31 January 2012


I watched Haywire.  Did I mention that I watched Haywire?  My bad.  It's because I liked The Grey so much better so I became a bit obsessed with how awesome that was.

Haywire was cool though.  It stars Gina Carano, a female MMA star I had never heard of before seeing her on this panel at Comic-Con last year.  I didn't even realize there was female MMA.  Insane.  Anyway, because she is a real fighter, her fight scenes were amazing.  It's not skinny-ass Angelina Jolie bringing down dudes here; it's someone you actually believe.

But, it being a Steven Soderbergh film, it can't be all fight scenes.  The movie must be filled with a million famous actors, feature cool camera angles, and most importantly have a lot of really crappy music playing during running sequences.  A lot.  For whatever reason (because I'm dumb) I would have preferred this movie just dumbed-down and all kickass.  It's still good though!  And I have a mad girl crush on Gina Carano - that bitch is sexy onscreen.  I hope she does more action movies for sure.

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