20 January 2012


Walternate tells Broyles that shapeshifters have infiltrated the Department of Defense, unaware that Evil Broyles is on their side (or maybe he's a shapeshifter himself!).

Lincoln and Fauxlivia get my man David Robert Jones (whose skin is freaky-awesomely-awful).  He's in a lab raising shapeshifters like they're children.  Or farm animals.  Peter is all set to scram back home (ish) to the other universe when he sees DRJ, and tells Walternate that DRJ is from the other universe.

Meanwhile, some crony of DRJ's releases a gas in a hospital.  And it causes people's skin to come off.  EEEEEEWWWWW of the Week.  The threat of more attacks is all the government needs to release DRJ - along with a tracking device.  Of course, DRJ eludes the tracking device with the help of Evil Broyles.

Peter helps them figure out that DRJ is going after some powerful rock (honestly) that can be used to blow up the Earth (seriously).  And Our Lincoln is suspicious that DRJ has help on the inside.  DRJ crosses over to the other side in order to get that rock, so the team follows.  Peter's mom crosses over too, so she can convince Walter to help Peter get back to his timeline.

DRJ brings the rock back to the other universe and now my eyes have gone crossed trying to keep up with the universes.  Both Fringe teams assemble.  Pretty cool to have a table full of 2 each of Broyles, Olivia, and Lincoln.  They're going to work together to find DRJ.  And Walter's going to help Peter get back to his timeline when they're done.  And Nina is working with DRJ.  And I think that's it.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week:  He's getting really freaky with molecular gastronomy - liquifying meat, making Parmesan ice cream.

This Week's Code: DEATH.

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