09 January 2012

Top Chef: Texas

Quickfire Challenge: Make something using modernist techniques.  Beverly's technique involves squirting her foam all over Padma's dress.  Awkward bitch.  Ty-Lör wins, though I liked Squinty Chris's Miracle Berry thing better.  I want a Miracle Berry -- they make lemons taste sweet!!!!  They sell them on Think Geek and I will get them some day.  Oh yes, I will.

Elimination Challenge: Texas barbeque.  It's a team challenge, and they all just form their own groups.  They get to cook outside in giant BBQ pits and smokers... and in an RV, but unfortunately they're not cooking meth. 

Chris, Chris, and Beverly make some beer can chicken and Dr. Pepper spare ribs.

Grayson, Paul, and Lindsay go Asian-influenced.  Are there Asians in Texas?

And Ed, Sarah, and Ty-Lör cook so much that Sarah nearly dies from smoke inhalation.  She's carted off to the hospital and the boys are left to finish on their own.

Winners:  Grayson, Paul, and Lindsay.  Go figure - the Asian flavors worked!  They also had some problems with the smoker.  But they worked really hard and I love all of them so I'm glad they won.

Bye-bye: Both of the other teams really sucked it up.  Pretty Boy Chris leaves because of his salty-ass dry rub.

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