18 April 2010

Project Runway: Finale Part 1

The Final Four designers are given $9000 and 4 months to make their final collection. I'm expecting Mila to make it to the final over Jay. I just am. Because I hate her and the universe hates me.

Tim's Home Visits

Seth Aaron made a tremendous amount of looks - all finished - and a tremendous amount of textured black. Tim flat-out tells Seth Aaron it's amazing stuff, but he won't win because it's expected. It was really sad to watch Seth Aaron be so deflated by Tim's comments. I would have cried. Seth Aaron's family was super cute.

Emilio's working with some really gross colors. I think it's largely unfinished - well, it had better be unfinished. It's fugly. Tim tells him it looks old and crappy and, as usual, Emilio disregards everything Tim says. I don't like his constant disrespect of Tim Gunn!

Mila's is the typical black and white bullcrap. Jesus, she even has a black and white dog. Tim calls it matronly, but then seems to love it. Ugh.

Jay's stuff is half-finished and hard to judge, but Tim calls it student work. Burn! Jay's Filipino family rules and they're eating Filipino food. Jealous!

Fashion Week Face-Off

It's Mila vs. Jay. Mila's stuff is all black and white and all heavy. I hate her. Jay has his crazy plays on volume and it's not blowing me away, but it's very well made - definitely better than Mila. But that's just because - have I mentioned this lately? - I HATE MILA!

It's really close and the judges are split on who should win. They're killing me, but I'm trying to remember to expect the worst.

Bye-bye: Jay. Booooooooooooooooo. I guess I have to root for Seth Aaron now. Bollocks bollocks bollocks.

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