16 January 2012

Project Runway All Stars

Challenge: Create a show-stopping gown for a night at the opera.

There's nothing much to blog about when you already know about the contestants.  We're not learning anything new about them.  They don't even really talk amongst themselves - they're all business.  The only thing I saw was Rami and Anthony leaning against each other on the couch, but I don't think they're doing it.  That's just my professional opinion.

Kenley made a pink monstrosity, as Kenley would.  I didn't like Gordan's purple thing.  Rami's dress was such a bright shade of pink that's all you could see.  Sweet P... what the hell?  It was like a giant maternity picnic tablecloth.  Loved Mondo's, and couture isn't even his thing.  Jerell did a damn pregnancy dress too.  Michael made a gorgeous beaded, feather-laden thing.  April's dress looked like a used tampon. 

Winner: Austin.  Of course.  His dress looked like an Oscar and was pretty constrained for him.


Bye-Bye: Sweet P.  Seriously - pregnant picnic table.

Next week involves designing for Miss Piggy.  God save me, that's going to be the worst challenge ever.

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Kim said...

rami was playing with anthony's hair!! they're totally doing it.
fun fact: Michael's model was on ANTM.