19 January 2012

Top Chef: Texas

Quickfire Challenge: Create a dish using 3 random-ass ingredients that come off of a conveyor belt.  I could make something using sauerkraut, Oreos, and Pop Rocks, I just know it!  Beverly would have won, but she didn't get her curried Rice Krispies to the plate in time.  Ha!  Lindsay wins instead.

Elimination Challenge: Make a gothic feast for Charlize Theron.  It's meant to coincide with Charlize's role as the Evil Queen in one of those Snow White films, but that thing isn't coming out for 6 months.  They couldn't have shoehorned in a Young Adult-themed challenge?  Everyone's making bloody, murderous, evil dishes, including heart.  Heart.  Paul puts a "bloody" handprint on the plate - awesome.  Grayson's freaking black chicken claw looks scary as shit!!  And it even had an egg to represent the unborn child!!!  They all actually pulled out some amazingly creative dishes.  So it ended up being a great challenge - like, maybe one of the best ones ever!  Odd movie promotion aside....

Winner: Paul and his bloody handprint.

Bye-bye: Beverly. The judges said everyone was great, they just got nitpicky with things because they had to.  And hers was definitely the least "out there" of all of the dishes.  Damn, no more Beverly to kick around....

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