13 January 2012


Yay!  Fringe is back.  My life is complete.  I just can't live without Olivia that long....

Walter's making Pacey chocolate chip banana pancakes (just shirtless, he has pants on) and Olivia comes down to kiss them both.  It's a happy domestic scene, which can only mean it's a dream.

Peter wants to use the Peter Bishop Death Machine to get back to his timeline.  Walter refuses to help him, so Peter asks Olivia and Lincoln to help him get to the Other Universe to get Walternate's help instead.  They steal the original universe-jumping machine from Massive Dynamic and Lincoln (undercover as Kickass Lincoln Lee) and Peter cross over.

Other Universe Freak of the Week: Guy has a weird face, guy gets hit by a bus.  I don't know, it's about this time that I see Jared Harris in the credits and start freaking out.  David Robert Jones, bitch!  One of my favorite characters ever!  Wasn't that Season 1?  Then Walternate starts digging through the guy's guts - awesomely gross.  He finds one of those shapeshifting devices.  Now here's the thing - each side thinks the other is sending shapeshifters.  Walternate's not doing it -- his Brandon ends up being a shapeshifter.  So who's sending them?  I say it's Jared Harris.

Lincoln and Peter are caught, and there's a super-hot Lincoln Lee Face Off.  While being transported, a rogue agent tries to kill Lincoln and Peter, but those 2 make a pretty kickass team and they escape.

Peter goes to see his mommy to see if she can get Walternate to help him.  Jesus, Peter has been reunited with about 55 different versions of his parents at this point in the series.  Walternate says he'll help Peter get home if Peter will go back to the other side and let them know that Walternate's not the enemy, and that he's not behind the shapeshifters. 

In the meantime, Fauxlivia and Alt Lincoln are investigating who tried to kill Peter and Lincoln.  Their investigation is about to lead them to David Robert Jones, who is working with Broyles.  And has a bunch of bodies in, like, suspended animation or something.

Back to the other side, where an Observer visits Olivia and tells her he has looked into all possible futures and in every one the result is the same - she has to die.  And then he disappears.  It's also worth mentioning he had been shot.  And also that David Robert Jones is back!!!  WHEEEE!

This Week's Code: JO (heh)...  JONES.

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