18 January 2012


I'm going to attempt to blog about Justified this season, though I worry the blog will look more like OMFGRAYLANISSOHOTTTTT!!!!  I'll try to restrain myself, but seriously - Raylan Givens is a goddamn iconic character.  So happy this show is back.

I love that this show always picks up a new season right where it left off.  So we have Raylan in the hospital, having just been shot, and Winona going to visit him.  And now we jump 3 weeks later.  Raylan's at the gun range (I'm refraining from capslocking!) and things aren't going too well.  He's still not 100%, and is on desk duty for a while.

It's also hard to write while I'm watching this show because of the fast dialogue.  It's awesome.  Boyd and Raylan have their first confrontation, over where Mags's pot and money may have wandered off to.  Of course, it ends in them making out - I mean fighting.  Line of the Night candidate: Boyd says something about running off to Mexico with the money, and Raylan says, "I don't think you'd like Mexico."  "Why?"  "There's a lot of Mexicans."  Love it.

Raylan thinks they should get a house now that Winona's knocked up.  I'm gonna miss the motel room if they move.  I love that crappy motel room Raylan's lived in this whole damn time.

Our Big Bad this season represents the Detroit Mafia, who invested in the Dixie Mafia... and wants its money back. He's got a really creepy guy working as his muscle - nicknamed Ice Pick.  The marshals (Tim!  I love you!) investigate when he kills a guy.  Duffy factors into the investigation.  YAY Duffy!  "I gotta get back to watching women's tennis."  LOL he's so random.  This Ice Pick creep is in the motel room when Raylan and Winona return home.  There's an AWESOME tense conversation over gunpoint.  Naturally, Raylan gets the upper hand in the end.  Let's just say it ends with the line:  "Sorry about your tablecloth."  Closing out that plotline, the Detroit Mafia guy shoots the head of the Dixie Mafia and his assistant in their faces.  He doesn't need them anymore.  Thankfully, he lets Duffy live.

In Boyd land, he and his crew are stashing trashbags full of Mags's weed in Arlo's house.  And I mean trashbags full.  Literally.  Piled up in the living room.  The crew screws it up of course -- they put the plants in the bags wet 3 weeks ago and most of it is moldy crap now.  It's up to Ava to straighten everything out while Boyd's in prison for assaulting Raylan.  He tells her to burn it.  They can't keep sitting on it and no one is willing to buy it in its condition for the price they want.  She cracks Devil across the face with a frying pan when he tries to protest her orders.  Ava's gonna be the Mags of that operation.

At the end, we see Dewey and Jeremy Davies are in the same prison as Boyd.  He's clearly in there for a reason.  Boyd assaulted Raylan, not randomly, but so that he'd get to these guys in prison for some reason.  I love my crazy, cunning Boyd.

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