25 January 2012


Winona and Raylan banter about selling her house and her affair with the previous realtor.  I love me some Winona and Raylan banter like mad.  They're just domestically adorable in this episode.  Makes you wonder how long it's going to last....  Should I predict a miscarriage at this point?

Boyd gets a jailhouse visit from Raylan.  AND IT'S ADORABLE because he's chatting him up about their crazy love lives.  And then he tells Boyd he's getting him out of jail... because no doubt Raylan knows Boyd wants to be there and doesn't want Boyd to kill Dickie.  Walton Goggins says the line, "I'm done" in such a way to make us laugh out loud and rewind.  Goddamn, that man.

Our side story is about a chick in witness protection whose Marshall handler is killed.  That brings Assistant Director Carla Gugino to town, and she and Raylan clearly have a past.  Plus she's Carla Gugino so she's hot as shit.

The Marshall was killed by another one of his witness protection guys.  Art is sent to guard that guy while Rachel's on the chick.  Art of course kicks ass and the guy doesn't get the jump on him.  Art also proceeds to give the guy the Jack Bauer treatment to figure out who he's working with.  Nice.  Rachel gets to do some kicking ass too, protecting her chick from the guy coming to get her with a well-placed headshot.

Boyd proceeds to get himself beaten up by a bunch of black guys (after exposing his racist tattoos) so he gets put into solitary near Dickie.  Boyd doesn't exactly want to kill Dickie - at least not yet.  He wants to know where all of Mags' money is.  It's with Bubba of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  And Bubba's a cool, badass dude.  A black Mags I dare say.  Looking forward to it!

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