probably just trying to avoid Project Runway exhaustion. 

Here's who we get: Mondo (yay!), Michael Costello (yay!), Mila, Anthony (fierce!), Jerell, Elisa (who? oh - the hippie who spits on her clothes), Austin Scarlett (natch), Kenley (my girlfriend whose voice I love to imitate the whole time), Rami, Gordana, Sweet P, April (rocking gray hair!), and Kara. 

Who we don't get?  Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, and Nina Garcia. We get some never-heard-of-before-model as host (she sometimes looks like Michelle Monaghan, has a sing-song-y whiny voice, and often needs to clear her damn throat) and a couple designers, including Isaac Mizrahi, as judges.  Worst of all: No Tim Gunn.  Well now, maybe this is why it sat on the shelf... maybe it sucks.  Good thing we know the designers and they're all good personalities -- they're going to need to carry this show.

Gotta love Austin, having his gaygasms anytime he sees a designer he loves.  Even Anthony can't out-gay Austin.

Challenge: The unconventional materials challenge -- this time, using materials from a 99-cent store.  On the plus side, nearly all of the designs are fierce!  Rami and Mondo were particularly amazing and Sweet P and Elisa stunk it up - no shock there. 

Winner: Rami. Fab.

Bye-bye: Elisa.  I'm surprised it wasn't Sweet P.  Bye, crazy!

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Kim said...

It's like bizarro world having a season of PR with no Tim Gunn, no Heidi, no anybody. It's like a really cheap version. Why didn't they do the show? Also, it's REALLY annoying how they can't flash back to any of their seasons to help me figure out who these people are. I give it two thumbs down. Good thing I'm a desperate housewife and I'll still watch.