05 April 2010

V Returns With Crappier CGI Than Ever

I am quickly getting over this show and its crappy, distracting CGI. Painted backgrounds, obvious green screen. Me no likey special effects on the small screen. HD does it no favors. You know what it looks like sometimes? The Sims, especially when they want to get fancy with camera movements on the alien ship. It looks like a goddamn crappy video game. I hate how fake the inside of the ship looks. I prefer the realism of a Battlestar Galactica.

Wow, I have a lot to bitch about, eh? It's hard to write something up on this show without picking on it. Cuz the rest of it is pretty disjointed.

Morris Chestnut's fiancee is pregnant with his half-alien baby and it's growing pretty quickly, already moving around and making her eat 3 omelets. And then when real food's not enough, the bitch almost snacks on a dead mouse in a mousetrap. LOL! Lizard babies crave dead mice!

The stabbed priest is repaired in a V healing center. He's injected with R6, their alien compound, which is essentially a method of tagging humans.

And Elizabeth Mitchell is still trying to get her dumb son back. She decides to recruit a wanted terrorist to help The Resistance.

Meanwhile, Alien Queen Anna decides to make an army of her own. The old-fashioned way. By doing it. Or the alien version of doing it - which is some weird quickie followed by her eating the dude.

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