04 April 2010

The Real World: Finale

Wow, it's over already? So what happened during this season, exactly?

Callie, Andrew, and Emily aren't going to let DC forget them - they decide to put on a one-day gallery of their photography, poetry, and paintings. Awesome. Emo poetry at a gallery. I can think of nothing greater. The show is a big deal for Callie, so of course she flips out when Andre doesn't seem focused on it. Booooorrrrring. Stop trying to make this so dramatic.

Mike's dad visits to attend an HRC dinner where Obama is the keynote speaker. Mike, being responsible as ever, gets housed and has a play fight that leaves him with a gash on his nose. Dumbass. Mike's dad is just like his mom was, really great and accepting. Yay acceptance!

Andrew's girlfriend plans to move to Denver with him. That'll work.

Other than that - nothing. Good riddance, The Real World. I won't have to watch you ever again.

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